From The Vedic Experience
Translated by Raimundo Panikkar

Table Of Contents
  1. Rig Veda
  2. Yajur Veda
  3. Atharva Veda

Rig Veda

Agni RV 1.1

1. I magnify the Lord [Agni, fire], the divine, the Priest, minister of the sacrifice, the offerer, supreme giver of treasure.

2. Worthy is the Lord to be praised by living as by ancient seers. He makes present for us the Gods.

3. The Lord brings us riches, food in daily abundance, renown, and hero sons to gladden our hearts.

4. Only that worship and sacrifice that you, Lord, guard on every side will reach the heavenly world of the Gods.

5. May the Lord, wise and true offerer, approach, most marvelous in splendor, encircled with his crown of Gods!

6. Whatever gift you may choose to give, O Lord, to your worshiper, that gift, refulgent One, is true.

7. To you, dispeller of the night, we come with daily prayer offering to you our reverence.

8. For you are Lord of sacrifice, enlightener, shepherd of the world, who wax mighty in your own abode.

9. So, like a father to his sons, be to us easy of entreaty. Stay with us, O Lord, for our joy.

Indra RV 1.7

1. Indra the singers, Indra the reciters, Indra the choirs have glorified!

2. Indra the golden, armed with thunder, with his two bay steeds and the Word as his chariot!

3. The Sun is his eye, raised on high. Cloud masses he bursts to release the rain.

4. By your dread power, Indra, most fearsome, help us in battle to win ample spoils.

5. Indra we invoke in all kinds of contests, our Friend who hurls at powers of evil his bolts.

6. Burst open for us yonder cloud in the sky, ever bounteous Indra, irresistible hero!

7. Higher, yet higher, I raise his praises! I find no words worthy of him!

8. He drives on his peoples with strength irresistible, even as the bull drives onward the herds.

9. Sole sovereign is Indra of men and of Gods and of the fivefold race of dwellers on earth.

10. Indra we invoke from all the peoples. May Indra be for us and nobody else.

Savitri RV 1.35

1. I call first on Agni for our salvation; on Mitra and Varuna, that they may help us, on Night, who lays the world to rest, and Savitri divine, that he may aid us.

2. God Savitri advances in his golden chariot, wheeling toward us through the pitch-black void, conducting to their rest both men and Gods, directing his gaze upon all created beings.

3. Worthy of worship, he pursues his path, first up, then down, his horses resplendent. From the ends of the world God Savitri comes, repulsing all sorrow and every danger.

4. The God has now mounted his mighty chariot, ornate, decked with pearls, with poles of gold. Resplendent, adorable, he exercises his powerful thrust, dispelling the darkness.

5. Drawing the chariot with the golden shaft, his two steeds, white-hoofed, have gazed on mankind. All beings, men and creatures, abide forever in the bosom of Savitri divine.

6. Three heavens there are: two in the bosom of Savitri, the third the realm of Yama. Immortality rests stable as a chariot on its axle. Let him who understands this now declare it!

7. The Bird in the heavens keeps watchful eye, the inspired Asura, the perfect guide. Where now is the sun? Who knows his place? As far as what heaven has his ray extended?

8. He has surveyed the earth’s eight peaks, its continents three, its tracts, its seven rivers. Savitri, the golden-eyed God, has come, bringing his worshiper wondrous blessings.

9. Savitri, the skillful, gold-handed God is passing over between Earth and Heaven. He conquers sickness, directing the sun, and mounts up to heaven through darksome space.

10. May our gracious God and kind leader, the Asura, skillful, gold-handed, come now to our aid! He who chases far both demons and sorcerers, this God whom we hymn, abides here each evening.

11. Your ancient paths, O Savitri, were dust free and well established in the vaults of Heaven. Come to us now by these paths so fair! Protect us from harm and bless us, O God!

Pusan RV 1.42

1. Shorten our path, O God, remove all stumbling blocks, Deliverer. Be at hand to guide.

2. Scare from our road the wicked wolf, the ill-intentioned one who lies in wait to harm.

3. The robber lurking round our path, who cunningly contrives our hurt, chase far away.

4. Trample beneath your feet the burning brand of the wicked, whoever he be, the double-tongued.

5. From you, wise wonder-working God, we claim today that selfsame aid you gave our Fathers.

6. So, Giver of favors, you who wield the golden sword, grant to us riches easily won.

7. Help us elude pursuers, O God, and make our path both smooth and fair. Show us your might.

8. Lead us to pastures green, O God. Protect us from untimely heat. Show us your might.

9. Be gracious to us, fill us wholly, impart to us food and spiritual vigor. Show us your might.

10. All that God does shall win our praise. We magnify his name with hymns, seeking boons from the Mighty.

Surya RV 1.50

1. His shining beams now introduce the God who knows all living things, that all may see the Sun.

2. Accompanying the somber Night, the stars, like thieves, now steal away at the all-seeing Sun’s approach.

3. His herald rays are seen from far, shining on the homes of men like tongues of fire that burn and blaze.

4. Swift and beautiful are you, O Sun, maker of the Light, who illumines all the radiant sky.

5. You shine upon the host of Gods and likewise on the race of men, that all may see the heavenly Light.

6. With this your Eye, O pure Varuna, you keep strict watch upon the man who moves among the peoples.

7. You steer your path across the sky, O Sun, across the realms of space. measuring the days by means of your shining, observing all that comes to birth.

8. Seven bay mares drawing your chariot conduct you, O far-seeing God, Surya of the flaming hair.

9. The Sun has harnessed his seven mares, the shining daughters of his chariot. He advances driving his well-trained team.

10. Gazing be dark we reach the supreme Light and attain the Sun, the God of Gods, the Light.

Agni RV 1.75

1. Accept our praise resounding, the food beloved by the Gods, opening your mouth to consume our oblations!

2. O Lord, noblest of the noble, wisest and best mediator, may we utter an acceptable prayer, efficacious!

3. Who among men is your brother? Who offers you holy worship? Who are you, Lord? On whom dependent?

4. You are of all Men the brother and dear companion, O Lord, the Friend whose name we may invoke for our friends!

5. Sacrifice to Mitra and Varuna in our name. Honor the Gods according to Holy Law upon your own hearth!

Usha RV 1.92

1. Now the Dawns have made their bright appearance, unfurling their splendor in the eastern firmament. Like strong men preparing their weapons, these mothers, the reddish morning clouds, arise.

2. The rosy morning rays have arisen unhindered, hitching to their chariot the willing red clouds. Restoring to all things their erstwhile clarity, the red-hued Dawns have assumed brilliant splendor.

3. They chant a hymn like women active in worship, united on the same path, coming from afar. They convey refreshment to the liberal giver and bestow all good things on the preparer of oblation.

4. Dawn like a dancer puts on her ornaments; as a cow yields her udder, so she bares her bosom. She creates light for all living beings, flinging wide the gates of darkness, as cows their enclosure.

5. We have beheld the radiance of her shining. Advancing, she drives away the horror of the night. Like a colored post, anointed at the sacrificial feast, so the Dawn, Heaven’s daughter, is adorned with wondrous splendor.

6. Now we have crossed to the other shore of darkness. Dawn, shining forth, brings a limpid clarity. She smiles like an enchantress, shining in glory. Her beautiful countenance awakens us for joy.

7. The singing priests have praised radiant Dawn, the daughter of Heaven, the bringer of graces. You, O Dawn, strengthen us with offspring and Men; you make us rich in horses and cattle.

8. O Dawn, grant us renown, stalwart sons and servants, ample treasure and possession of horses. You who shine forth in glory and splendor, impelled by your own powers, bring blessings to Men.

9. Gazing out over all the world and spreading her light rays westward, Dawn shines. She wakens to motion all living creatures and heeds the voice of every worshiper.

10. This ancient of days is continually reborn, adorning herself with similar colors. As a bird catcher holds in his power flying creatures, so this Goddess diminishes the life of mortals.

11. Now she discloses heaven’s farthest horizons, chasing far away her sister the Night. She reflects the splendor of the Sun, her lover, and makes the score of days of all creatures to dwindle.

12. Bright Dawn, the blessed One, spreads forth her rays like grazing cattle or expanding floodwaters; never infringing divine precepts, she appears with escorting sunbeams, visible to all.

13. Ample, O Dawn, is your store of treasure. Grant us your wondrous boons that we may nourish our children and our children’s sons.

14. Your shining evokes sweet sounds of life. Grant us your favor this day that we may abound in herds of cattle and in horses.

15. O Dawn, made more splendid by holy worship, yoke to your car your reddish steeds and bring to us all felicity.

16. O powerful Spirits, with one mind and will direct your chariot toward our home and make it rich in cattle and gold.

17. You who brought down from heaven sweet song, a light that enlightens the race of Men, grant to us now, O Spirits, strength.

18. May those who wake at dawn bring hither the Gods, the givers of refreshment and doers of marvels, on paths of gold that they may drink Soma.

Agni RV 1.97

1. Shine brightly, Agni, and chase away our sin; beam down upon us grace. May the Lord burn away our sin!

2. We make our offering to you for fruitful fields and pleasant homes. May the Lord burn away our sin!

3. May he and our elders who worship surpass all others who sing your praises! May the Lord burn away our sin!

4. May high priests spring from you, O Lord! May we also be born again in you! May the Lord burn away our sin!

5. The Lord’s all-conquering beams go far; his face shines bright on every side. May the Lord burn away our sin!

6. Your face is turned toward every side. Everywhere you pass, the all-protecting. May the Lord burn away our sin!

7. O God, whose face shines every side, convey us safely as in a boat. May the Lord burn away our sin!

8. Rescue us safely, as in a boat, across the stream, from dark to light. May the Lord burn away our sin!

Dawn RV 1.113

1. Now there is light, the fairest of all lights. Now comes to shining birth a glow of brightness. Night, sent away before the Sun is rising, has yielded up to morning her domain.

2. Trailing white offspring the radiant [Dawn] advances to claim the dwelling by dark [Night] relinquished. Morning and Night, the immortal sisters, follow hard on each other’s heels with alternate colors.

3. They follow the same pathway, never ending. Instructed by the Gods they ply their course. Fair, yet contrasting, following one spirit, Morning and Night neither collide nor linger.

4. Dawn, the glorious bringer of graces, shines forth and flings wide open for us her shining doors. Stirring the whole world, she displays her riches, raising to consciousness all living creatures.

5. She wakes to action all who repose in slumber. Some rise to labor for wealth, others to worship. Those who saw little before now see more clearly. Dawn raises to consciousness all living creatures.

6. One she leads on to power, another to glory; another she leads on to pursuit of gain; yet others she directs to varied callings, raising to consciousness all living creatures.

7. The Daughter of Heaven now appears before us, a fair young woman clothed in shining garments. Auspicious Dawn, mistress of earthly treasure, shine upon us today in queenly splendor.

8. She, first of endless morns to come hereafter, follows the path of morns that went before. Dawn at her shining summons forth the living; the dead she never wakens from their slumbers.

9. O Dawn, you shine forth with the eye of the Sun. You wake the worshiper and inspire his heart to kindle the fire and offer sacrifice. Thus to the Gods you render noble service.

10. How long a time until they meet together, dawns that have shown and dawns to shine hereafter? Eagerly she yearns to join her predecessors and goes forth with the others, gladly shining.

11. Vanished are those who in the days before us gazed at the rising of the morning Sun. It is we the living who now behold the Dawn, and after us her shining others will see.

12. Disperser of our foes, bringer of joys, born child of Order, to Order ever faithful, convey our offerings to the Gods, O Dawn, and shine on us today for wealth and fortune.

13. Never has Goddess Dawn failed to appear. Again today the generous One has risen. Ever hereafter will she rise each morning. She proceeds by her own power, unaging, deathless.

14. On the sky’s borders she appears in splendor. The Goddess has thrown off the robe of darkness. Her well-yoked chariot of tawny horses heralds the approach of Dawn and rouses all men.

15. With her she brings all life-sustaining blessings. Brightly she shines and sheds abroad her radiance. She is the last of countless vanished mornings. She is the first of more bright morns to come.

16. Arise! The breath of life again has reached us. Darkness has fled and light is fast approaching. She leaves a pathway for the Sun to travel. We have arrived where life will again continue.

17. With the reins of speech the priest, uttering praises, drives onward, steering their course, the shining Dawns. Shine then today, O generous Dawn, for your singer! Convey to us the gift of life and children!

18. To the mortal who honors them these ascending Dawns impart both wealth of cattle and hero sons. May the same accrue to the sacrificer, giver of horses, when swift as the wind the gifts have been summoned by song!

19. Mother of Gods and brightness of the Godhead, token of sacrifice, shine forth on high. Rise up and look upon our prayers with favor. Bless us among people, Dawn ever desired!

20. Whatever wondrous gift the Dawns convey as blessing to the offerer who shows himself zealous in worship, that may Mitra and Varuna grant to us, and Aditi, the Sacred River, Earth, and Heaven!

Dawn RV 1.124

1. Dawn shines forth at the kindling of the fire. When the Sun rises, light is spread. The Inspirer God now sends us forth, both two- and four-legged, each to its own task.

2. Never transgressing the heavenly laws, marking the passing of human generations, Dawn shines forth–the last of endless mornings and the first of dawns to follow.

3. This Daughter of Heaven has revealed herself in the eastern region, all clothed in light. Faithfully she follows the path of Cosmic Order; well understanding, she measures out the regions.

4. Like a wondrous bird she reveals her breast. She discloses delights like a singer of songs. She awakens sleeping mortals like a fly, ever returning, a most faithful apparition.

5. In the eastern half of the sky’s firmament the mother of the cloud-cows has set up her banner. She goes on diffusing her light far and wide until she fills the expanse of earth and heaven.

6. The first among many is she to be seen, debarring from her light neither kinsman nor stranger. She radiates, proud of her pure appearance, spurning none, whether great or lowly.

7. As a girl without a brother seeking for men, ascending the stage as if in search of treasures, Dawn, like a loving wife for her husband, fair-robed and smiling, unveils her bosom.

8. Departing like one who will return, sister Night relinquishes her place to her elder sister, who, beaming forth with the rays of the Sun, is adorned, like maidens going to a festival.

9. In the sequence of sisters, in the course of days, each later one goes behind a former. May these Dawns radiate abundance as before, may they now herald for us a good day!

10. Awaken, O Dawn, the generous giver; let the stingy miser sleep on in his bed! Shine brightly, O bounteous teller of our days, on those who now worship and sing their praise.

11. The maiden from the East has shone upon us, harnessing her team of red-hued oxen. She shines; the light floods in to rouse us. May the Fire be present in every dwelling!

12. As birds fly forth from their roosting places, so men rise at your summons to replenish their store. Even to the sacrificer who remains in his home your daily arrival brings much gain.

13. May my prayer confer praise on you, the praiseworthy! The procession of Dawns has increased our riches. By your good favor may we be endowed with riches a hundred, a thousandfold!

Agni RV 1.145

1. Uplift your prayer! He comes! He knows! His wisdom is implored. In him are counsels, in him requests, his Lord of power.

2. Men pray to him, yet he needs no asking; his mind has grasped all things. He goes as one who knows the first word and the last, with mind composed.

3. To him ascend these hymns, these steed-swift prayers. He alone hears my words. All-mover, all-conqueror, conveyer of sacrifice, the Child, ever aiding, he assumes great power.

4. What he meets he grasps and, newly born, advances vehemently, darting with his fellows. He brings to the weary pleasure and great joy, accepting their gifts.

5. He is a being; of flood and forest who passes aloft. Knowing the Law, he inspires to right action, this wise and true Lord.

Visnu RV 1.154

1. I will proclaim the mighty deeds of Visnu who measured out the earthly regions and propped the heavens above, accomplishing in his course three mighty strides.

2. For this his prowess Visnu is acclaimed. He inhabits the mountains, like a savage beast wandering at will; in his three mighty paces are set all worlds.

3. Now may my prayer ascend to the far-striding Visnu, the Bull, who dwells upon the mountains, to him who unaided measured with threefold step these far-flung spheres.

4. The marks of his three strides are filled with honey imperishable; each is cause of joy. Alone he supports the three spheres–Earth and Sky and all things living.

5. May I attain to Visnu’s glorious mansion where the faithful rejoice, where, close beside the Strider, within his highest footstep springs the well of purest honey!

6. O for your realms where dwell the tireless oxen abundantly furnished with horns, whence shine from the highest step of the widely striding Hero, his multiple splendors!

The Horse RV 1.163

1. How worthy of telling and how superb your birth, O Steed, when first you whinnied, on seeing the light, as you rose from the ocean of sea or of space with your eagle wings and limbs of swift gazelle.

2. This Steed, the gift of Death, Trita has harnessed, while Indra was the first of all to mount him, the Gandharva first to grasp in his hands the reins. From the substance of the Sun, O Gods, you fashioned this Steed.

3. You, O Steed, are Death, you the Sun; you by a secret decree are Trita; by only a little are you distinguished from Soma. You have, they say, three connections in heaven.

4. In heaven, they say, you have three connections, three in the waters and three within the ocean. You resemble, O Steed, the Lord of the Waters, for there, they say, is your highest birthplace.

5. Here, Racehorse, are your haunts for bathing; here are the traces of your champion hooves. Here I have seen the blessed reins that guide you, which those who guard Cosmic Order cherish.

6. Your innermost self I have perceived in spirit, a Bird from heaven who directs his course on high. I have seen you rearing your winged head and advancing by dust-free paths, fair and easy to travel.

7. There I have seen your exalted form seeking to obtain food in the track of the Cow. When mortal man approaches you for enjoyment, the great devourer of plants has awakened.

8. Behind you, O Horse, come a chariot, the hero, an offering of cows, and a troupe of fair maidens. Desirous of your friendship, many follow. With splendid courage the Gods have endowed you.

9. His horns are of gold, his feet of iron; he is fleet as thought and swifter than Indra. The Gods are gathered for this sacred meal, offered to the one who first of all mounted this Stallion.

10. Like swans, the celestial coursers form a line when they, the steeds, reach the heavenly arena, the end of their lengthened row being motionless, while those in the center still proceed.

11. Your body, O Steed, flies as with wings; your spirit moves quickly like the wind. Your horns are found in sundry places, advancing in the forests with a jumping motion.

12. The fleet-footed Steed, his mind recollected and thoughts directed godward, advances to the place of sacrifice. A ram of his kindred is led before; next come sages and minstrels.

13. The Steed has attained the abode supreme. He has gone to the place of his Father and Mother. May he find a warm welcome today among the Gods and thus win good gifts for him who offers!

Heaven and Earth RV 1.185

1. Which of these two came earlier, which came later? How did they come to birth? Who, O Seers, can discern it? They contain within them all that has a name, while days and nights revolve as on a wheel.

2. You two, though motionless and footless, nurture a varied offspring having feet and movement. Like parents clasping children to their bosoms, O Heaven and Earth, deliver us from evil!

3. I crave from the Infinite a matchless favor, generous, irresistible, resplendent, inviolable, awesome. O you two worlds, procure it for this worshiper! O Heaven and Earth, deliver us from evil!

4. Close to them may we stay–they know no suffering, these parents of the Gods who grant men favors. Both are divine, with days and nights alternate. O Heaven and Earth, deliver us from evil!

5. These twin maidens, like two friendly sisters nestled close together, rest in their parents’ bosom and kiss together the center of the world. O Heaven and Earth, deliver us from evil!

6. These wide and lofty realms, the parents of the Gods, I invoke with reverence, their favor asking; they bring us life, showing us kindly faces. O Heaven and Earth, deliver us from evil!

7. This far-flung Pair, variegated and vast, I at this sacrifice address with awe. Quick to our aid, they set us in a state of bliss. O Heaven and Earth, deliver us from evil!

8. Such sin as we at any time committed against the Gods, a friend, or a family chief, of this may our prayerful musing be expiation! O Heaven and Earth, deliver us from evil!

9. May Heaven and Earth, twin objects of men’s praises, bless and attend me with their help and favor, to the liberal God-fearer grant greater riches! May we be strong, O Gods, nourished on plenty!

10. With wisdom have I now uttered this truth, calling, for all to hear, on Earth and Heaven. Guard us from every fault and erring course; like father and mother succor and protect us.

11. Fulfill, O Heaven and Earth, this my prayer, with which, O Father and Mother, I now address you. Be of all Gods the nearest with your favors, in order that we may savor your quickening food.

Praise of Food RV 1.187

1. My song shall be of Food, producer of strength, through whom the Keeper of nectar smote the Demon.

2. O savory Food, Food of sweetness, you are our chosen for whom we long. Come, be our strong defender!

3. Come to us, Food our delight, bringing pleasurable refreshment. Be our friend, source of bliss and brotherhood.

4. Your flavors, O Food, are spread throughout space, high like the breezes they are scattered.

5. Those who share your sweetness with others are truly your friends. Those who keep your fine taste to themselves are stiff-necked wretches!

6. On you, O Food, is fixed the great Gods’ desire. Great deeds were done under your sign, the Serpent slain.

7. If you have proceeded on high to the splendor of the mountain, even from there, sweet Food, return for our enjoyment.

8. From waters and plants we imbibe the choicest portion. Therefore, O Body, thrive; attain full stature.

9. We drink you, Soma, brew of milk and barley. Therefore, O Body, thrive; attain full stature.

10. You herbs and wheaten cakes, be wholesome and strengthening Therefore O Body, thrive; attain full stature.

11. We sing your praises O Food. From you we obtain as butter from a cow, our sacrificial offerings. O you,convivial feast of Gods and Men.

Agni RV 1.189

1. By the right path, O Lord, lead us to plenitude; lead us, O Lord. You know every path. Deliver us from the sin that would lead us astray. We desire to hymn you in myriad ways.

2. By your favors granted enable us, O Lord, once again to leap over the pitfalls that face us. Be a high tower, powerful and broad, for both us and our children. To our people bring well-being and peace.

3. Spare us, O Lord, from all diseases. Let them strike at those who are bereft of your aid! May this earth afford us a gracious transit, thanks to you, O Adorable, and all the immortals!

4. Protect us, O Lord, with your perpetual aid, so that, now that you shine in your well-loved abode, O Deity youthful, panic may not strike your songster either today or tomorrow.

5. Abandon us not, O Lord, to the wicked, the destroyer, the liar, the hapless wretch. Do not hand us over to the demon who gnashes or the toothless one or the man who may despoil us!

6. A God like you, O Lord, born of truth, will furnish with armor the man who extols him, preserving him from those who would harm or slander, for you, O Lord, are the deliverer from ambush.

7. You alone can discern both the opposites. Before the sacrifice you seize on Man but during the sacrifice Man seizes you! Like a racehorse, you let yourself be reined by the priests!

8. To propitiate this God we have uttered these phrases. I, son of Man, have hailed Agni the strong. May we, by the help of innumerable seers, be surrounded on all sides by superabundance!

Agni RV 2.8

1. Even as a charioteer in the race acclaims his own chariot, so now acclaim the harnessing of Agni the glorious, the bountiful, [to the chariot of sacrifice]–

2. The one who leads his worshiper aright, who, himself undiminished, diminishes the wicked, the God of cheerful countenance, the recipient of worship–

3. The one who is magnified in our homes, whose beauty is extolled at evening and at dawn, whose law is inviolate–

4. The radiant one who beams forth his light as the Sun does his splendor, whose flames are undying, who glistens with fatness.

5. Our hymns have lent strength to Agni the Devourer wherever he holds sway. He has now assumed to himself all comeliness.

6. With the help of Agni, Indra and Soma, yes, of all the Gods, may we dwell unharmed, overcoming our foes!

Indra RV 2.12

1. He who from birth was chief of the Gods, the wise one, protecting with his might the other Gods, before whose energy and mighty exploits the two worlds tremble: he, Men, is the Lord!

2. Who stilled the quaking of the mighty earth and set at rest the agitated mountains, who measured out the middle regions of space and gave the sky support: he, Men, is the Lord!

3. Who slew the dragon and loosed the seven rivers, who drove the cattle out of Vala’s cavern, who brought forth fire from between the rocks, victorious ever: he, Men, is the Lord!

4. Who can, if he so choose, make reel this planet, who humbled and drove off the inferior race, who, like a gambler, rakes in all his winnings from vanquished foeman; he, Men, is the Lord!

5. The Terrible, of whom they ask “Where is he?” (though sometimes men dare say of him “He is not”), who, as at dice, sweeps off opposing stakes, believe in him; for he, Men, is the Lord!

6. Who encourages all, the strong and feeble alike, enheartening also the priest who sings his praise; the handsome one, who helps the presser of juice and him who adjusts the stones: he, Men, is the Lord!

7. In whose control are horses and all chariots, all cattle and all habitations of men; by whose power Sun and Daybreak come to birth, who leads the Waters: he, Men, is the Lord!

8. Who is invoked by both sides in the battle, the warriors close by and those far distant, entreated differently even by two men mounted in the selfsame chariot: he, Men, is the Lord!

9. Without whose aid men never win in battle, whose succor they continually implore, who proves himself for everyone a match, who moves the immovable: he, Men, is the Lord!

10. Who, long before they know it, shoots his darts to slay the unnumbered gang of guilty sinners, who gives no pardon to the arrogant, who slays the demons: he, Men, is the Lord!

11. Who once discovered in the fortieth autumn Sambara lurking in the mountain hideouts, who slew the demon, confident in his prowess, as he lay on the waters: he, Men, is the Lord!

12. The powerful seven-reined bull who freed the seven torrents to flow abundantly, the God whose thunderbolt caused Rauhina to totter as he scaled the heavens: he, Men, is the Lord!

13. Before whom Earth and Heaven both bow down, before whose very breath the mountains tremble, famed drinker of the Soma juice, the wielder of flashing thunderbolt: he, Men, is the Lord!

14. Who with his aid assists all those who press the Soma, boiling it, chanting or performing rituals, whose soul expands by prayer, by dint of Soma or through the gifts they offer: he, Men, is the Lord!

15. You who grant booty seized from fearsome foeman to soma presser and cooker, you truly ARE. May we be ever well-beloved by you! May we with verve intone your ritual praises

Varuna RV 2.28

1. I hymn the self-luminous wise Lord to be praised and glorified above all forever, Varuna the mighty! I beg him for renown, the God who shows love to all those who adore him.

2. With reverence and care we sing your praises. Happy we feel in your service, O Varuna! We hymn you like the fire that arises each dawn to usher in the day with its promise of riches.

3. O Leader of heroes, whose words reach far, may we ever abide in your shelter, O King! O sons of the Infinite, Gods ever faithful, forgive us our sins; grant us your friendship.

4. The God Varuna made the rivers to flow. At his Order they run and he sustains them. They cease not flowing and never feel weary. They move with swiftness like birds in full flight.

5. Loose me from my sin as from a bond that binds me. May my life swell the stream of your river of Right! Let the thread of my song not be snapped while I sing or my work be cut short before its completion!

6. Drive far, O Varuna, all perils. Receive me graciously, O King. Like a calf from its cords, undo me from the troubles that bind me. Without you I am powerless even to open my eyes.

7. Spare us, O Varuna, those dreadful weapons that strike the sinner when you utter the word. Let us not pass from light into darkness. Disperse, for our comfort, all that would harm us.

8. We will sing your praises, O God almighty, now and forever, even as of old. On yourself, O Immutable, are fixed our resolves, firmly established as if upon a mountain.

9. Remove far from me the sins I have committed. Let me not suffer for the guilt of others! Many dawns shall yet arise to shine upon us. Let us partake of them so long as we live!

10. The man, O King, be he workmate or friend, who has scared me in a dream, enhancing my fears, and the thief and the wolf who plan to harm us–from these, O Varuna, protect us, we pray!

11. May I never be deprived of my donor beloved, of my generous friend, O Varuna! Never may I lack, O King, well-appointed resources! May we speak, as men of valor, a strong word in the assembly!

Rudra RV 2.33

1. O Father of Storms, may your favor flash upon us! Do not deprive us of the sight of the sun. May the hero mounted on his charger spare us! Grant us, O God, to live forth in our children.

2. Thanks to your wholesome remedies, O God, may I attain the span of a hundred winters! Drive far from us all hatreds and troubles; scatter to the four winds every sort of sickness.

3. O thunder-wielding God, you of all beings are most renowned and mightiest of the mighty. Conduct us to the further shore of sorrows in peace and frustrate all assaults of evil.

4. May we not anger you, O God, in our worship by praise that is unworthy or by scanty tribute. Restore our warriors with your medicaments. I know, O mightiest, you are the best of healers.

5. With invocation and offering I approach him, eager to appease this God with my praises. May the God of mercy, of dark, handsome looks, who is easy of entreaty, spare us his anger!

6. His Mightiness, escorted by the Storms, has brought me strong comfort in distress. May I unharmed find shelter with him as from glaring heat! May I secure the goodwill of God!

7. How I long, O God, for the gracious touch of your hand which heals and brings refreshment, which softens all chastisements of the Gods. Regard me, O Mighty One, with an indulgent eye.

8. To the great one, the brown and whitish Bull, I offer a powerful hymn of praise. Adore his splendor with adorations! We glorify the mighty name of God.

9. This God of firm limbs, of many forms, the brown one, the mighty, has decked himself with golden ornaments. The power divine of this sovereign God, the ruler of the universe, never dwindles.

10. Worthy are you of the bow and arrows, worthy of the many-colored, noble insignia; worthy are you to combat every horror, for none, O God, is more powerful than you.

11. Praise to the youthful, far-famed God, enthroned on high, who slays like a wild beast! Have mercy on your singer when he sings your praises! May your hosts spare us and cast down some other!

12. As a son salutes with reverence his father, so I bow down, O God, at your approach. I praise you, mighty Lord, giver of treasures. Grant us your medicines when we extol you.

13. Your remedies so pure, O powerful Storms, afford us relief and bring us joy. Those which our father Manu chose I beg from the Lord for my own well-being.

14. May God’s missile be deflected from us, may the anger of the blazing God overshoot us! Relax your bow of wrath toward our well-wishers. Have pity on our sons and on their children!

15. O mighty Power, the God who never slumbers, be here attentive, O Lord; hear our cry. Not for you, O God, to be angry or destroy! May we speak, as men of valor, a strong word!

The Sacred Tree RV 3.8

1. At the time of sacrifice, O Lord of the wood, the worshipers smear you with sacred oil. When you stand upright or when you repose on Earth’s bosom, you still will grant us good fortune.

2. Set up to the East of the sacred Fire, you accept our prayer, intense and unflagging. Hold yourself high to bring us prosperity. Drive far away dearth of inspiration.

3. Lord of the wood, take now your stance on this, the loftiest spot of all earth. Well-fixed and measured one, give to the worshiper, who brings a sacrifice, honor and glory.

4. Girdled and adorned, he displays youthful beauty, yet is fairer by far when brought to new birth. With minds contemplative and godward directed, our sages of lofty intelligence rear him.

5. Born anew, he is born on a day most auspicious, growing in wisdom in the assembly of men. Wise men and skillful consecrate him with song. Approaching the Gods, the priest calls aloud.

6. O Lord of the wood, whom god-fearing men have firmly positioned, and ax has fashioned, be pleased to grant us, O divine poles of sacrifice, a precious treasure, the gift of children.

7. May these posts which are felled and fixed in the earth, to which the sacrificial ladle has been raised, which fix the boundaries of the sacred field, gain for us from the Gods what is meet to be chosen.

8. The Adityas, the Rudras, and the Vasus, directing Earth and Heaven and earth’s airy spaces, shall bless in concord our worship and raise our emblem of sacrifice high in the sky.

9. Like swans that fly in a long-drawn-out line, so these stakes have come to us brightly colored. Raised aloft by the sages and turned to the East, they proceed as Gods to the Gods’ habitations.

10. These posts, set in earth and adorned with circles, appear to my eye like the horns of horned creatures. Upraised by the priests in supplication, may they lend us their aid at the onset of battle!

11. O Lord of the wood, whom this ax well-whetted has set in our midst with resultant joy, put forth branches a hundred times over! So may we also with thousands be blessed!

Agni RV 3.18

1. Be gracious, O Lord, to our approach, kindly as a friend or a father or a mother. Man oppresses his brother man. Consume all evil that plots against us.

2. Consume the neighbor full of malice and hostile curses from impious lips. Consume, O all-seeing One, the fool surround yourself with undying flames.

3. This wood and sacred oil, O Lord, I eagerly present to enhance your powers, with sacred words worshiping, as far as in me lies. By this hymn divine I crave a hundred blessings.

4. O Son of strength, impart by your warmth to those who now praise you and toil in your service vitality and power, to the seers well-being. We anoint your body again and again.

5. Grant us your treasure, O liberal Lord, rich as you are when brightly enkindled. With your shining arms and flickering shapes convey it to the home of your blessed singer.

Dawn RV 3.61

1. O Dawn, whose enterprises never fail and who understands all things, accept our songs. O ancient yet ever-youthful Goddess, you proceed in accordance with Law, endowed with wealth and fullness.

2. O immortal Goddess, beam forth your rays. Let your shining chariot, loaded with gifts, bring you hither in the company of your docile steeds, your powerful steeds, O golden Lady!

3. Arising, you turn your face toward all creatures. You, O Dawn, are the emblem of the Immortal. You who each day proceed to the same goal, direct toward us, O Maiden, your chariot.

4. Spinner of light, beautiful Dawn, you proceed on your way to your wonted haunts. You bring light to birth, O generous One, and encompass the confines of Heaven and Earth.

5. I hail you, Goddess, Dawn of light! To her let us offer the homage of our songs! She imparts to us sweetness, she steadies the Heaven and lavishes abroad her radiant splendor.

6. Our songs have awakened this Daughter of Heaven. Equitable, generous, she has scaled the two worlds. Toward Dawn, O Fire, when she comes in her brightness, you advance, eager to share her fair treasures.

7. The Mighty One, firm-based on Order, speeds after each dawn and makes his debut in the worlds. Great are the powers of Mitra and Varuna. Dawn in all directions diffuses her splendor!

Agni RV 4.4

1. From your body, O Lord, fashion a vast net. Advance like a powerful monarch with his escort. Entangle the demons in your net, O Archer; transfix them with your burning fiery arrows.

2. Pursue the demons with your whirling flames. Clasp them closely, O bright-shining Lord. Firebrands are darting like birds from all quarters, shot by your tongue. You are bound by no fetter!

3. Swiftly send out your scouts to explore! Be for our people a guardian never failing. Let not the one who, from far or from near, is bent on our ruin venture to cross you!

4. Rise, Lord, direct your bow at our foes and reduce them to ashes, O you with sharp darts! May the fire we kindle consume like dry stubble those who have thought to work us ill!

5. Rise, Lord, drive them far away from us! Show us, O Lord, your powers divine. Make slack the bows of the Evil One’s henchmen. Shatter them, whether they be kinsmen or strangers!

6. In your good graces, O God ever young, is the man who has marked out his path of devotion. Shine, O Lord! Fling wide for him the doors to prosperity, riches and unequaled splendor!

7. Yes, may the man who within his home pleases you all his days with songs and with offerings receive a rich reward, be loaded with your gifts! To him be happiness! This is our prayer.

8. I sing now your bounty. Listen, turn your face! May my words awake you like a lover’s serenade! We desire to embellish you with chariots and horses that you may forever uphold our dominion.

9. We seek to serve you, who lighten us by night and who shine, O Lord, each hour of the day. We rejoice with happy hearts; we give you our homage. By your aid we surpass all others in glory.

10. To the man who possesses gold and fine horses and comes on a chariot laden with treasure, you afford, O Lord, both protection and favor. He enjoys thereafter your gracious welcome.

11. By the power I inherit from my father Gotama, I your kinsman destroy by these words the enemy. Heed this my speech which I dedicate to you, O youthful Offerer, God of the hearth!

12. May your guardian hosts, Lord, eager and vigilant, persistent and kindly, friendly and unwearied, gather in this place on our behalf, for our help and protection, O Lord unfailing!

13. Your guardian rays in olden times preserved from affliction blind Mamateya. In their turn the gracious All-Knowing one guarded them. Evil men bent on damage could do no harm.

14. Together with you, aided by you, and guided by you, we shall win the day. May both our praises win acceptance, we pray! Act as you choose, God of truth and boldness!

15. Accept for your service our fuel and our hymns, O you who are great as Mitra is great! Reduce now to ashes all infamous demons and guard us from evil, from reproach, and from shame.

Agni RV 4.11

1. Your auspicious face, O mighty Agni, beams brightly even when the sun is nigh. Visible even at night is its shining. The sight of him reveals the soft food he consumes.

2. In response to our praise, O God of strength, open for your singer who trembles with fervor a channel of inspiration, a powerful thought such as you, O honorable, and all the Gods approve.

3. From you, O Agni, spring poetic wisdom, inspiration, and hymns most efficacious. you comes wealth adorned with heroes to the worshiper whose thought is properly attuned!

4. From you springs the horse who wins the prize, of incomparable size and strength and spirit; from you, O Agni, god-sent wealth for our joy, from you the swift charger, ranging afar.

5. It is you, O sweet-spoken Agni, the immortal, whom the god-loving seek first to win with their prayers–O you who remove far all hostility, unerring friend and master of the home!

6. Remove, as our helper, all poorness of thought; drive far all sorrow, all evil intention. Deal kindly, O Agni, son of strength, at evening with him whose salvation, as God, you provide!

Agni RV 4.13

1. Fire has gazed benignly on the shining wealth-giving Dawn. Come, Spirits, to your worshipers’ dwellings. The Sun rises in splendor!

2-3. The Sun-God extends far his radiance, unfurling his flag in the sky, like a strong man bent on spoil. The higher Gods ply their course. Masters of unchallenged domains, they send forth the Sun on his way with never-failing precision. The Sun, dispeller of darkness, whose eye contemplates all things, is borne onward by seven shining mares.

4-5. His mighty steeds advance inexorably, like a spider’s web, rending the night’s dark robe. The rays of the Sun, quivering, push down beneath the waters the darkness, like a heavy hide. How strange the Sun! Untethered, unsupported, he hangs in space. What inner power propels him? Who can observe it? He guards heaven’s vault, the sky’s pillar.

Agni-Surya RV 4.14

1. At many a dawn of shining splendor has the Lord presided. Come on your chariots, far-ranging Spirits, come to our sacrifice.

2. Suffusing light for every creature, the Inspirer God rises. The Sun has filled heaven and earth with his radiance, disclosing his presence.

3. Rosy Dawn advances, adorned with the brightness of many a beam. She pursues her way on her well-equipped chariot, arousing Men to joy.

4. Come, O twin Spirits, at break of day on your powerful chariots. We offer in sacrifice this honey-sweet draught for your delectation.

5. How is it that, though united and unsupported, he does not fall down? By what inner power moves he? Who has seen? A firm pillar, he protects heaven’s vault.

Savitri RV 4.53

1. From Savitri the God, wise supreme Spirit, we crave that gift most worthy to be sought, by which he grants his worshipers protection. His rays vouchsafe to us the great God’s boon.

2. Sustainer of the Heaven, Lord of the cosmos, this sage puts on his golden-colored mail. Clear-sighted, far-extending, filling the heavens, Savitri has brought us bliss our lips must praise.

3. Amply he fills the realms of Earth and Heaven; in tune with his own being he sings the hymn. The God, with arms outstretched, all creatures fosters, arousing, lulling all life with his rays.

4. He lights up all things, guards each holy ordinance. None can deceive him, the great God, the radiant. He has stretched out his arms to all earth dwellers. Maintaining his own laws he runs his course.

5. With his own greatness Savitri has filled the three domains of space, three worlds, three heavens. He moves the threefold Heaven and threefold Earth. With ordinances three he himself protects us.

6. Most gracious God, life-stirrer, bringer of slumber, controller of all, what moves not and what moves, may Savitri the God vouchsafe us shelter and security, distress held thrice at bay.

7. God Savitri comes nigh with changing seasons. May he enhance our stock of food and sons! May he grant strength through days and nights to follow and may he send us wealth with progeny.

Lord of the Field RV 4.57

1. We, with the Lord of the Field as our friend and helper, obtain for our cattle and horses food in plenty, that they may be sleek and well-fed. May he graciously grant us his favor!

2. O Lord of the Field, like a cow yielding milk, pour forth for us copious rivers of sweetness, dripping honey like nectar and pure as pure ghee. May the Lords of the Law grant us mercy!

3. Sweet be the plants for us, sweet be the heavens, sweet be the waters and the air of the sky! May the Lord of the Field show us honey like sweetness, May we follow his furrow unharmed!

4. In contentment may men and oxen both plough, in contentment the plough cleave the furrow, in contentment the yoke be securely attached and the ploughman urge on his oxen!

5. Ploughshare and Plough, to our chant be propitious! Take of the milk you have made in heaven and let it fall here on this earth!

6. Auspicious Furrow, we venerate you. We pray you, come near us to prosper and bless and bring us abundant harvests.

7. May Indra draw the Furrow, may Pusan guide well its course! May she yield us milk in each succeeding year!

8. In contentment may the ploughshare turn up the sod, in contentment the ploughman follow the oxen, celestial Rain pour down honey and water. Ploughshare and Plough, grant us joy!

Agni RV 5.8

1. It was you, O Agni most ancient, whom the ancients of old, observers of Cosmic Law, enkindled for their aid, O God created by life-power, the shining, the adorable, the one who brings comfort to all Men, worthy of worship, God of the hearth and home.

2. It was you, O Agni of the flaming hair, whom the peoples enthroned as their foremost guest, the master of their households, O God of the lofty ensign, of manifold shapes, the winner of stakes, our kindly protector and helper, devourer of ancient forests.

3. It is you, O Agni, whom the races of mankind acclaim as connoisseur of sacrifice, Discerner, incomparable donor of treasures, visible to all yet dwelling in secret, O God most blessed, loud-sounding, skilled in worship, glorified by the oil of sacrifice.

4. It is you, O Agni ever true to yourself, whom we mortals have ever approached with reverence, singing your praises. Wherefore, O God most noble, esteem well our sacrifice and burst into glorious flames, your Godhead enkindled by the hand of mortal Man.

5. It is you, O Agni of manifold. shapes, who impart life-power to each race of Men, as in days of old, O God highly praised! By means of this your life-power you control all sorts of food. That light of yours, when you shine forth, blazes indomitable.

6. It is you, O Agni most youthful, whom, once enkindled, the Gods have chosen as messenger, conveyer of oblations. You, O God of vast range, situated in oil and nourished by offerings, the Gods have made their bright Eye, the inspirer of thought and fancy.

7. It is you, O Agni, whom Men through the ages have sought with sacred oil and with fuel easy to kindle. Thus, imbued with strength, your size increased by the plants, you spread over all the world.

Agni RV 5.13

1. All set for the kindling of the sacred fire, we hymn you, O Lord, with our verses, invoking your powerful grace.

2. In your praise, O Lord, who reach highest heaven, we compose our song, eager to obtain your treasure divine!

3. May the Lord find pleasure in our song of praise! Priest among Men, may he offer due homage to the heavenly beings!

4. Great, O Lord, is your renown. Through you, O blessed one, worthy mediator, may we complete the sacrifice!

5. The poets exalt you with their hymns–you whose undertakings are ever successful. Grant us great vigor!

6. As the spokes are bound by encircling iron, so you encompass the Gods, O Lord. I yearn for your bounty!

Agni RV 5.24

1. Draw near in friendship. Save us and help us. Show yourself gracious, O Lord!

2. Be present, O Lord, wonderful, adored. Shower on us treasure most precious!

3. Hear now our cry. Lend us your ear. Shield us from sin’s contagion!

4. To you, radiant God, we bring this prayer. Shine on our friends in blessing!

Parjanya RV 5.83

1. Invoke with this song the powerful God, renowned Parjanya; win him by your worship. Like a bellowing bull with quickening streams he deposits a seed of life in the plants.

2. He flattens the trees and smites the demons; the whole world fears his powerful stroke. Even the innocent flee from this God’s strength, when Parjanya thundering strikes the wicked.

3. Like a driver urging with a whip his horses we see him driving his heralds of storm. From afar is heard the roaring of the lion when Parjanya makes the heavy rain clouds.

4. The winds burst forth, the lightnings flash, the plants shoot up, the heavens stream, the sap surges up in every stem, when Parjanya quickens the earth with his seed.

5. You at whose bidding the earth bows low, you at whose bidding the hoofed creatures scamper, you at whose bidding flowers don various colors and shapes, O Parjanya, grant us protection!

6. Gladden us, O Storm-Gods, with rain from heaven; may the Stallion emit his life-producing flow! Bring here your thundering, pour forth your rain floods. You are Divine, our heavenly Father!

7. Thunder and roar! Release the seed. Circle in your chariot heavy-laden with rain. Tip downward your waterskin duly loosened. Level the high places, fill in the hollows!

8. Draw the great vessel up, let it spill over, let the floodwaters burst forth and flow far. Saturate both heaven and earth with fatness; give to the cattle fair thirst-quenching pools.

9. When, O Parjanya, roaring in fury and thundering loudly you smite the wicked, then the whole universe shouts for joy and everything that is on earth rejoices.

10. You have poured down the rain; now withhold it, we pray you! You have made the deserts fit for travel. To serve as food you have made the plants flourish. Receive from us in return grateful praise!

Prthivi RV 5.84

1. The mighty burden of the mountains bulk rests, Earth, upon your shoulders; rich in torrents, you germinate the seed with quickening power.

2. Our hymns of praise resounding now invoke you, O far-flung Earth, the bright one. Like a neighing steed you drive abroad your storm clouds.

3. You in your sturdy strength hold fast the forests, clamping the trees all firmly to the ground, when rains and lightning issue from your clouds.

Agni RV 6.9

1. The day is dark and also bright. These two hemispheres, thanks to their own intelligence, revolve. Once born, the Universal Lord, the Monarch, thrust back by his own light the encroaching darkness.

2. I know not how to stretch the threads or weave or discern the pattern of those who weave in the contest. Whose son will be the one to speak so well as to surpass, advancing from below, his father?

3. He who knows how to stretch the thread and weave in their due time the proper words will speak. He, the Shepherd of Immortality, knows it. Though moving below he sees beyond any other.

4. Behold, then, the Priest, the first to perform the priestly function. He is for mortal men the immortal Light. He is born and is seated among us, not to be shaken, the immortal, increasing constantly in his own body.

5. A steady light is set for men to gaze on, of all the moving things the swiftest Mind! All spirits divine with but one thought and intention proceed unerring toward that unique Splendor.

6. My hearing fades away, my eyes grow dim. The light that dwells within my heart grows brighter. Far roams my mind, its confines overleaping. What shall I utter, what my mind envisage?

7. In fear and trembling all the Gods hailed you, O Lord, when you abode amidst the darkness. O Universal Lord, accord us your grace. May the Immortal now bestow his grace upon us!

Cows RV 6.28

1. The Cows have come and have brought us good fortune. In our stalls, contented, may they stay! May they bring forth calves for us, many-colored, giving milk for Indra each day.

2. Indra seeks to help him who offers and gives, augmenting, not diminishing, his possessions. Evermore increasing his treasure, he places the pious in a realm inviolate.

3. These Cows shall not be lost, no robber shall harm them, no enemy dare to mislead them. With the man who sacrifices and offers to the Gods the lord of the Cows will long tarry.

4. The swift horse, raising the dust, does not catch them. Never do they go to the shambles. The Cows of the man who sacrifices roam on wide-extending pastures of fearlessness.

5. The Cows are Bhaga, the Cows are Indra, or a first-poured draught of Soma. Truly these Cows are Indra, my brothers, Indra for whom my soul yearns!

6. You make, O Cows, the thin man sleek; to the unlovely you bring beauty. Rejoice our homestead with pleasant lowing. In our assemblies we laud your vigor.

7. Abound in calves, graze on good pastures, drinking pure water at the springs. Owned neither by thief nor by wicked man, may you be spared the darts of Rudra!

8. May this potion, enhanced by the seed of the bull and by your power, O Indra, bring to these Cows fertility!

Indra-Soma RV 6.72

1. How great, O Indra and Soma, is your power! It was you who performed those first and mighty exploits. It was you who subdued the Sun, subdued the Sky, and chased away all darkness, all the ribald.

2. Indra and Soma, you make the dawn to glow and cause the Sun to rise in all his splendor. You have propped up the Sky with a supporting pillar and spread out Mother Earth in all directions.

3. Indra and Soma, you smote the serpent Vrtra who sought to obstruct the waters. To you the heavens yielded their load; you pierced the river torrents as with a lance and filled full many a sea.

4. Within the cow’s udder, unprepared, it was you, O Soma and Indra, who placed the milk. You held the cream-hued unimpeded stream within the multicolored moving creatures.

5. Great are the riches you grant, O strong Ones, which free from fear and pass to children’s children. With manly power you invest the sons of men that they may be victorious in the battle.

Agni RV 7.10

1. Agni the golden, lover of the Dawn, spreads forth his far-extending radiance. Brightly he shines, refulgent, within a halo of pure light. He has aroused and inspired our eager thoughts.

2. He shines forth at dawn like the sunlight, deploying the sacrifice in the manner of priests unfolding their prayerful thoughts. Agni, the God who knows well all the generations, visits the Gods as a messenger, most efficacious.

3. To Agni are directed our songs and aspirations, seeking the God and petitioning bounteous favors–to the pleasant to behold, the handsome one, the mighty, the mediator, conveyor of Men’s oblations.

4. O Agni, bring to us Indra, together with the Vasus, bring hither the powerful Rudra with all his followers, Aditi, kindly to all Men, together with her sons, and longed-for Brhaspati with the singers!

5. At sacrifice the prayerful congregation worships Agni, the priest of all joy, the ever-youthful deity. It is he who holds dominion over all treasures, unwearied envoy to the Gods at the hour of oblation.

Agni RV 7.15

1. Pour in his mouth an oblation, the God who is worthy of reverence, our closest kinsman and friend!

2. The God who has fixed his abode in each home of every people–the seer, the proprietor, the youthful.

3. May this Agni keep watch on every side on our homes and all they contain! May he keep distress at bay!

4. I will bring forth a new song of praise for Agni, the falcon. He will surely impart to us riches.

5. How fair, how desirable, his glories, as he glows at the place of sacrifice, like a man possessed of noble sons!

6. May Agni be pleased with our call, may our songs find favor with him, best worshiper, best mediator!

7. You who are worthy of Men’s prayers, our leader, our God, rich in heroes–may we install you glowing and glistening!

8. Shine forth at night and at morn! Your favor has kindled our hearths! By your favor we shall be great!

9. Our nobles, seeking their reward, come forward, our singers with their hymns and Speech with her thousand syllables.

10. Agni, the shining, the pure, the purifier, worthy of worship, drives far the powers of evil.

11. Wherefore, young son of strength, convey us–you are able!–many blessings! May Bhaga grant us what is good!

12. It is you, O Agni, who invest us with the glory of heroes. The Gods are the givers of all good gifts.

13. O Agni, guard us from distress! Consume with your burning flames, O unaging, the Man who seeks our harm!

14. Be now for us a strong fortress of iron, made secure a hundredfold, O you the unconquerable!

15. O God, brightener of the night, infallible, protect us from distress, from the wicked, by day and by night!

Savitri RV 7.45

1. May God Savitri, chariot-borne, come hither, filling the heavens, rich in treasure divine, dispenser of everything that makes man happy, lulling to sleep, then stirring all that breathes

2. His arms are far-extended, mighty, golden. They reach as far as the utmost limits of Heaven. Now is his greatness highly to be praised.

3. Now may this God Savitri, the strong and mighty, Lord of all wealth, vouchsafe to us his riches! May he, extending his far-spreading luster, bestow on us the food that nourishes men!

4. These songs praise Savitri of gentle speech, whose arms are full, whose hands are beautiful. Preserve us evermore, O Gods, with blessings.

The Divine Waters RV 7.49

1. Ceaselessly they flow from the depths, pure, never sleeping, the Ocean their sponsor, following the channels ordained by the Thunderer. Now may these great divine Waters quicken me!

2. Waters may pour from heaven or run along channels dug out by men; or flow clear and pure having the Ocean as their goal. Now may these great divine Waters quicken me!

3. ln the midst of the Waters is moving the Lord, surveying men’s truth and men’s lies. How sweet are the Waters, crystal clear and cleansing! Now may these great divine Waters quicken me!

4. From whom King Varuna, Soma, and all the Deities drink exhilarating strength, into whom the Universal Lord has entered, now may these great divine Waters quicken me!

Mitra-Varuna RV 7.63

1. Here comes the Sun beneficent! His gaze rests upon all Men, on all Men his blessing. The God, the eye of Mitra and Varuna, has rolled up darkness like a scroll of parchment.

2. The Inspirer of all Men advances, the Sun, displaying his mighty shimmering banner. Now he will turn again the chariot wheel which, harnessed to the shaft, the sun-horse pulls.

3. Emerging resplendent from the bosom of the mornings, he ascends, heart’s delight of all the singers. This is the God I hail as Vivifier! He never infringes the Order’s harmony.

4. This bright jewel of the sky rises–limitless his vision! Far is his goal; he hastens on resplendent. Now, animated by the Sun, earth’s people can go about their business and perform their tasks.

5. He follows, like an eagle with flight unswerving, the course designed for him by the Immortals. Directly the sun rises, Mitra and Varuna, we are eager to serve you with worship and oblations.

6. May Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman, grant us freedom and space enough for us and for our children! May we find pleasant pathways, good to travel! Preserve us evermore, O Gods, with blessings! Born for Glory, Come Forth for Glory!

Ushas RV 7.75

1. From her birthplace in heaven rosy Dawn is revealed as ordained by Cosmic Law–the presage of glory! She has chased away fiends and hateful darkness; she lights up the paths–most noble of the noble!

2. Arouse us today to success and good fortune. To loftier joys promote us, O Dawn! Grant to us wealth of every kind, O Goddess renowned, friend of Man!

3. Look! The fair splendors of Morning approach us, everlasting, bedecked with every color. Filling the region between earth and heaven, they mount on high, eliciting worship.

4. This Daughter of Heaven, Queen of the world, yokes her chariot and goes far away. She visits all the lands where the five peoples dwell, surveying the deeds and the hearts of mortals.

5. Rich in treasure beyond all telling, this bride of the Sun controls all wealth. Our youthfulness she steals, yet the seers extol her! The priests sing the praises of radiant Dawn.

6. Here come her steeds of varying hues, the red steeds drawing resplendent Morning. On her beautiful car the fair Goddess advances, bringing much wealth for her faithful servant.

7. True with the true, mighty with the mighty, divine with the divine, holy with the holy–she flung down all barriers and released the sunrays, who greeted Morning with shouts of joy!

8. O Dawn, grant us riches to rejoice our hearts, cattle and horses and men of true valor. Protect from trampling feet our sacred grass. Preserve us, O Gods, evermore with your blessings!

Dawn RV 7.77

1. Dawn comes shining like a Lady of Light, stirring to life all creatures. Now it is time to kindle the Fire. The light of Dawn scatters the shadows.

2. Her face turned toward this far-flung world, she rises, enwrapped in bright garments. Shining with gold, with rays of light bedecked, she sends forth the world on its course.

3. Our Lady of Light brings the Eye of the Gods, as she rides her white, beautiful steed. Dawn shines apparent, bestowing on all men her store of marvelous treasure.

4. Come with your bounty; drive away foes. Grant us secure and lush pastures. Disperse those who hate us. O bountiful One, give to your singer reward.

5. Beam forth your light to guide and sustain us, prolonging, O Goddess, our days. Give to us food, grant to us joy, chariots and cattle and horses.

6. Lady nobly born, Daughter of Heaven, worshiped by all the illustrious, grant us your blessings, riches and wealth. Now and forever protect us!

Ushas RV 7.78

1. The first rays of Dawn have appeared once again! Her splendors diffuse their radiance on high. O Dawn, giver of Light, who draw near on your lofty chariot, convey to us joy!

2. The well-kindled Fire lifts up its voice loudly; the singers greet her with hymns of praise. Goddess Dawn approaches with her light, driving away all darkness and danger.

3. There in the East the day is appearing; the lights of morning, increasing, shine brightly, bringing forth the Sun, Sacrifice, and Fire, while evil darkness withdraws in the West.

4. Heaven’s bounteous Daughter has come once again, and all eyes behold the Dawn in her shining. She has mounted her chariot, empowered by its own impulse and drawn by its team of well-yoked horses.

5. Awaking, we greet you with confident minds, we and our nobles who furnish the oblations. Show yourselves favorable, O Dawns, as you arise and protect us forever with your blessings!

Ushas RV 7.79

1. Arousing the lands where dwell the five peoples, Dawn has made visible the pathways of Men. The beautiful dawn clouds convey her radiance. The light of the Sun has disclosed earth and heaven.

2. The Dawns advance like clans arrayed for battle, their bright rays tingeing the sky’s distant bounds. The Sun extends his arms; the rose-colored dawn clouds, imprisoning the darkness, beam forth their luster.

3. Goddess Dawn has arisen, endowed with great wealth, eliciting homage–our welfare is assured! Noblest of the noble, this Daughter of Heaven grants to her worshipers varied treasures.

4. Give to us, Dawn, that copious bounty with which you have rewarded those who sang your praises! Loudly they acclaimed you, like the strong bulls that bellowed as you unbarred the doors of the firm-set mountain.

5. Prevail on each God to give us his bounty! Now at your appearing impart to us the charm of pleasant voices and thoughts for our uplift. Preserve us evermore, O Gods, with your blessings!

Dawn RV 7.81

1. See now, the shining Daughter of Heaven approaches, dispelling gloom of night that we may see. The friendly Lady ushers in the light.

2. The ascending Sun, refulgent star of heaven, co-worker with the Dawn, pours down his beams. O Dawn, at your arising and the Sun’s, grant us, we pray, our portion in your light.

3. O Dawn, glorious Daughter of high Heaven, promptly we rise and come to welcome you. Most generous one, granter of all desires, to worshipers you give both joy and treasure.

4. O glorious Dawn, you bring the earth to view and lighten up the lofty vault of heaven. We yearn to be yours, partaking in your rewards. Accept our love as that of mother’s children.

5. Bring to us, Dawn, your grace most bountiful, that shall be celebrated far and wide. Give us what you possess as nourishment for men, that we may rejoice therein, O Daughter of Heaven.

6. Give to our princes wealth and everlasting fame. To us grant in the contests herds of kine. O shining Dawn, you who inspire the generous and are full of grace, drive from us all our foes.

Varuna RV 7.86

1. The peoples are wise through the greatness of him who has fixed in their stations the heaven and the earth who has thrust up on high the vast dome of the sky and the stars and has spread out the earth down below.

2. I muse in my heart and I ponder this question: When shall I again be at one with Varuna? Will he accept without rancor my offering? When, reassured, shall I taste of his mercy?

3. I question myself on my sin, O Varuna, desirous to know it. I seek out the wise to ask them; the sages all give me this answer: “The God, great Varuna, is angry with you.”

4. What, then, O God, is my greatest transgression for which you would ruin your singer, your friend? Tell me, O God who knows all and lacks nothing, so that, quickly prostrating, I may sinless crave pardon.

5. Loose us from the yoke of the sins of our Fathers and also of those we ourselves have committed. Release your servant, as a thief is set free from his crime or as a calf is loosed from its cord.

6. The evil, Varuna, was not done on purpose; it was wine, dice, or anger that led us astray, or thoughtlessness, sometimes the elder a younger. Even in sleep evildoing is not wholly banished.

7. I am eager to serve you as a slave serves his master, you, God, all-watchful, I free from sin! This most wise God gives knowledge to the simple and spurs to achievement the clever and the discrete.

8. O God, whose power is self-subsisting, may these praises now reach you and lodge in your heart! Well may it go with us in peace and in warfare! Ever protect us, O Gods, with your blessings!

Varuna RV 7.89

1. Let me not pass to the house of clay, King Varuna, as yet. Forgive, Lord, have mercy!

2. If I totter along, O wielder of thunder, like a puffed-up wineskin, forgive, Lord, have mercy!

3. If by ill chance in the dullness of my wits I went straying, O Holy One, forgive, Lord, have mercy!

4. Thirst is plaguing your worshiper, even when he stands surrounded by waters, forgive, Lord, have mercy!

5. If we men commit, O Varuna, an offense against the heavenly ones; or in thoughtlessness transgress your laws, oh, punish us not!

Soma RV 8.48

1. I have tasted, as one who knows its secret, the honeyed drink that charms and relaxes, the drink that all, both Gods and mortals, seek to obtain, calling it nectar.

2. Once penetrated within my heart, you become Aditi and appease the Gods’ wrath. O Drop, who enjoy Indra’s friendship, convey to us wealth, like a steed who is bridled, obedient.

3. We have drunk the Soma and become immortal! We have attained the light, we have found the Gods! What can the malice of mortal Man or his spite, O Immortal, do to us now?

4. Bless the heart, O Life-Drop, which has received you, as a father his son, or a friend his friend. Wise Soma, whose voice we hear from afar, prolong our days that we may live.

5. These glorious drops are my health and salvation: they strengthen my joints as thongs do a cart. May these droplets guard my foot lest it stumble and chase from my body all manner of ills.

6. Make me shine brightly like fire produced by friction. Illumine us, make us ever more prosperous. Enthused by you, Soma, I find myself rich! Enter within us for our well-being.

7. With hearts inspired may we relish the Juice like treasure inherited from our Fathers! Lengthen our days, King Soma, as the sun causes the shining days to grow longer.

8. Have mercy upon us, King Soma, and save us! Do not forget that we are your disciples. We are eager, O Drop, with zeal and dexterity! Do not hand us over to our enemy’s pleasure!

9. It is you, O Soma, who guard our bodies; in each of our limbs you have made your abode, O surveyor of men! if we have transgressed your statutes, forgive us, O God, like a loving friend.

10. May I take him to myself like a well-disposed friend! May this draught not harm us, O Lord of the bay horses–this Soma now absorbed within me! For this I pray to God to prolong my existence.

11. Our weariness and pains are now far removed; the forces of darkness have fled in fear. Soma has surged within us mightily. We have reached our goal! Life is prolonged!

12. This drop that has penetrated our hearts, O Fathers, this Soma, immortal deep within us mortals, him would we honor with our oblations. We long to abide in his grace and favor.

13. In an intimate union with the Fathers, O Soma, you have extended yourself throughout Earth and Heaven. You would we honor with our oblations, desirous of becoming possessors of riches.

14. O guardian Gods, pronounce on us blessing! Let sleep not overtake us nor useless talk. May we forever be dear to Soma! Having won the mastery, let us speak wisdom!

15. Imparter of strength, come, take full possession, O Soma, light-finder, man’s constant overseer. Enlist your helpers, O Lord; place a guard on our lives both in front and behind to protect us.

Soma RV 9.4

1. O cleansing sacred Drink, conqueror of high renown, make us perfect.

2. Bring us to light, the light celestial, and all pure joys, make us perfect.

3. Enhance our skills and powers of mind; drive far all foes; make us perfect.

4. O purifier, prepare this Drink, a draught for the Lord. Make us perfect.

5. Give us a share in the Sun by your wisdom and favor. Make us perfect.

6. Sustained and helped by you, long may we see the Sun! Make us perfect.

7. Almighty God, upon us pour a double portion of your grace. Make us perfect.

8. O King ever victorious, impart to us your wealth. Make us perfect.

9. Strengthened by Man’s worship, O purifier, you grant gifts. Make us perfect.

10. Grant us, O God, Life-quickener, all that this world affords; make us perfect.

Soma RV 9.31

1. Forth flows the Soma-juice, pure, beneficent, producing visible fullness.

2. Increase for us splendor from earth and heaven. Be the Lord of all might!

3. For you the winds blow, full of love; for you the rivers flow. They enhance, O Soma, your greatness.

4. Surge, O Soma! May potent strength gather from all sides within you! Be the central point of all power!

5. For you, O brown-hued Soma, the cows have yielded on the highest summit imperishable milk and fatness.

6. O Lord of all, we desire your friendship, O Drop, powerful defender.

Soma RV 9.36

1. Like a chariot horse he speeds through the sieve and spurts into the cup. The winner of the race has reached the goal.

2. Become pure, O Soma, as you flow with due care, calling on the Gods, passing through the sieve to the honey-dripping bowl.

3. Foremost Purifier, let your lights shine on us now, inspiring us to skill of mind and hand.

4. His beauty enhanced by the hands of those faithful to Sacred Order, he is purified, as he flows, in the woolen strainer.

5. May Soma bestow on the offerer all treasures, both earthly and heavenly, and those that pertain to the airy spaces!

6. To the height of heaven you ascend, O Soma, O Lord of Power, in search of horses and cattle and heroes!

Soma RV 9.59

1. O Soma, be pure and ever more pure! Win cattle and horses and the treasure of children –all that brings joy!

2. Be pure for the waters, be pure for the plants, be pure for the sacrifice and ever more pure, O you the inviolable!

3. O Soma, be pure and ever more pure! Surmounting all dangers you sit as a sage on the sacrificial straw!

4. Attain, O Purifier, the heavenly light! Once born you wax great, O sacred Drop, surpassing all!

Soma RV 9.94

1. Like ornaments vying for the neck of a winner, like the cries of men contending for light, so our songs strive for Soma who, in accordance with his choice, is purified by waters as a sage. His wisdom is like an enclosure for the rearing of cattle.

2. It is he who has revealed the abode of immortality. All worlds have expanded for him who found the Light. Our songs, increasing like cows in the pasture, hail aloud the sacred Drop with deep devotion.

3. Encompassing wisdom on all sides, the Seer, the Hero, moves through all worlds like a chariot, preparing for mortals glory among the Gods, rewards for the skillful, new things among the Gods at their appearing.

4. Born for glory, he has come forth for glory. He endows the singers with glory and strength. Robed in glory, they have gone to immortality. He, measuring his course, is successful in the encounter.

5. Stream for us nourishment, horses, and cattle! Shed light abroad, give delight to the Gods! All this for you is easy of achievement, for you, Soma Purifier, repel all enemies.

Soma RV 9.104

1. Be seated, O friends; your songs uplift for him who is undergoing purification. Array him like a child in festive attire! Bring him an offering!

2. Unite him to his worshipers as a calf to its herd–this bringer of prosperity, producer of bliss which delights the Gods, doubly potent!

3. Purify him who gives us power–a banquet, he, [most blessed One!], for our Friend and our Protector and all their attendants!

4. Our songs have followed you like lowing cows, O procurer of treasure! We add to your flow a stream of milk, cream-hued to tawny.

5. You, sacred Drop, are the master of ecstasies, favorite drink of the immortal Gods. Show us the path, O guide supreme!

6. Drive far away the rapacious demon, whoever he may be! Drive far the godless, the Man who is false. Drive far all sorrow!

Soma Pavamana RV 9.112

1. We all have various thoughts and plans and diverse are the callings of men. The carpenter seeks out that which is cracked, the physician the ailing, the priest the soma-press. Flow, Soma-juice, for the sake of the Lord!

2. The smith with his store of seasoned plants, with his feathers of birds and stones for the tips, enkindles the flame to make arrows and then seeks out a client bulging with gold. Flow, Soma-juice, for the sake of the Lord!

3. I am a singer, my Dad’s a physician, my Mummy’s task is to grind the corn. Diverse are our callings but we all aim at wealth; we run in its wake like a cowherd trailing cows. Flow, Soma-juice, for the sake of the Lord!

4. A horse desires to draw a light cart, gay hosts to evoke a laugh and a jest, a male desires his mate’s approach, a frog a flood to plunge within. Flow, Soma-juice, for the sake of the Lord!

Waters RV 10.9

1. O Waters, source of happiness, pray give us vigor so that we may contemplate the great delight.

2. You like loving mothers are who long to give to children dear. Give us of your propitious sap.

3. On your behalf we desire, O Waters, to assist the one to whose house you send us–you, of our life and being the source.

4. These Waters be to us for drink; divine are they for aid and joy. May they impart to us health and strength!

5. You Waters who rule over precious things and have supreme control of men, we beg you, give us healing balm.

6. Within the Waters, Soma has told me, remedies exist of every sort and Agni who brings blessing to all.

7. O Waters, stored with healing balm through which my body safe will be, come, that I long may see the sun.

8. Whatever sin is found in me, whatever wrong I may have done, if I have lied or falsely sworn, Waters, remove it far from me.

9. Now I have come to seek the Waters. Now we merge, mingling with the sap. Come to me, Agni, rich in milk! Come and endow me with your splendor!

Yama-Yami RV 10.10

1. [Yami:] May I entice my friend toward friendship, far though he has gone beyond the oceans! The sage shall produce a grandchild for his fathers, considering what will happen here on earth.

2. [Yama:] Your friend repudiates such a friendship as will make of his sister a woman unrelated. The heroes, sons of the mighty Asura, sustainers of the heaven, view all from afar.

3. [Yami:] Do not the immortals require of you that from the sole existing mortal issue an offspring? Let your heart and mine be fused together. Enter now as husband the body of your wife!

4. [Yama:] Shall we do now what has hitherto been spurned? Shall we who speak truth now countenance wrong? The Merman and the Nymph within the waters–these are our origin, our intimate kinship.

5. [Yami:] Even in the womb God, the Ordainer and Vivifier, the molder of forms, made us consorts. No one transgresses his Holy Laws; to this both Heaven and Earth bear witness.

6. [Yama:] Who knows about the first day? Who has seen it? Who can of that day produce firm proof? Great is the decree of Mitra and Varuna, What, temptress, will you say to men to seduce them?

7. [Yami:] Desire for Yama overwhelms me, Yami, to lie with him on a common bed. As a woman to her husband I would yield my body. Like chariot wheels let us move to and fro!

8. [Yama:] They do not rest or close their eyes, these watchmen of the Gods who pace around us. Go, temptress, with another, not with me! With him move like chariot wheels to and fro!

9. [Yami:] By day and by night would Yami cherish you. For a moment the eye of the Sun would vanish! Twins unite in a bond like that of Earth and Heaven. The blame for the incest of Yama will be Yami’s.

10. [Yama:] It may well be that in later generations brother and sister will act against the law. Look for another than myself, O fair one, and offer your arm to another lover.

11. [Yami:] What brother is he who protects not his sister? Does she count as a sister when destruction is at hand? Swept along by love, I whisper again: unite your body with this body of mine!

12. [Yama:] Never will I unite my body with yours. Sin it is called to approach one’s sister. Not with me–with another find your delight! Your brother, O fair one, does not desire it.

13. [Yami:] O miserable coward! In you, O Yama, I do not find either soul or heart. Very well; let another entwine herself around you as a girdle, as a creeper encircles a tree!

14. [Yama:] Entwine yourself also, O Yami, around another. Let another embrace you as the creeper a tree! Seek to win his heart and let him win yours and form with him a blessed union!

Yama RV 10.14

1. [The chronicler] The one who has climbed the mighty steeps, thus blazing a trail for many to follow, the son of Vivasvat, the gatherer of men, Yama, the King, we worship with offerings.

2. Yama was the first to find us a way, the pastures that no one shall steal from us. The path that our ancient Fathers took all mortals, once born, must tread for themselves.

3. Matali is there, united with the ancient poets and Yama, with the priests of old and Brhaspati, praise of the singers, both those who extol the Gods and those the Gods extol. Some rejoice in lip praise; others, in the oblation.

4. [Invocation of Yama] Take your seat, O Yama, on the sacred grass, together with the priests of old and with the Fathers. May the prayers of the sages bring you hither! O King, rejoice in this oblation!

5. Come, O Yama, with the holy priests of old! Here, together with the Vairupas, rejoice! Seated on the sacred sacrificial grass, I summon also Vivasvat your father.

6. May the priests of old, our Fathers, the Navagvas, the Atharvans and Bhrgus, all worthy of Soma, regard us with kindliness–deserving, they, of worship–and keep us ever in their grace and favor!

7. [The last blessings (to the dead)] Proceed, proceed along the ancient pathways whereon our Forefathers have passed before us. There you shall see God Varuna and Yama, the two kings, rejoicing in the offerings.

8. Meet Yama and the Fathers in the highest heaven along with your offerings and praiseworthy deeds. Rid of imperfection, seek again your dwelling and assume a body, bright with glory.

9. [To the evil spirits] Off with you, spirits! Flee, rampage elsewhere! For him the Fathers have prepared this place. Yama will grant him a place of relaxation, where days and nights rotate and waters flow.

10. [To the deceased] Speed on your happy pathway, outstripping the two brindled dogs, each with four eyes, sons of Indra’s messenger. Then approach the kindly Fathers who rejoice in the fellowship of Yama.

11. [To Yama] Put him, O King, under the protection of your two dogs, each with four eyes, the guardians and keepers of the way, who gaze upon men. Bestow on him happiness and well-being.

12. May the broad-nosed dark-hued pair, the life stealers, the messengers of Yama who run in men’s wake, restore to us today a life of happiness, that we may live to see the sun!

13. [To the priests] For Yama press the Soma-juice, To Yama offer the sacrifice. Toward Yama it mounts, a perfect offering, with Agni as herald going before.

14. Present to Yama an offering rich in ghee; come forward and take your places. May he conduct us to the Gods, so that in their midst we may live forever!

15. The offering steeped most richly in honey present now to the royal Yama. We offer homage to the Seers of old, to the pioneers who discovered the way.

Agni RV 10.16

1. Do not burn him or utterly consume him, O Agni. Do not scatter his limbs and his skin! Perfect him, O you who survey men’s deeds, and send him on to the abode of the Fathers.

2. When you have prepared him, O All-Knowing One, then deliver him up to the Fathers. When he arrives in the realm of the spirits he will become a controller of the Gods.

3. The Sun receive your eye, the Wind your spirit! Go, as is your merit, to earth or heaven, or, if that be your lot, to the waters, with your body diffused in the plants of the field.

4. Your share is the goat–burn him with your heat! May your blazing light and flame consume him! By these your auspicious forms, All-Knowing One, convey this man to the world of the saints.

5. Release him again, O Agni, to the Fathers. The one offered to you now proceeds to his destiny. Putting on new life, let him approach the surviving, let him reunite with a body, All-Knowing One!

6. Whatever wound the black bird has inflicted upon you, or the ant, the snake, or the jackal, may Agni, the all-consuming, make it whole, and Soma, who has entered within the priests.

7. Shield yourself from Agni with the parts of the cow and smear your body with fat and oil, so that the daring Agni, eager to devour you, may not embrace you with his fiery blaze.

8. O Agni, do not overturn this chalice, dear to the Gods and to those deserving Soma. From this chalice the Gods quench their thirst; in it the immortals find delight.

9. The body-consuming Fire I send far away! Removing all dross, let him go to Yama’s realm! But may the other, the All-Knowing, the skillful, convey this offering direct to the Gods! 

Escorted by the Gods RV 10.17

1. Tvastr prepares his daughter for her marriage. On hearing the tidings the whole world assembles. The mother of Yama, wife of great Vivasvat, vanished while being conveyed to her dwelling.

2. From mortal man this immortal woman was hidden by the Gods. Fashioning another in her likeness, they gave this second to Vivasvat. She, Saranyu, bore the two Asvins and then abandoned both sets of twins.

3. May the all-knowing Pusan, guardian of the earth, whose cattle do not perish, dispatch you hence! May Pusan consign you to the Fathers’ keeping, may Agni escort you to the Gods who know you!

4. Life universal shall guard and surround you. May Pusan protect and precede you on the way! May Savitri the God to that place lead you where go and dwell the doers of good deeds!

5. May Pusan who knows all these regions conduct us by ways that are freest from fear and danger, preceding us, the shining one, giver of blessings, wise and unerring, escort of all heroes!

6. On distant pathways Pusan is born, on a road that stretches far from earth and from heaven. He passes on his way, with perfect knowledge, to both the realms that men hold most dear.

7. During the sacrifice the worshipers call on Sarasvati. Sarasvati they worship. May Sarasvati grant bliss to the giver–Sarasvati, revered by pious works!

8. O Goddess Sarasvati, accompanier of the Fathers, who joins them in rejoicing at our offerings, be seated with joy on this sacred grass. Give food that strengthens and ward off all sorts of sickness.

9. O Sarasvati, the one whom the Fathers invoke, they who, coming from the right, approach the sacrifice, grant to those who now sacrifice all good things, a portion worth as much as a thousand of the offering!

10. These Mother Waters, which cleanse the holy oil, with this selfsame oil shall cleanse all our stains. Their divinity washes off all defilement. I rise up from them purified and brightened.

Effacing the Traces of Death RV 10.18

1. Pursue, O Death, the distant path, the path that is yours, not trodden by the Gods. I charge you, who can both see and hear: do not harm our children or our comrades.

2. When, effacing the traces of Death, you return to prolong your span of days, may you, enhanced with offspring and riches, live lives pure and bright, bringing honor to the Gods!

3. Separated from the dead are these, the living. Our appeal to the Gods has been vouchsafed. We now repair to dancing and laughter, returning to prolong our span of days.

4. I fix a barrier around the living, so that none of them this boundary may pass. May they live a span of a hundred years, penning in Death beneath this mound!

5. As days follow days in orderly succession, as seasons faithfully succeed one another, so shape the lives of these, O Supporter, that the younger may not forsake his elder.

6. Attain your prime; then welcome old age, striving by turns in the contest of life. May the Ordainer, maker of good things, be pleased to grant you length of days!

7. The women with husbands still living and strong advance, anointed with fragrant balm, tearless and free from sorrow. They mount first, adorned with their jewels, to the resting place.

8. Arise, O lady! To the world of the living return! He is dead by whose side you are lying. Your marriage is over to this your husband who held your hand and ardently wooed you.

9. I take from the hand of the dead this bow. It will bring us valor and prestige and power. You depart, we remain and are eager, as heroes, to frustrate all the snares and assaults of our foes.

10. Subside into the lap of Earth, your mother, this Earth wide-spreading, this kind and gracious maiden who is soft as wool to the generous giver! From the womb of Nothingness may she preserve you!

11. Make a vault, O Earth; do not press down upon him! Grant him easy access. Afford him shelter. Cover him up with the skirt of your robe, just as a mother envelops a child.

12. May Earth, arched over him like a vault, lie lightly, propped by a thousand pillars. May this be a home for him dripping with fatness, a place of refuge to him forever.

13. I prop up around you the earth in a mound. May I ever myself be free from harm! May the Fathers support firmly this pillar! May Yama grant this to be your dwelling!

14. In days to come they will affix me like a feather on an arrow. I, however, restrain my speech, as the rein does a horse.

The Gambler’s Lament RV 10.34

1. [The Gambler:] These nuts that once tossed on tall trees in the wind but now smartly roll over the board, how I love them! As alluring as a draught of Soma on the mountain, the lively dice have captured my heart.

2. My faithful wife never quarreled with me or got angry; to me and my boon companions she was always kind, yet I’ve driven her away for the sake of the ill-fated throw of a die.

3. [The Chorus or the Poet:] His wife’s mother loathes him, his wife rejects him; he implores people’s aid but nowhere finds pity. A luckless gambler is no more good than an aged hack [horse] to be sold on the market.

4. Other men make free with the wife of a man whose money and goods the eager dice have stolen. His father and mother and brothers all say: “He is nothing to us. Bind him, put him in jail!”

5. [The Gambler:] I make a resolve that I will not go gaming. So my friends depart and leave me behind. But as soon as the brown nuts are rattled and thrown, to meet them I run, like an amorous girl.

6. [The Chorus or the Poet:] To the meeting place the gambler hastens. shall I win? he asks himself, hoping and trembling. But the throws of the dice ruin his hopes, giving the highest scores to his opponent.

7. Dice, believe me, are barbed: they prick and they trip, they hurt and torment and cause grievous harm. To the gambler they are like children’s gifts, sweet as honey, but they turn on the winner in rage and destroy him.

8. Fifty-three strong, this band jumps playfully, like Savitri, the God whose statutes are true. They pay no heed to the anger of the powerful; the king himself pays heed to them.

9. Downward they roll, then jump in the air! Though handless themselves, they can keep the upper hand over those who have! On the board, like magic coals, they consume, though cold, the player’s heart to ashes.

10. Abandoned, the wife of the gambler grieves. Grieved, too, is his mother as he wanders vaguely. Afraid and in debt, ever greedy for money, he steals in the night to the home of another.

11. He is seized by remorse when he sees his wife’s lot, beside that of her neighbor with well-ordered home. In the morning, however, he yokes the brown steeds and at evening falls stupid before the cold embers.

12. To the mighty chieftain of your whole band, the one who has become the king of your troop, to him I show my ten fingers extended. No wealth do I withhold! I swear I speak truth!

13. [The God Savitri:] Steer clear of dice. Till well your own field. Rejoice in your portion and value it highly. See there, O Gambler, your cattle, your wife. This is the counsel of noble Savitri.

14. [The Chorus or the Poet:] Grant us your friendship, have mercy upon us! Do not overwhelm us with your fierce attack! May your anger and evil intention be assuaged! Let the brown dice proceed to ensnare another!

Surya RV 10.37

1. Homage to the Eye of Mitra and Varuna! To the mighty God offer this worship to the farseeing emblem, born of the Gods. Sing praise to the Sun, the offspring of Heaven.

2. May this word of Truth guard me on all sides, while earth and heaven and days endure. To its rest goes all else that moves, but never do the waters cease flowing or the sun rising.

3. From ancient days no godless man obstructs your path when you drive the winged sun-horse. Your one dark side is turned eastward; with the other, the light-filled side, you arise, O Sun.

4. By your light, O Sun, which scatters gloom, by your rays which arouse the whole creation, dispel from our hearts all languor, all neglect of worship, all grief and evil dreams.

5. Sent forth as an envoy upon your course, you superintend each creature’s welfare, rising with calm unvarying. May the Gods grant us to achieve our goal today!

6. This prayer of ours may Heaven and Earth, the Waters, Indra, and the Maruts heed! May we never be deprived of the Sun’s shining, may we attain old age in happiness!

7. Keen of mind and keen of sight, free from sickness, free from sin, rich in children, may we see you rise as a friend, O Sun, till a long life’s end!

8. O farseeing Sun, the bearer of Light, the joy of every single eye, may we live to see your glorious radiance flooding in as you ascend on high!

9. You shine, all living things emerge. You disappear, they go to rest. Recognizing our innocence, O golden-haired Sun, arise; let each day be better than the last.

10. Bless us by your gaze, your brightness and shining. Bless us in cold and in heat. O Sun, grant us blessings at home and, when we are traveling, bestow upon us your wonderful treasure.

11. Protect both our species, two-legged and four-legged. Both food and water for their needs supply. May they with us increase in stature and strength. Save us from hurt all our days, O Powers!

12. Whatever grave offense we have committed against you, by our tongue, O God, or by carelessness of mind, lay the burden of this sin on the one who plans evil, on him, O Vasus, who wishes us ill.

Manas or Spirit RV 10.58

1. Your spirit which has gone afar to Yama, son of Vivasvat, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

2. Your spirit which has gone afar to heaven and earth, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

3. Your spirit which has gone afar to the four corners of the earth, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

4. Your spirit which has gone afar to the four directions of space, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

5. Your spirit which has gone afar to the waves of the ocean, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

6. Your spirit which has gone afar to the shining light rays, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

7. Your spirit which has gone afar to the waters and the plants, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

8. Your spirit which has gone afar to the Sun and Dawn, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

9. Your spirit which has gone afar to the highest mountains, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

10. Your spirit which has gone afar to the whole world, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

11. Your spirit which has gone afar to the farthest realms, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

12. Your spirit which has gone afar to the past and the future, may it return to you again that it may live and dwell here.

Nirrti RV 10.59

1. Now may his life be renewed and further extended, as by two skilled charioteers, pursuing their course! May he, like Cyavana, attain the goal! May Goddess Destruction move to distant places!

2. This is a song for wealth, for food in plenty. Let us do many noble deeds to win glory! Now may the singer rejoice in all our doings! May Goddess Destruction move to distant places!

3. May we surpass our foes by deeds of valor, as heaven surpasses earth and mountains the plains. All these our deeds the singer has acclaimed. May Goddess Destruction move to distant places!

4. Do not deliver us over to Death, O Soma! Still may our eyes behold the rising of the sun! May the full life span determined by the Gods be ours! May Goddess Destruction move to distant places!

5. O guide of the spirits, retain our heart within us. Prolong for us the life span yet to be lived! Allow us still to enjoy the vision of the sunlight! Strengthen your body by means of the fat we bring you!

6. O guide of the spirits, restore to us our sight, give us again our life breath and powers of enjoyment. Long may our eyes behold the rising of the sun! O gracious Goddess, grant us your favor and bless us.

7. May Earth restore to us our breath of life, may Goddess Heaven and the aery space return it! May Soma give us once again a body and Pusan show us again the way of salvation!

8. May both the worlds accord to Subandhu a blessing, they who are youthful mothers of cosmic Order. May heaven and earth remove all evil and shame! May you be troubled neither by sin nor by pain!

9. The healing remedies descend from heaven in twos and threes, or singly roam the earth. May Heaven and Earth conspire to dispatch the evil into the ground! May sorrow no more affect you!

10. Restore, O Indra, the ox that brought to this place he chariot bearing the wife of Usinara. May Heaven and Earth conspire to dispatch the evil into the ground! May sorrow no more affect you!

Jnanam RV 10.71

1. O Lord of the Holy Word! That was the first beginning of the Word when the Seers fell to naming each object. That which was best and purest, deeply hidden within their hearts, they revealed by the power of their love.

2. The Seers fashioned the Word by means of their mind, sifting it as with sieves the corn is sifted. Thus friends may recognize each other’s friendship. An auspicious seal upon their word is set.

3. They followed by sacrifice the path of the Word and found her entered in among the Seers. They led her forth and distributed her among many. In unison the seven Singers chant her.

4. Yet certain ones, though seeing, may not see her, and other ones, though hearing, may not hear her. But to some the Word reveals herself quite freely, like fair-robed bride surrendering to her husband.

5. One man they call morose, unbending in friendship; him they do not send forward to competitions. He goes on his way deluded, his endeavors sterile. Void both of fruit and flowers was the word he heard.

6. No longer does the man who has abandoned a congenial friend possess a share in the Word. Vain is his hearing, whatsoever he hears. He does not recognize the path of goodness.

7. Friends, though endowed alike with sight and hearing, may yet in quickness of mind be quite unequal. Some are like ponds that reach to mouth or shoulder, while others resemble lakes deep enough for bathing.

8. When Brahmins sacrifice together in friendship, forming within their hearts inspirations of the spirit, their wise resolves may leave one man behind, while others, though reckoned as Brahmins, stray away.

9. Those who advance not in this direction or that, who are not knowers of Brahman or Soma-pressers, they have obtained the Word in sinful fashion. Being ignorant, they weave a faulty thread.

10. His comrades all rejoice when their friend returns covered with glory, proclaimed victor in the assembly. He frees them from their sin, provides them with food. Prepared is he, fit for the competition.

11. One man with utmost care creates the verses; another sings a song in chanted meters. A third, the Brahmin, tells forth the wisdom of being, while yet a fourth prescribes the rules of sacrifice.

Divine Craftsman RV 10.72

1. With all the pleasing skill we may; the birth of Gods we now proclaim in chanted hymns, that Men to come may know the truth of what befell.

2. The Lord of the Holy Word, like a smith, blasted and smelted them together. In erstwhile ages of the Gods from nonexistence existence came.

3. In earlier ages of the Gods from nonexistence existence came. Then came to birth the cardinal points from within the upward-moving Power.

4. And from the upward-moving Power sprang earth, from earth the cardinal points. Daksa was from Aditi born, from Daksa’s bosom Aditi.

5. Then did Aditi issue into being, she who, O Daksa, was your daughter. After her the Gods, the blessed ones, Sharers of immortal life, were born.

6. When at that time you were found in the waters, O Gods, pressed together, close-clasping one another, a storm of dust arose from your feet as from the stamping feet of dancers.

7. When, O Gods, like wonder-workers, you inflated the worlds and all that is, you restored to the realm of day the Sun, who was lying hidden beneath the sea.

8. Eight in number are the sons of Aditi, who from her body sprang to life. With seven she joined the ranks of the Gods; the eighth, the Sun, she thrust to one side.

9. So with her seven sons Aditi advanced upon the earlier age. She brought the Sun to earth that he might bring things to life and then pass to his death. You Who Shine Forth, Bring Blessings to Men

The Divine Architect RV 10.81

1. The Seer, our father, once offered all these worlds in oblation, assuming a priestly role, and sought to gain riches by the power of prayer; he himself entered later creations, while shrouding in mystery the first creative moment.

2. What was the primal matter, what the substance? How could it be discerned, how was it made? From which the Designer of all things, beholding all, fashioned the Earth and shaped the glory of the Heavens?

3. A myriad eyes are his, a myriad faces, a myriad arms and feet, turning each way! When he, sole God, creates the Earth and Heavens, he welds them together with whirring of arms and wings.

4. What was the timber and what the tree from which the Heavens and also the Earth were chiseled forth? Ponder, O wise Men. Question in your hearts. On what did he rely when he formed these worlds?

5. The haunts where you dwell, O Designer ever true to your laws, on high, in the depths, and in every region between, disclose to your friends at the hour of oblation. Willingly offer your body in sacrifice, thus enhancing its vigor.

6. O Designer of all, who enhance your own vigor through oblation, offer as sacrifice for yourself the Earth and the Sky! Let others around us wander hither and thither! May we find a generous patron to offer his bounty!

7. Let us now invoke for our aid the Lord of Speech, the Designer of all things that are, the inspirer of wisdom! May he, the ever kindly, be well disposed to our summons, and may he, whose work is goodness, grant us his blessing!

Purusa Sukta RV 10.90

1. A thousand-headed is the Man with a thousand eyes, a thousand feet; encompassing the Earth all sides, he exceeded it by ten fingers’ breadth.

2. The Man, indeed, is this All, what has been and what is to be the Lord of the immortal spheres which he surpasses by consuming food.

3. Such is the measure of his might, and greater still than this is Man. All beings are a fourth of him, three fourths are the immortal in heaven.

4. Three fourths of Man ascended high, one fourth took birth again down here. From this he spread in all directions into animate and inanimate things.

5. From him the Shining one was born; from this Shining one Man again took birth. As soon as born, he extended himself all over the Earth both behind and before.

6. Using the Man as their oblation, the Gods performed the sacrifice. Spring served them for the clarified butter, Summer for the fuel, and Autumn for the offering.

7. This evolved Man, then first born, they besprinkled on the sacred grass. With him the Gods performed the sacrifice, as did also the heavenly beings and seers.

8. From this sacrifice, fully accomplished, was gathered curd mixed with butter. Thence came the creatures of the air, beasts of the forest and those of the village.

9. From this sacrifice, fully accomplished, were born the hymns and the melodies; from this were born the various meters; from this were born the sacrificial formulas.

10. From this were horses born, all creatures such as have teeth in either jaw; from this were born the breeds of cattle; from this were born sheep and goats.

11. When they divided up the Man, into how many parts did they divide him? What did his mouth become? What his arms? What are his legs called? What his feet?

12. His mouth became the brahmin; his arms became the warrior-prince, his legs the common man who plies his trade. The lowly serf was born from his feet.

13. The Moon was born from his mind; the Sun came into being from his eye; from his mouth came Indra and Agni, while from his breath the Wind was born.

14. From his navel issued the Air; from his head unfurled the Sky, the Earth from his feet, from his ear the four directions. Thus have the worlds been organized.

15. Seven were the sticks of the enclosure, thrice seven the fuel sticks were made, when the Gods, performing the sacrifice, bound the Man as the victim.

16. With the sacrifice the Gods sacrificed to the sacrifice. Those were the first established rites. These powers ascended up to heaven where dwell the ancient Gods and other beings.

The Pressing Stones RV 10.94

1. Let them utter loud sounds! We too will utter! Give tongue, one and all, to the Stones who give tongue, when, O rocks, O mountains, swiftly clashing, you bring to God’s ears your rhythmic din.

2. These Stones, gnashing their green-tinted jaws, emit sounds like a hundred, a thousand, voices. Their task achieved, these Pressing Stones, noble workers in a noble cause, forestall the offerer in tasting the oblation.

3. They utter loud sounds as they find the sweet Soma. Booming, they gnaw the pulp prepared. These bulls, skillful pounders, bellow aloud as they seize the branch of the reddish shrub.

4. Exalted and inebriated by Soma, they shout, calling upon God through whom they have tasted the ambrosial Soma. They skillfully dance with the sisters, held in firm clasp together, and make the earth resound with their stamping.

5. They have raised their voices to heaven, these eagles, they have danced with vigor, these dark-colored hinds. Now they sink toward the lower stone, find contact, and effuse copious Soma-seed, brightly shining.

6. Like strong draught animals who draw a cart, bulls who wear the yoke and are harnessed together, the Stones emit bellows, panting and heaving. Then the sound of their snorting is like that of horses.

7. Acclaim [the Stones] with their ten [workers], ten belts, ten thongs, and tenfold harness, with their ten reins, who, never growing old, yoked ten times over, draw the ten yokes.

8. These Stones are like racehorses with ten sets of reins, their bits well fixed within their jaws. At the flowing of the Soma-juice they have been first to taste the milky fluid of the first-crushed stalk.

9. These Soma-eaters kiss the bay steeds of Indra. They are set for their stalk-crushing task on an oxhide. When Indra has drunk the sweet Soma they extract, he increases in strength, waxes great, like a bull.

10. Your stalk is as strong as a bull. Naught will harm you! You are ever full of juice, ever replete, fair in glory, like the daughters of the rich in whose sacrifice, O Stones, you take delight.

11. Smashing but never shattered, these Stones are tireless; they know neither death nor cessation. Exempt from sickness, old age, and suffering, sleek-looking, free from thirst or craving.

12. Your fathers stand firm from age to age. Enamored of repose, they stir not from their seat. Untouched by age, of golden Soma never bereft, they have forced heaven and earth to pay heed to their sound.

13. Thus speak the Stones at their release, when their journey is over, as they clatter, like men drinking wine. Like farmers sowing the seed, they decrease not, but rather increase by their gulping this Soma.

14. They uplift their voices at the ritual pressing, like children who playfully push at their mother. Unshackle now the thoughts of the Soma-presser! May they roll underneath, these stones till now revered!

Visvedevas RV 10.101

1. Awake, my friends, united in heart. Kindle the fire, my numerous comrades. I call to your aid the attendants of God, the Fire, the Sun-Horse, the Goddess Dawn.

2. May your thoughts be harmonious; spin them out properly. Construct a rowboat to cross the broad waters. Do all things in order; make ready the implements. My friends, let the sacrifice now proceed.

3. Fix well the ploughshares, fasten the yokes. The furrows are ready, sow then the seed! If your word is received by attentive hearers, the richer the harvest will be for our sickles.

4. The Seers prepare the ploughshares for ploughing; they lay the yokes on either side. These are they who, possessed of wisdom, know how to win the favor of the Gods.

5. Arrange the buckets in their proper places with ropes securely adjusted beneath. We desire to draw from a copious fountain where water flows freely, inexhaustible.

6. From the fountain whose bucket is well-prepared with good strong ropes, where water flows freely–from this copious fountain we draw, inexhaustible.

7. Refresh the horses and win the prize! May your chariot become a vehicle of good fortune, with press stones as wheels, its armor the sacred vessels, its chassis the soma-vat! From this I will draw the beverage of heroes.

8. Prepare a cowshed where your lords will drink. Stitch a coat of armor strong and broad. Make castles of iron unassailable. Fix well your vessel. Let it not leak!

9. I bend to our cause at this solemn moment, O Gods, your divine and holy attention. May a thousand streams gush forth from this offering like milk from a bountiful pasture-fed cow.

In Praise of a Generous Giver RV 10.117

1. Say not, “This poor man’s hunger is a heaven-sent doom.” To the well-fed, too, comes death in many forms. Yet the wealth of the generous giver never dwindles, while he who refuses to give will evoke no pity.

2. The man with food stored up who hardens his heart against the poor man, once his benefactor, who now comes hungry and sick to beg for bread–that man, I say, will himself find no pity!

3. The liberal man is he who gives to the beggar who wanders in search of food, lean and forlorn; the one who helps the passerby, when asked, makes of this same a friend for days to come.

4. He who shares not his food with a friend, the comrade at his side, is no true friend! From such a one withdraw–no real home his! Stranger though he be, receive from another!

5. The powerful man should give to one in straits; let him consider the road that lies ahead! Riches revolve just like a chariot’s wheels, coming to one man now, then to another.

6. In vain the foolish man accumulates food. I tell you truly, it will be his downfall! He gathers to himself neither friend nor comrade. Alone he eats; alone he sits in sin.

7. The ploughshare cleaving the soil helps satisfy hunger; the traveler, using his legs, achieves his goal; the priest who speaks surpasses the one who is silent; the friend who gives is better than the miser.

8. The sun with one foot outruns man with two! The man with two overtakes the hoary with three! Four-footed creatures come when the two-footed summon and stand [as watchdogs] near the herd, observing.

9. The hands are alike but in their work they differ; so also two cows, offspring of a single mother, may yet give differing yields of milk; even twins are not the same in strength, or kinsmen in bounty.

Hiranyagarbha RV 10.121

1. In the beginning arose the Golden Germ: he was, as soon as born, the Lord of Being, sustainer of the Earth and of this Heaven. What God shall we adore with our oblation?

2. He who bestows life-force and hardy vigor, whose ordinances even the Gods obey, whose shadow is immortal life–and death–What God shall we adore with our oblation?

3. Who by his grandeur has emerged sole sovereign of every living thing that breathes and slumbers, he who is Lord of man and four-legged creatures. What God shall we adore with our oblation?

4. To him of right belong, by his own power, the snow-clad mountains, the world-stream, and the sea. His arms are the four quarters of the sky. What God shall we adore with our oblation?

5. Who held secure the mighty Heavens and Earth, who established light and sky’s vast vault above, who measured out the ether in mid-spheres. What God shall we adore with our oblation?

6. Toward him, trembling, the embattled forces, riveted by his glory, direct their gaze. Through him the risen sun sheds forth its light. What God shall we adore with our oblation?

7. When came the mighty Waters, bringing with them the universal Germ, whence sprang the Fire, thence leapt the God’s One Spirit into being. What God shall we adore with our oblation?

8. This One who in his might surveyed the Waters pregnant with vital forces, producing sacrifice, he is the God of Gods and none beside him. What God shall we adore with our oblation?

9. O Father of the Earth, by fixed laws ruling, O Father of the Heavens, pray protect us, O Father of the great and shining Waters! What God shall we adore with our oblation?

10. O Lord of Creatures, Father of all beings, you alone pervade all that has come to birth. Grant us our heart’s desire for which we pray. May we become the lords of many treasures!

Devi Sukta RV 10.125

1. I move with the Rudras and also with the Vasus, I move with the Adityas and all the Gods. I support both Mitra and Varuna, Indra and Agni and the two Asvins.

2. I uphold Soma the exuberant; I uphold Tvastar, Pusan, and Bhaga. I pour wealth on the offerer of oblation, the worshiper and the pious presser of Soma.

3. I am the ruling Queen, the amasser of treasures, full of wisdom, first of those worthy of worship. In various places the divine powers have set me. I enter many homes and take numerous forms.

4. The man who sees, who breathes, who hears words spoken, obtains his nourishment through me alone. Unrecognizing me, he yet dwells in me. Listen, you who know! What I say is worthy of belief.

5. It is I myself who announce and utter the tidings that Gods and men alike rejoice to hear. The man I love I make increase in strength. I make him a priest, a sage, or a learned seer.

6. It is I who draw the mighty bow of the God, that an arrow may pierce the hater of the Holy Word. Among the people I arouse the struggle and I have permeated Earth and Heaven.

7. At the world’s summit I bring forth the Father. My origin is in the Waters, in the ocean. Thence I am spread through all existing worlds and even touch the heaven with my forehead.

8. I breathe out strongly like the wind while clasping unto myself all worlds, all things that are. I tower above the earth, above the heavens, so mighty am I in my power and splendor!

Night RV 10.127

1. Here comes the Night; with her twinkling eyes the Goddess has lit many places, adorned once again with all her beauty.

2. The immortal Goddess enwraps the world, its valleys and lofty peaks. By the shining of her light she repels all darkness.

3. Advancing quietly, the Goddess has restored once again her sister the Dawn. The shadows will now also steal away.

4. Be gracious this night! At your approach we now repair to our homes, like birds seeking their roosting places.

5. The villagers likewise and all that walks or flies have gone to their rest. Even the hungry hawks are still.

6. Ward off wild beasts, the wolf and his mate or the robber, O Night undulating. May your passage bring us safely to the other side!

7. The shades of night enfold me now, arrayed in black apparel. Banish them, Dawn, like haunting debts!

8. O Daughter of Heaven, to you I direct my hymn like a precious offering. Accept it, O Night, as a paean of praise.

Creation RV 10.129

1. At first was neither Being nor Nonbeing. There was not air nor yet sky beyond. What was its wrapping? Where? In whose protection? Was Water there, unfathomable and deep?

2. There was no death then, nor yet deathlessness; of night or day there was not any sign. The One breathed without breath, by its own impulse. Other than that was nothing else at all.

3. Darkness was there, all wrapped around by darkness, and all was Water indiscriminate. Then that which was hidden by the Void, that One, emerging, stirring, through power of Ardor, came to be.

4. In the beginning Love arose, which was the primal germ cell of the mind. The Seers, searching in their hearts with wisdom, discovered the connection of Being in Nonbeing.

5. A crosswise line cut Being from Nonbeing. What was described above it, what below? Bearers of seed there were and mighty forces, thrust from below and forward move above.

6. Who really knows? Who can presume to tell it? Whence was it born? Whence issued this creation? Even the Gods came after its emergence. Then who can tell from whence it came to be?

7. That out of which creation has arisen, whether it held it firm or it did not, He who surveys it in the highest heaven, He surely knows or maybe He does not!

Creation RV 10.130

1. Sacrifice [resembles] a loom with threads extended this way and that, composed of innumerable rituals. Behold now the Fathers weaving the fabric; seated on the outstretched loom. “Lengthwise! Crosswise!” they cry.

2. Behold now a Man who unwinds and sets the thread, a Man who unwinds it right up to the vault of heaven. Here are the pegs; they are fastened to the place of worship. The Saman-hymns are used for weaving shuttles.

3. What was the model, the pattern, what the connection? What was the ritual butter and the line of demarcation? What was the meter, the hymn, the preliminary chant, when all the deities sacrificed God in oblation?

4. The Gayatri meter became the yokefellow of Agni, Savitri took as his companion the meter Usnih, Soma, the one who is praised by hymns, took Anustubh, while the word of the Lord of Speech was strengthened by Brhati.

5. The meter Viraj was reserved to Mitra and Varuna; for Indra’s day the meter allotted was Tristubh. The meter Jagati had access to all the Gods. To this arrangement the human poets conformed.

6. It was this same ritual the Seers, our Fathers, adopted when in the beginning sacrifice was first created. With the eyes of my mind I believe I can envisage those who were first to offer this sacrifice.

7. The rituals, meters, and hymns were according to the rubrics, even those of the Seven godlike Seers of old. When the sages follow in the path traced by the ancestors they take the reins in their hands like charioteers.

Yama RV 10.135

1. [The Son] Near the fair-leafed tree where Yama drinks in the company of the Gods, our father, master of our house, is seeking the fellowship of the ancients.

2. I gazed with reluctance upon him as he trod the evil path, seeking the fellowship of the ancients; and I longed to see him again.

3. [The Father] Without seeing it you mounted, young man, the new chariot constructed by your mind; wheelless it is, with only one pole, yet it moves in all directions.

4. The chariot, young man, which you made to roll forward, taking leave of the priests, was followed by a chant, conveyed on a boat from here to there.

5. Who was father of the youth? Who caused the chariot to proceed on its way? Who can tell us today the nature of the viaticum’s gift?

6. According to the nature of the gift arose the beginning. First was the base extended; later was contrived an exit.

7. Such is the seat of Yama, called also the home of the Gods; there the God plays on his flute, there he dwells, glorified by songs.

Muni RV 10.136

1. Within him is fire, within him is drink, within him both earth and heaven. He is the Sun which views the whole world, he is indeed Light itself–the long-haired ascetic.

2. Girded with the wind, they have donned ocher mud for a garment. So soon as the Gods have entered within them, they follow the wings of the wind, these silent ascetics.

3. Intoxicated, they say, by our austerities, we have taken the winds for our steeds. You ordinary mortals here below see nothing except our bodies.

4. He flies through midair, the silent ascetic, beholding the forms of all things. To every God he has made himself a friend and collaborator.

5. Ridden by the wind, companion of its blowing, pushed along by the Gods, he is at home in both seas, the East and the West–this silent ascetic.

6. He follows the track of all the spirits, of nymphs and the deer of the forest. Understanding their thoughts, bubbling with ecstasies, their appealing friend is he–the long-haired ascetic.

7. The wind has prepared and mixed him a drink; it is pressed by Kunamnama. Together with Rudra he has drunk from the cup of poison–the long-haired ascetic.

Aranyani RV 10.146

1. Sprite of the Forest, Sprite of the Forest, slipping so quietly away, how is it that you avoid people’s dwellings? Have you no fear all alone?

2. When the cicada emits his shrill notes and the grasshopper is his accompanist, it’s the Sprite of the Forest they hail with their praises, as with cymbals clashing in profession.

3. Cows seem to loom up yonder at pasture, what looks like a dwelling appears. Is that a cart with creaking wheels? The Sprite of the Forest passes!

4. Hark! there a man is calling a cow, another is felling a tree. At evening the guest of the Sprite of the woods fancies he hears someone scream!

5. The Sprite of the Forest never slays, unless one approaches in fury. One may eat at will of her luscious fruits and rest in her shade at one’s pleasure.

6. Adorned with fragrant perfumes and balms, she needs not to toil for her food. Mother of untamed forest beasts, Sprite of the wood, I salute you!

Faith RV 10.151

1. By Faith is Fire kindled. By Faith is offered Sacrifice. Sing we now Faith, the pinnacle of joy.

2. Bless Faith, the one who gives. Bless him who wills, but has not. Bless him who gives his worship unstinting. Bless this song I sing.

3. As the Gods evoked Faith from the mighty Asuras, so may my prayer for the generous worshiper be accepted!

4. The Gods, led by the Spirit, honor Faith in their worship. Faith is composed of the heart’s intention. Light comes through Faith.

5. Through Faith men come to prayer, Faith in the morning, Faith at noon and at the setting of the Sun. O Faith, give us Faith!

The Community of Saints RV 10.154

1. To the company of those for whom Soma is purified, who relish melted butter, for whom honey flows freely–to them let him go!

2. To the company of those who through Fervor are invincible, through Fervor have reached heaven, who make Fervor their glory–to them let him go!

3. To the company of heroes who contend for war’s spoils, who fling away their lives, who make a thousand gifts–to them let him go!

4. To the company of the Fathers who first followed Truth, who were faithful to Truth, who were strong in their Fervor–to them, Yama, send him!

5. To the company of the poets, who know a thousand skills, who stand guard over the Sun, fervent Sages born of Fervor–to them, Yama, send him!

Surya RV 10.158

1. May the Sun guard us in the highest heaven! May the breezes protect us in the airy spaces! May Fire be our guardian in earthly places!

2. May the Inspirer, whose glowing flame deserves a hundred sacrificial offerings, be pleased with us! From lightning flashes keep us safe.

3. May the God of light grant to us sight! May the heavenly peaks grant to us sight! May God the creator grant to us sight!

4. Give sight to our eyes and sight to our bodies that we may see. May we see the world at a single glance and in all its details.

5. Thus, O Sun, may we gaze on you, most fair to behold! May we see clearly, with the eyes of Men!

Vayu RV 10.168

1. Oh, the Wind’s chariot, its power and its glory! It passes by crashing. Out streak the lightnings, dust rises on earth. The Wind passes.

2. The hosts of the Wind speed onward after him, like women assembling. This king of the world lifts them up in his chariot through lofty regions.

3. He speeds on air’s pathways, he rests not nor slumbers for even a day. First-born, the Waters’ friend, the righteous, whence came he? How was he born?

4. Breath of the Gods and life germ of the universe, freely he wanders. We bring him our homage, whose voice may be heard but whose form is not seen.

Tapas RV 10.190

1. From blazing Ardor Cosmic Order came and Truth; from thence was born the obscure night; from thence the Ocean with its billowing waves.

2. From Ocean with its waves was born the year which marshals the succession of nights and days, controlling everything that blinks the eye.

3. Then, as before, did the creator fashion the Sun and Moon, the Heaven and the Earth, the atmosphere and the domain of light.

Agni RV 10.191

1. O Lord almighty, enkindled on the altar, confer upon us your treasures–you who gather all things into one, even what comes from the stranger!

2. Gather together, converse together! Your minds be of one accord, just as in harmony the Gods of old took their ritual shares of oblation!

3. United be your counsel, united your assembly, united your spirit and thoughts! A single plan do I lay before you; a single oblation do I offer!

4. United your resolve, united your hearts, may your spirits be at one, that you may long together dwell in unity and concord!

Yajur Veda

The Sacrifice YV 30

1. Inspire, O Vivifier God, the sacrifice, inspire the lord of the sacrifice to take his share! May the heavenly Angel, the purifier of the will, purify our wills! May the Lord of the Word make pleasant our word!

4. We call upon the Lord, distributor of wonderful bounty, the One who looks upon men. [I bind to the stake in form of a token:] [The Establishment]

5. for the priesthood a priest [The Guild of Entertainers]

6. for Song a public dancer for Duty a courtier for Laughter a comedian [The Guild of Construction Workers] for Dexterity a wainwright for Firmness a carpenter [The Guild of Artificers]

7. for Trouble a potter’s son for Invention a craftsman for Beauty a jeweler [Guild of Instrument Makers] for Injury a bowmaker for Fate a ropemaker [Food Producers] for Death a hunter

8. for Rivers a fisherman [The under and overemployed]

9. for Garrulity [excessive talk] an unemployed man

10. for Purification a physician [Professional inquirers] for Insight an astrologer for Thirst of Knowledge an inquisitive man for Moral Law a judge [Animal Tenders]

11. for Eye Disease a mahout for Speed a groom for Nourishment a cowherd [Rural workers] for Manliness a shepherd for Keenness a goatherd for Refreshment a ploughman [Business promoters] for Sweet Beverage a distiller for Welfare a watchman for Ease a wealthy man [Workers skilled in transforming things]

12. for the Gods in heaven a wood-carver for Sacrifice a laundress for Delight a woman skilled in dyeing [Domestic employees]

13. for Strength a servant for Plenty a courier

14. for Passion an ironworker [Miscellaneous workers] for Form a snob for Virtue a pharmacist

15. for Lakes a fisherman [Handlers of gold]

17. for Color a goldsmith for Balance a shopkeeper

18. for the Dice King a gambler [The endowed or less endowed by Nature]

20. for Pastime a prostitute for Lust a woman with a spotty skin for Pleasure a musician

22. Now he binds to the stake the following eight types of men: one too tall, one too short, one too stout, one too thin, one too pale, one too dark, one too bald, one too hairy–all to be offered to Prajapati.

Gracious Disposition YV 34.1-6

1. That Divine which soars aloft when Man awakes and returns to its same place when he is sleeping, the one Light of lights which travels afar–may that spirit be graciously disposed toward me!

2. That through which the wise are active in sacrifice, the understanding perform their duty in assemblies, that incomparable spirit, interior to all beings–may that spirit be graciously disposed toward me!

3. That which is wisdom, consciousness, and firmness, that Light immortal interior to all beings, without whose will we perform no action–may that spirit be graciously disposed toward me!

4. That immortal by which this universe is encompassed, all that was and is and is yet to be, by which with seven priests the sacrifice is extended–may that spirit be graciously disposed toward me!

5. That in which the prayers, the songs and formulas are fixed firm like spokes in the hub of a cartwheel, in which are interwoven the hearts of all beings, may that spirit be graciously disposed toward me!

6. That which guides Men as a charioteer drives his powerful horses with the reins, which dwells within the heart, swiftly moving–may that spirit be graciously disposed toward me

Atharva Veda

A Prayer Against Worms AV 2.31

1. With Indra’s great millstone, of all worms the crusher, I mince up these worms like grains on a grinder!

2. Visible and invisible–both have I crushed, not sparing Kururu, Algandus or Salunas! We destroy all these worms with our spell!

3. With a powerful weapon I destroy the Algandus; charred or uncharred, they are drained of life sap! Present or absent, with my spell I subdue them! Let no single worm stay alive!

4. The worm in the entrails, the worm in the head, the worm in the ribs, we crush with this spell!

5. Whether worms in the hills, or worms in the woods, whether worms in the plants or the waters, whether worms that reside within cattle or men–this whole breed of worms I exterminate!

House Blessing AV 3.12

1. Here do I fix my dwelling. May it stand firm, flowing with melted butter! May we approach you, O House, with all our people, sound in heart and limb.

2. Here do you stand, firm dwelling, rich in horses and cattle, pleasantly resounding, wealthy in food abundant, ghee, and milk. Stand erect for great good fortune!

3. A refuge are you, O House, with broad roof and stores of good clean grain. At evening may the calf and the young son enter your gates with a stream of cattle.

4. May Savitri and Vayu, Indra and Brhaspati, protect this dwelling, the Maruts besprinkle it with water and with ghee. May King Bhaga enrich its cornfields.

5. O Goddess made by the Gods in the beginning, the mistress of this dwelling, our shelter and joy, be robed in grass. May you ever treat us graciously, giving us sons and wealth.

6. Stay firm on your post, O Pillar. May your righteousness shine far, driving away all foes! Let your inmates not suffer any harm, may we and all men live a hundred autumns!

7. To this house, together with the calf and other beasts, has come the newborn boy; to this house a jug filled full of foaming drink, together with bowls of curds.

8. Bring forward, woman, this full jar, a stream of ghee mingled with life’s elixir. Anoint those who drink with immortality. May our votive offerings ever protect this dwelling!

9. I bring this water free from all impurity. I bring this immortal Fire. With these I set my foot within this dwelling and take possession of it.

A Merchant’s Prayer AV 3.15

1. First, now, I call upon the Lord, as merchant upon Merchant. May he come and be our example! May he drive away those that would harm us, the robber and the wild beast! May he, all-powerful, grant me riches!

2. Many are the paths of the Gods, winding heavenward. May they stream for me with favors, bringing me milk and butter! Thus in my business may I succeed and accumulate treasure!

3. I offer this wood and this butter in your honor, O Lord, with a prayer for energy and strength. These sacred words I now chant with all my devotion, to win by this hymn a hundredfold.

4. Please pardon, O Lord, our hardness, our long travels for gain. May we purchase and sell with profit! May the barter of goods make us prosperous! Good luck to our journeys! Have regard, both Gods, to our offering.

5. My pile of gold for my trading, seeking wealth through wealth, may it ever increase and not dwindle! By this offering to the Gods, O Lord, check and frustrate those who would spoil our profit.

6. The wealth which I use for trading, seeking, O Gods, wealth to accrue to my wealth–in this may Indra, Prajapati, Savitri, Soma, and Agni grant me renown!

7. To you, O Lord, the Priest Beloved of all men, we bring our praise with reverence. Keep watch over our children and ourselves, we pray. Guard both our lives and our cattle.

8. Thus, steadfast and firm as a horse, we shall offer you praises, Omniscient Lord, forever. Replete with food and with riches, being close to you always, may we never suffer reverses!

A Harvest Blessing AV 3.17

1. Skillful men make ready the ploughs and the yokes for the oxen; those who are wise offer a prayer to the Gods for favor.

2. Harness the plough, then, yoke the stout oxen; here in the furrow prepared sow the seed. O Gods, may our ears of corn be abundant! May the grain in due season fall before our sickles!

3. May the blade of the plough, the smooth-handled plough, cleaving well the furrow, produce for our joy much cattle and sheep, a horse for a chariot, a handsome girl!

4. May Indra guide the Furrow, may Pusan guard it on every side; may the Furrow, like a milch cow, yield to us copiously year after year!

5. Happily let the shares turn up the ploughland, the ploughers happily follow the oxen. Pleased with our sacrifice, Suna and Sira! make the plants bring this man abundant produce.

6. Happily work our steers and men! May the plough furrow happily, Happily be the traces bound. Happily ply the driving-goad.

7. Suna and Sira, welcome ye this laud, and with the milk that ye have made in heaven, Bedew ye both this earth of ours.

8. O blessed Furrow, we bring you our homage. Turn your face to us; grant us your favor and bear fruits for us abundantly.

9. The Furrow is steeped in ghee and honey. She is blessed by all Gods. Channel hither, O Furrow, your milky streams, rich in vigor and oil.

Prayer for Wealth AV 3.20

1. This is your appointed origin. From here once born, you shine. Knowing this, O Agni, arise and cause our wealth to increase!

2. Be present, O Agni. Speak! Turn hither, benevolent. Enrich us, Lord of peoples. You are the source of our treasure.

3. May Aryaman enrich us, Bhaga and Brhaspati! May Grace and all the Goddesses confer upon me riches!

4. With our songs we worship king Soma and Agni. May they assist us! Aditya, Visnu, Surya and the Brahman-priest Brhaspati.

5. With your fires, O Agni, you make strong our sacrifice and prayer. Inspire us, O God, to share and grant us wealth to give.

6. We call here on Indra and Vayu, both of them easy of entreaty! May the assembled people be friendly, disposed to offer us gifts!

7. Indra, Aryaman, Brhaspati–impel them to grant us gifts, Vata, Visnu, Sarasvati and Savitri the powerful!

8. Now, by an access of that vigor that dwells in all beings of this universe, we have come truly to BE! May the wise urge the stingy to give, and may he bestow on us riches and numerous men of valor!

9. May the five directions of space, those wide realms, yield to capacity! May I obtain all the desires and hopes of my mind and heart!

10. May I speak a word that wins cows! Soar above me in splendor. May Vayu surround us on all sides, may Tvastr grant me abundance!

Man’s Glory AV 3.22

1. May the splendor of an elephant, the greatest of all creatures, may that great glory, which was born from the Boundless, now be diffused. The Gods together have bestowed it upon me.

2. On this splendor have all the powers of heaven concentrated their thought. May those Gods who nourish all life on earth anoint me with splendor!

3. That splendor that resides in an elephant, in a king among men, or within the waters, with which the Gods in the beginning came to godhood, with that same splendor make me splendid, O Lord.

4. O All-Knowing God, that powerful strength with which sacrifice endows you, the strength of the sun, the strength of the elephant, King among men–may the two Spirits, garlanded with lotus, vouchsafe that to me!

5. From the four directions, as far as the eye can direct its gaze, may that force, that elephant splendor, assemble and concentrate its virtue in me.

6. Behold the elephant, best of all creatures to mount and to ride! I anoint myself with his share of strength, with his elephant splendor!

A Song of Harvest AV 3.24

1. Brimful of sweetness is the grain, brimful of sweetness are my words; when everything is a thousand times sweet, how can I not prosper?

2. I know one who is brimful of sweetness, the one who has given abundant corn, the God whose name is Reaper-God; him we invoke with our song. He dwells in the home of even the lowly who are debarred from sacrifice. The God whose name is Reaper-God, him we invoke with our song.

3. Let the five directions and races of men bring to our doors prosperity, as after the rains (in a swollen flood) a river carries down driftwood.

4. As a spring gushes forth in a hundred, a thousand, streams, and yet stays inexhaustible, so in a thousand streams may our corn flow inexhaustibly!

5. Reap, you workers, one hundred hands, garner, you workers, one thousand hands! Gather in the bounteous corn that is cut or still waits on the stalk.

6. Three measures I apportion to the Spirits, four measures to the mistress of the house, while you I touch with the amplest measure (of all that the field has yielded).

7. Reaper and Garnerer are your two distributors, O Lord of creation. May they convey hither an ample store of riches never decreasing!

Sammanasyam AV 3.30

1. Of one heart and one mind I make you, devoid of hate. Love one another, as a cow loves the calf she has borne.

2. Let the son be courteous to his father, of one mind with his mother. Let the wife speak words that are gentle and sweet to her husband.

3. Never may brother hate brother or sister hurt sister. United in heart and in purpose, commune sweetly together.

4. I will utter a prayer for such concord among family members as binds together the Gods, among whom is no hatred.

5. Be courteous, planning and working in harness together. Approach, conversing pleasantly, like-minded, united.

6. Have your eating and drinking in common. I bind you together. Assemble for worship of the Lord, like spokes around a hub.

7. Of one mind and one purpose I make you, following one leader. Be like the Gods, ever deathless! Never stop loving!

Brahmavidya AV 4.1

1. That Sacred Word which was first born in the East the Seer has revealed from the shining horizon. He disclosed its varied aspects, high and low, the womb of both the Existent and the Nonexistent.

2. May this ancestral Queen who dwells among beings stride forth toward primordial creation! I have conveyed to her this shining Sunbird. Let them offer warm milk to the one who is thirsty for worship.

3. The wise who knows from birth this world’s hidden thread discerns the coming to birth of all the Gods. From the bosom of the Sacred Word he brought forth the Word. On high, below, he abides in his own laws.

4. Abiding by Cosmic Order, he fixed as his seat the mighty firmaments of Heaven and Earth. Mighty from birth, dwelling in earth and heaven, he fixed those mighty masses, defining their spheres.

5. From birth at depths abysmal the Sacred Word has passed up to the summit; the cosmic ruler, the Lord of the Sacred Word, is her divinity. Just as the luminous day is born from light, so may the radiant singers shine far and wide!

6. Truly the Poet’s wisdom enhances the glory of the Ordinance decreed by God the powerful, the ancient. He was born here together with many; they were found sleeping when the Eastern hemisphere was opened.

7. Whoever you are who approach Atharvan our father and Brhaspati, the friend of the Gods, with reverence, you shall become the creator of all that is, a sage, a God, invulnerable, self-dependent.

Varuna AV 4.16

1. The mighty overseer on high espies our deeds, as if he were quite close at hand. The Gods through him know all men do, though often men contrive to act all stealthily.

2. A man may stand quite still, or walk, or run, or flee, or hide himself, as he thinks, secretly; two men may hatch a plot together; Varuna knows it all, being present as the third one.

3. This earth is his; to him belongs the lofty boundless sky above. Varuna contains within his body both the oceans, and yet he also is contained within one droplet.

4. Whoever would climb up to heaven and even beyond would not elude the Lord Varuna. His watchmen with a thousand eyes, descending from heaven, sweep the earth with all-seeing glance.

5. Whatever exists in heaven and earth, whatever lies beyond–all this Varuna scans. He counts the blinks of every eye and reckons, like a skillful dicer, his throw in the cosmic game.

6. May the seven times seven threads of net stretched out three times–a fatal trap to catch the unwary–ensnare the man who tells a lie, but let the man pass safely by who speaks the truth.

7. Seize and bind with a hundred cords, O Varuna, the one who utters falsehood. Let him not pass! Let the rogue be, his belly distended, like a bursting barrel whose bands are cut and contents spilling!

8. Varuna is the warp of the loom, Varuna is the woof of the loom of this universe. Varuna is of us, Varuna is foreign, Varuna is divine. he is also human, Varuna he King.

9. I bind you, so-and-so, son of so-and-so, with all these bonds, all these I assign to you!

Deliver Us from All Afflictions AV 4.17

1. I take you, Plant, of cures the Queen, conqueror of ills. For all our needs I impart to you energizing force, for every man a thousandfold.

2. O truly conquering, curse-averting powerful Plant, backward turned, you and all plants have I invoked: “Save us from this!” I prayed.

3. She who has cursed us with a curse, she who is wholly rooted in sin, who has seized a child to take his blood–let her devour her own offspring!

4. Whatever ill they intend for you in a dish unbaked or of blue-red hue, whatever prepared in uncooked flesh, with that same subdue the sorcerers!

5. Evil dreaming, evil living, demons, monsters, hags, and witches, all of ill-repute or fame, these we now destroy.

6. Death by hunger, death by thirst, lack of cattle, lack of children, by your aid, Plant that expels, we now expel these maladies.

7. Death by thirst, death by hunger, defeat in games of dice and chance, by your aid, Plant that expels, we now expel these maladies.

8. The Plant that expels is sole controller of all the herbs. By its aid we now expel all harm that has befallen you. Depart, free from disease!

Brahmakarma AV 5.24

1. O Lord of all that furthers Men’s designs, O Savitri, protect me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

2. May Agni, Lord of the forest, protect me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

3. May Heaven and Earth, Sovereigns of bounty, save me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

4. May Varuna, Lord of the waters, save me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

5. May Mitra-Varuna, Lords of rain, preserve me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

6. May the Maruts, Lords of the mountains, protect me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

7. May Soma, Lord of plants and herbs, protect me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

8. May the Wind, Lord of the middle air, protect me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

9. May the Sun, Lord of every eye, protect me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

10. May the Moon, Lord of constellations, save me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

11. May Indra, the Lord of the Gods, protect me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

12. May the Father of the Winds, Lord of cattle, save me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

13. May Death, Lord of living creatures, save me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

14. May Yama, Ruler of the Fathers, save me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

15. May the Forefathers of ancient days protect me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

16. May the Fathers of succeeding ages save me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

17. Next may the Fathers of our fathers save me in this my prayer, in this my act, in this my priestly duty, in this my performance, in this my thought, in this my purpose and desire, in this my calling on the Gods! All Hail!

Deliverance and Freedom AV 5.30

1. May near things stay near to you and far things also! Remain here! Go not hence nor follow the Fathers! I firmly tie up your breath of life.

2. If one has bewitched you–a man of your people or perchance a stranger–I proclaim by my voice these two things to you: deliverance, freedom.

3. If you have done violence or, heedless, have maligned a man or a woman–I proclaim by my voice these two things to you: deliverance, freedom.

4. If you lie there prone owing to sin of your mother or sin of your father–I proclaim by my voice these two things to you: deliverance, freedom.

5. Accept the healing remedy your mother and your father bring together with your sister and your brother. I make you one who reaches ripe old age.

6. Live on, O man, with your spirit unimpaired. Do not follow the messengers sent by Yama! Remember the cities where the living dwell!

7. Come back hither in response to our calls, you who know the path that lies ahead, the way and the ascent of every living person!

8. Do not fear! You will not die. I shall bring you at the last to a ripe old age. I have exorcised from your limbs the consumption and burning fever.

9. The limb-splitting fever and the burning pain, the disease of the heart and all consumption, have fled far away Iike a falcon, by the power of my word.

10. May those two Sages, the Watcher and the Waker, he sleepless and the vigilant, guardians of your breath, be alert for your safety by night and by day!

11. All hail to Agni whom with reverence we approach! May the Sun continue to rise here for you! Arouse yourself from the pit of Death, from the shadows, however dark they may be!

12. Homage to Yama, homage to Death, homage to the Fathers and those who conduct you! I set forth Agni, who is able to save, before the eyes of this man, that he languish no longer.

13. Come breath, come mind, come eye, come strength! Let the body resume and integrate its power! Let it stand firm and steady on its feet!

14. Reunite him to his breath, O Agni, to his sight! set his whole body and its powers in motion! You know the secret of deathlessness. May he stay, not depart to a house of clay!

15. May your out-breath not falter, your in-breath remain quite unobstructed! May the sovereign Sun snatch you from death by the power of his rays!

16. Trembling and halting, the tongue in his mouth utters words. From her I have exorcised the consumption, the hundred symptoms of fever.

17. Best loved is this world of ours: to the Gods let us leave the unconquered world. O man, whatever be the death assigned to you from birth, we recall you hither till old age comes!

Human Splendor AV 6.38

1. With the splendor that resides in a lion, a tiger, an adder, the fire, Brahman, the sun, may that blessed Goddess who gave birth to Indra now come to us, endowed with splendor!

2. With the splendor that resides in an elephant, a leopard, in gold, in the waters, in cattle and in men, may that blessed Goddess who gave birth to Indra now come to us, endowed with splendor!

3. With the splendor that resides in a chariot, in dice, in a strong bull, in wind, in rain and in thunder, may that blessed Goddess who gave birth to Indra now come to us, endowed with splendor!

4. With the splendor that resides in a noble, a drumbeat, an arrow’s flight, a man’s shout, a mettlesome horse, may that blessed Goddess who gave birth to Indra now come to us, endowed with splendor!

Prayer for Peace and Security AV 6.40

1. Breathe on us fearlessness, Heaven and Earth! By the Strength of God, by the Light of God, may we be free from fear! May the boundless atmosphere set us in fearlessness! May the offering of the seven Seers set us in fearlessness!

2. From the North and the South, the East and the West, let the Light of God direct on this village sustenance, welfare, and ease. May the Power of God grant us freedom from foes, removing all fear, deflecting all wrath.

3. Below and above, behind and before, grant us freedom from enemies, O Power of God.

Forgiveness of Sins AV 6.115

1. Any sin we have committed, consciously or unconsciously, deliver us from it, O Gods one and all!

2. From whatever sin I, a sinner, committed awake or asleep, may both past and future set me free, as if from a stake to which I was fastened!

3. May I be set free as if loosed from a pillar or loosed from the dirt after taking a bath! May all the Gods cleanse me from sin, as butter is pure after passing through the strainer!

Freedom from Debt AV 6.117

1. The food that I eat and the debt that I owe and my offering to Yama which ever sustains me–O Agni, make me free from these debts, you who know how to loosen all bonds.

2. Standing before you, we restore this gift. I restore it, O Agni, the grain I have eaten, the living for the living, so that I may become free from guilt and debt.

3. Free from guilt and debt, in this world and the higher, free from guilt and debt in the third world also; in the world of the Gods and in those of the Fathers, on all our paths, may we ever remain free from quilt and debt!

The World of Goodness AV 6.120

1. If we have injured space, the earth, or heaven, or if we have offended mother or father, from that may Agni, fire of the house, absolve us and guide us safely to the world of goodness.

2. May Earth our mother, Boundlessness our origin, and Space our brother save us from damnation! May father Heaven make peace for us with our Fathers! Having reached the world of our kindred, may we never be ejected!

3. Where Men of goodwill and good deeds rejoice, their bodies now made free from all disease, their limbs made whole from lameness or defect–in that heaven may we behold our parents and our sons!

Pusan AV 7.9

1. On distant pathways is the birthplace of the Lord, remote from Heaven, remote from Earth. To the two abodes that are dear to his heart he comes, then departs, knowing each path.

2. He knows and traverses each heavenly realm. May he guide us in ways that are wholly secure! Undertaking our welfare, shielding from all harm may he who knows lead the way with vigilance!

3. We take up our stance, Lord, beneath your law. May we, who now praise you, incur no harm!

4. May the Lord interpose his right hand to protect us; may he retrieve for us that which we have lost! Yes, may we recover that which is lost!

Savitri AV 7.14

1. I offer a song to this God, Inspirer of heaven and earth, surpassingly wise, possessed of real energy, giver of treasure, dear to all hearts!

2. His splendor extends far and wide, his light shines brightly in creation. He traverses the sky, golden-handed, measuring the heaven by his appearance, full of wisdom!

3. It was you, God, who inspired our father of old, granting him space above and on all sides. May we too enjoy day by day your blessings and life abundant!

4. This Inspirer God, the Friend whom we adore, has bestowed on our Fathers life, power, and riches. Let him drink Soma, rejoicing in our offerings. In his Law walks the pilgrim!

Divine Grace AV 7.20

1. Render, O Grace, our sacrifice today acceptable to the Gods. May Agni convey the oblation of my worship!

2. Regard us with favor, O Grace, and bless us. Accept, O Goddess, this proffered oblation and grant to us offspring.

3. Approving, may he accord us wealth inexhaustible together with offspring! Void of anger, may he keep us in his mercy and favor!

4. Approachable, O Grace, best of guides, is your name, pleasant and bountiful! For your own name’s sake fulfill our sacrifice, O source of all riches, and grant us, O Blessed One, treasures and heroes.

5. Grace, in response to our well-performed oblation, draws nigh to impart fair lands and brave heroes. Her providence is kindly. Guided by the Gods, may she enhance still further the sacrifice we offer!

6. Grace has become this All–whatever stands, whatever walks and moves. Accept us, O Goddess! Grant us your favor!

Prayer for the Fulfillment of Life AV 8.1

1. Homage to Death, the end of life! Here rest your breath, both inward and outward! May the life of this man be maintained in the realm of the Sun, in the world of deathlessness!

2. The power of God has raised him up, the heavenly Drink has raised him up, the powers of the Storm, of Heaven and of Fire, have raised him up to well-being.

3. Here be your life–its full span–your breath and your mind! We save you from the bonds of Perdition by means of the divine Word.

4. Rise up from this place, O man, do not fall down, but cast off the fetters of Death which now hold you. Do not cut yourself off from this world of men, from the sight of the Fire and the Sun.

5. May the great Wind breathe purification upon you, May the Waters rain immortality upon you, may the Sun warm your body with blessing, may Death show you mercy! Do not perish!

6. I charge you to rise, O man, not to fall. Long life I impart to you and skill for living. Mount safe and sound on this chariot of deathlessness. You shall speak in old age, full of wisdom!

7. Let not your mind stray away and be lost. Do not spurn the living and follow the Fathers! May All-Gods protect you right here!

8. Do not give thought to the departed ones who lead men away to a far-off land. Arise out of darkness! Come to the light! Come, we grasp your two hands!

9. From Yama’s two watchdogs sent forth on the path, the black and the spotted, may you stay safe! Come, do not waver! Do not stand there with your mind deflected from here.

10. Do not proceed on that dread-filled path, not yet trodden by you–I give you good warning! To that darkness, O man, do not descend. There is fear, here fearlessness.

11. May the sparks that dwell in the Waters protect you, may the Fire that the sons of men kindle protect you, may the Universal Lord, the All-Knowing, protect you, heavenly fire and lightning not consume you!

12. Let not the funeral pyre consume you! Elude the Destroyer! May Heaven and Earth, the Sun and the Moon, protect you! May space protect you from the stroke of the Gods!

13. Let the Wise and the Knower both protect you, let the Dreamless and the Sleepless both protect you, let the Guardian and the Wakeful both protect you!

14. Let them protect you, let them guard you! To them be homage, to them be “all hail!”

15. May the Lord of the Wind, the Sky, the Creator, the saving Sun, restore you to communion with the living! Let not your breath or your strength forsake you! It is for your sake that we call back your life!

16. Let not the friend of the snapping jaws find you, or darkness, or the tongue of the demon! Shall you be subject to Death? No, never! May all the powers raise you up, may the Lord of the sky and of Fire raise you up to well-being!

17. Heaven and Earth and the Lord of creation have raised you up! The plants and the herbs, with the heavenly Drink, have saved you from Death!

18. Here let this man dwell, O Gods, not yonder! We rescue him from Death with a thousandfold charm!

19. Lo, I have now released you from Death! May life-giving breaths breathe in concert! Let not the wild-haired women nor the dismal howlers howl at you!

20. I have brought you back, I have found you again. You have come back renewed, all your members complete, your sight unimpaired, your whole life span intact!

21. Life has breathed on you! Light has come! Far away from you has darkness retreated. Far from you are Death and Perdition and Decay.

Go Forth into the Light of the Living AV 8.2

1. Guard well, O Man, your share of immortality, that you may reach old age without mishap. Spirit and life I now impart to you! Do not vanish into shadow and darkness! Do not perish!

2. Go forth, I adjure you, into the light of the living. I draw you toward a life of a hundred autumns. Releasing you from the bonds of death and malediction, I stretch forth your life thread into the distant future.

3. From the Wind I have taken your breath, from the Sun your eyesight. I strengthen your heart in you, consolidate your limbs. I adjure you to speak with tongue free from stammering.

4. With the breath that dwells in creatures of two legs or four, I blow upon you as one blows on a fire just kindled. To you, O Death, to your sight and your breath, I pay homage!

5. Let him live, not die! This man we now revive. I bring him healing. O Death, do not strike this man!

6. A life-possessing, life-bestowing plant, powerful, salvific, potent, I here invoke, to bring this man once more to health and strength!

7. Speak in his favor! Seize him not, but release him, yours though he be. Let him stay here with all his strength! Have mercy upon him, O powers of destruction, protect him! Grant to him fullness of days, removing all evil!

8. Bless this man, O Death, have mercy upon him! Let him rise and depart, safe and sound, with unimpaired hearing! May he reach a hundred years and enjoy life’s blessings!

9. May the missile of the Gods be deflected from you! I make you emerge from the realm of darkness; from Death I have saved you! Far have I removed the Fire of the funeral pyre. I place a protective wall for your life’s preservation.

10. We rescue him, Death, from your murky path which admits of no return, and, protecting him from the descent, we make a shield to guard him–this our prayer.

11. To you I now impart in-breath and out-breath, a ripe old age, death at its close, well-being! All the messengers of Death who prowl around–I send them far away!

12. I drive to a distant place Malignity, Destruction, the Demon who grabs and ghosts who feast upon corpses. All demons and evil powers–like darkness I destroy them!

13. From Agni, the deathless One, the living and All-Knowing, I snatch back your breath, so that you may be unharmed, immortal in union with him. I perform this rite on your behalf, that you may reach perfection.

14. May Heaven and Earth be gracious unto you, may those two splendors set you free from suffering! May the Sun warm you with blessings! May the Wind waft its propitious breezes to your heart! May the heavenly Streams, rich in milk, flow within you auspiciously!

15. May the herbs of the earth be to you a propitious aid! I have raised you up from the lower realm to the higher. There may the Sun and Moon, the Boundless Ones, guard you!

16. The cloth that is covering you, encircling your waist, that we make soft to the touch, a caress to your body.

17. When, by means of a fine and sharpened razor, you shave like a barber our hair and beards, let our faces shine bright, but our length of days be uncurtailed!

18. May rice and barley bring to you good fortune! Never may they produce in you sickness or wasting! Let them, rather, serve to release you from anguish!

19. Whatever you eat or drink, the grain of the field or milk, food of all kinds, edible, inedible–all these I make for you devoid of poison.

20. We now entrust you to both, the Day and the Night. Protect him from the clutches of the demon who seeks to devour men.

21. We grant you a hundred, ten thousand years, two, three, or four generations. May Indra and Agni and all the Gods grant you this boon without anger!

22. To Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer we now entrust you. May the Rainy Season, which makes the plants grow, console you!

23. Over all creatures of two feet or four Death holds dominion, but you I rescue from his clutches! Do not fear.

24. Do not fear, you will be safe! You shall not die, you shall not die! At that point men do not die or go to the lowest

25. At that point all creatures live, the cow, the horse, and human beings–here where this holy word is uttered, true protection for life!

26. May it protect you from your peers, from evil incantations, from the wiles of your relatives! May you be deathless, long-lived, immortal, may your breath not abandon your body!

27. From the hundred and one kinds of death, and the powers of destruction that must be combated, may the Gods deliver you–by the power of Agni, Universal Lord!

28. You are the body of Agni, ready to save; vou are a slayer of demons and of foes. You, expeller of sickness, the healing herb, Putudru by name.

House Blessing AV 9.3

1. O Pillars of this House of countless treasures, O buttresses and crossbeams, we loosen your bonds!

2. What is bound in you, who contain all riches, those fetters and knots, with a powerful word I unloose, like Brhaspati breaking open the cavern.

3. [The sorcerer] stretched out the rope and tied it, fixing firmly the knots. Like a skillful butcher cleaving the joints, with Indra’s help we loosen them.

4. We unite the bonds of your beams and clasps, of your thatch and your sides, O House of all riches.

5. We loosen the bonds of the clamps and bundles, of all that encircles and binds the Lady of the House.

6. These hanging loops, which are tied for enjoyment within you, we loosen. May the Lady of the House, when established within her, be gracious toward us!

7. Receptacle of oblation and hall of Agni, abode and domain of the wives are you. You, Goddess House, are the seat of the Gods.

8. By Holy Word we unfasten the extended thousand-eyed net which rests upon the central beam, well-placed and well-fastened.

9. May the one who receives you as a gift, O House, queen among dwellings, and the one who built you both enjoy long life and reach ripe old age!

10. Here let her come to meet her owner. Firmly fastened and adorned are you, whose limbs and joints we proceed to loosen!

11. The one who collected the trees, O House, and built your walls, the Highest Lord of creatures, has made you for the increase of children.

12. To him be homage! Homage to the donor and to the master of the House! Homage to Agni and homage to the one who performs his rites!

13. Homage to the cows and the horses, to all that is born in this House! O future scene of births and young life, we loosen your bonds!

14. In your innermost heart, with both creatures and men, you cherish God Agni. O future scene of births and young life, we loosen your bonds!

15. The expanse that lies between heaven and earth I accept together with this your House. The air it encloses I make a container for wealth. I receive thus this House for her owner.

16. Abounding in food, abounding in milk, with firm foundation set on the earth, receptacle of every nourishing thing, do no harm, O House, to those who receive you.

17. Covered with thatch and clothed in straw, the House, like night, gives rest for her inmates, she stands firm-fixed, her broad feet planted on the earth like an elephant cow’s.

18. I untie, remove, your covering of reed. That which Varuna has tightly closed, let Mitra open again in the morning!

19. This House is founded on Worship, designed and built by the wise. May Indra and Agni, the immortals, protect this House, the abode of Soma.

20. One nest is placed upon a second, one container laid upon another. Within is born a mortal. From here all things originate.

21. This House is constructed with two sides, with four, with six, eight, or ten. In this Mistress dwelling lies Agni like an unborn babe in the womb.

22. Facing you, O House, who are facing me, I approach you peacefully: sacred Fire and Water are within, the main doors to Cosmic Order.

23. I bring here these waters free from disease, destroyers of disease. In this House, together with Fire immortal, I take up my abode!

24. Do not bind us with fetters. May we find you a light, not a weighty, burden! Whithersoever we will, O House, we lead you, like a bride.

25. From the eastern direction I summon a blessing to the glory of this House. Praise to the Gods, the praiseworthy, forever and ever!

26-31. From the southern direction, from the western direction, from the northern direction, from the depths below, from the heights above, I summon a blessings to the glory of this House. Praise to the Gods, the praiseworthy, forever and ever!

Prayer to Cure Various Diseases AV 9.8

1. Headache, head pain, earache, inflammations, all that now afflicts the head expel we by our prayer.

2. From your ears, each part thereof, the earache and the throbbing pain, all that now afflicts the head, expel we by our prayer.

3. So that consumption may recede from your ears and from your mouth, all that now afflicts the head, expel we by our prayer.

4. Whatever makes man dumb or blind, all that now afflicts the head, expel we by our prayer.

5. Limb-splitting, limb-destroying pain, the ache that throbs in every part, all that now afflicts the head, expel we by our prayer.

6. The fever that assails man each autumn, whose fearful aspect makes man tremble, expel we by our prayer.

7. The deadly disease that invades the thighs and reaches also to the groin, disease that spreads from the inner parts, expel we by our prayer.

8. If the disease was caused by love or hatred, by the heart’s affections, this too from the heart and limbs expel we by our prayer.

9. The yellow jaundice from your limbs, the colic lodged in your intestines, the disease that plagues your inner self, expel we by our prayer.

10. May this throbbing turn to ashes! May it become infected urine! The poison of every wasting disease from you I exorcise!

11. Forth from the orifice let it come, the rumbling sound from your intestines! The poison of every wasting disease from you I exorcise!

12. From your stomach and your lungs, from the navel and the heart, the poison of every wasting disease from you I exorcise!

13. Those piercing pains that cleave asunder the crown and skull and penetrate further, let them go forth at the orifice, without ill effect, harmless!

14. The pangs that stab the heart and pass along the spine from top to bottom, let them go forth at the orifice, without ill effect, harmless!

15. The stabbing pains that pierce the sides and penetrate along the ribs, let them go forth at the orifice, without ill effect, harmless!

16. The shooting pains that dart crosswise and penetrate within the stomach, let them go forth at the orifice, without ill effect, harmless!

17. The pains that creep along the intestines, confounding all within the entrails, let them go forth at the orifice, without ill effect, harmless!

18. The pains that suck the marrow out and cleave and rend the bones asunder, let them go forth at the orifice, without ill effect, harmless!

19. The wasting diseases that numb the limbs, racking the frame with colic pains, the poison of every wasting disease from you I exorcise!

20. Erupting spots and abscesses, rheumatic pains and eye disease, the poison of every wasting disease from you I exorcise!

21. From your feet, your knees, your hips, from your buttocks and your spine, from your neck and from your head, I have expelled all sickness!

22. Sound are the bones of your skull. Your heart once more beats soundly. Arising, O Sun, you have chased far away with your rays the headache and stilled the racking pain!

Skambha, The Pillar of All Existence AV 10.7

1. In which of his limbs does Fervor dwell? In which of his limbs is Order set? In what part of him abides Constancy, Faith? In which of his limbs is Truth established?

2. From which of his limbs does Fire shine forth? From which of his limbs issues the Wind? Which limb does the moon take for measuring rod when it measures the form of the great Support?

3. In which of his limbs does the earth abide? In which of his limbs the atmosphere? In which of his limbs is the sky affixed? In which of his limbs the great Beyond?

4. Toward whom does the rising Flame aspire? Toward whom does the Wind eagerly blow? On whom do all the compass points converge? Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

5. Where do the half months and months together proceed in consultation with the year? Where do the seasons go, in groups or singly? Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

6. Toward whom run the sisters, day and night, who look so different yet one summons answer? Toward whom do the waters with longing flow? Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

7. The One on whom the Lord of Life leant for support when he propped up the world–Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

8. That which of all forms the Lord of Life created–above, below, and in between–with how much of himself penetrated the Support? How long was the portion that did not enter?

9. With how much of himself penetrated the Support into the past? With how much into the future? In that single limb whose thousand parts he fashioned with how much of himself did he enter, that Support?

10. Through whom men know the worlds and what enwraps them, the waters and Holy Word, the all-powerful in whom are found both Being and Nonbeing–Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

11. By whom Creative Fervor waxing powerful upholds the highest Vow, in whom unite Cosmic Order and Faith, the waters and the Word–Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

12. On whom is firmly founded earth and sky and the air in between; so too the fire, moon, sun, and wind, each knowing his own place–Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

13. In whose one limb all the Gods, three and thirty in number, are affixed–Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

14. In whom are set firm the firstborn Seers, the hymns, the songs, and the sacrificial formulas, in whom is established the Single Seer–Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

15. In whom, as Man, deathlessness and death combine, to whom belong the surging ocean and all the arteries that course within him; Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

16. Of whom the four cardinal directions comprise the veins, visibly swollen, in whom the sacrifice has advanced victorious–Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

17. Those who know the divine in Man know the highest Lord; who knows the highest Lord or the Lord of Life knows the supreme Brahman. They therefore know the Support also.

18. He whose head is Universal Fire, who has for his eyes the Angirases and for his limbs the practitioners of sorcery–Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

19. He whose mouth, so they say, is Brahman, whose tongue is a whip steeped in honey, of whom Viraj is considered the udder–Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

20. Out of his body were carved the verses, the formulas being formed from the shavings. His hairs are the songs, his mouth the hymns of the Seers Atharvan and Angiras–Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

21. The branch of Nonbeing which is far-extending men take to be the highest one of all. They reckon as inferior those who worship your other branch, the branch of Being.

22. In whom the Adityas, Rudras and Vasus, are held together, in whom are set firm worlds–that which was and that which shall be–Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

23. Whose treasure hoard the three and thirty Gods forever guard–today who knows its contents? Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

24. In whom the Gods, knowers of Brahman, acknowledge Brahman as the Supreme–he who knows the Gods face to face is truly a Knower, a Vehicle of Brahman.

25. Great are the Gods who were born from Nonbeing, yet men aver this Nonbeing to be the single limb of the Support, the great Beyond.

26. The limb in which the Support, when generating, evolved the Ancient One–who knows this limb knows too by that same knowledge the Ancient One.

27. It was from his limb that the thirty-three Gods distributed portions among themselves. Thus in truth only knowers of Brahman are also knowers of the thirty-three Gods.

28. Men recognize the Golden Embryo as the unutterable, the Supreme. Yet it was the Support who in the beginning poured forth upon the world that stream of gold.

29. In the Support the worlds consist; in him Creative Fervor and Order have their ground. You I have known, O Support, face to face, in Indra wholly concentrated.

30. In Indra the worlds consist; in Indra Creative Fervor and Order have their ground. You I have known, O Indra, face to face, in the Support wholly established.

31. Before dawn and sunrise man invokes name after name. This Unborn sprang to birth already with full sovereignty empowered. Than he nothing higher ever existed.

32. Homage to him of whom the earth is the model, the atmosphere his belly, who created the sky from his head. Homage to this supreme Brahman!

33. Homage to him whose eye is the sun and the moon which is ever renewed, whose mouth is the Fire. Homage to this supreme Brahman!

34. Homage to him whose in-breath and out-breath is the Wind, whose eyes are the Angirases, whose wisdom consists in the cardinal points. Homage once again to this supreme Brahman!

35. By the Support are held both heaven and earth, by the Support the broad domain of space, by the Support the six divergent directions, by the Support is this whole world pervaded.

36. Homage to him who, born of labor and Creative Fervor, has entered all the worlds, who has taken Soma for his own exclusive possession. Homage to this Supreme Brahman!

37. How does the wind not cease to blow? How does the mind take no repose? Why do the waters, seeking to reach truth, never at any time cease flowing?

38. A mighty wonder in the midst of creation moves, thanks to Fervor, on the waters’ surface. To him whatever Gods there are adhere like branches of a tree around the trunk.

39. To whom the Gods always with hands and feet, with speech, ear, and eye bring tribute unmeasured in a well-measured place of sacrifice. Tell me of that Support–who may he be?

40-41. In him exists no darkness, no evil. In him are all the lights, including the three that are in the Lord of Life. The one who knows the Reed of gold standing up in the water is truly the mysterious Lord of Life.

Skambha AV 10.8

1. Homage to him who presides over all things, that which was and that which shall be; to whom alone belongs the heaven, to that all-powerful Brahman be homage!

2. It is thanks to Skambha that Heaven and Earth remain firm-fixed, each in place. In him dwells all that lives and breathes and all that opens and shuts the eye.

3. Three generations are past already; others have followed in the relay of praise. On high is positioned the measurer of space. The Golden One has entered the green-gold plants.

4. One is the wheel; the bands are twelve; three are the hubs–who can understand it? Three hundred spokes and sixty in addition have been hammered therein and firmly riveted.

5. Take heed, O Savitri. Six are twins; one is born singly. The twins desire to unite with one that is born alone.

6. Though manifest, it is yet hidden, secret, its name the Ancient, a mighty mode of being; in Skambha is established this whole world; therein is set fast all that moves and breathes.

7. Advancing in the East, withdrawing in the West, it turns on one wheel, one rim, a thousand elements. With a half of itself it begat all creation. What has become of the half that remained?

8. The five-horsed chariot draws onward all creatures with fleet-footed side horses pulling from the rear. One sees of it the not yet vanished portion, not the vanished. The Beyond appears nearer, the Before more distant.

9. A bowl there is with aperture at side and base upturned; within it is accumulated every form of glory. Upon it on their seven thrones are set the Seven Sages, appointed as protectors of this whole vast sphere.

10. The verse hitched in front and the verse hitched behind, the verse hitched to each and to every portion, the verse through which the sacrifice proceeds to consummation–which is it, I ask you, of all the verses?

11. What moves, what flies, what stands quite still, what breathes, what breathes not, blinks the eye–this, concentrated into a single One, though multiple its forms, sustains the earth.

12. The infinite extends in many places, the infinite and finite having a common border; the guardian of the firmament alone can trace that line, he who knows what has been and shall be.

13. The Lord of creatures stirs within the womb; unseen himself, he comes to diverse births. With half of himself he brought forth the whole world. Of the other half what is the special sign?

14. Like a woman carrying water in a pitcher, so he conveys the water on high. All creatures behold him with their eyes, but all do not know him with the spirit.

15. He dwells far away with that which is full. Far away is he, free from deficiencies, a great marvel in the center of the universe. To him do sovereign rulers bring tribute.

16. That from which the Sun arises, that into which the Sun subsides–that I believe to be the Supreme. There is nothing whatever that goes beyond.

17. Those who know or of old or in times between refer by word of mouth to the knower of the Veda, they speak one and all of the Sun in first place, next, of Fire and also of the threefold Bird.

18. The Sun, the Bird who soars in the sky, spreading his wings on a thousand-day flight, pursues his course, gathering all the Gods in his bosom, surveying all the worlds.

19. By Truth he blazes forth on high, by Sacred Word he surveys below, by Breath he breathes across these worlds–the one in whom resides the Supreme.

20. The Man who knows the two fire sticks from which by friction wealth is obtained–it is he whom they call a knower of the Supreme, it is he who knows the mighty Brahman.

21. In the beginning he came into being, footless. In the beginning he bore the heavenly light. Four-footed now, he has become the abode of delightfulness, assuming [in himself] all delights.

22. In the same way whosoever reveres the everlasting God who reigns supreme, will himself become the abode of delights, will himself receive food in abundance.

23. Men say that he is everlasting, and yet he is renewed today. Day and night with different forms by turns give birth to one another.

24. A hundred, a thousand, tens of thousands, millions–innumerable are the forms of the Self entered in him. They are destroyed; he gazes [imperturbable]! Thus shines this God; thus is he!

25. The One is finer than a single hair; the One is utterly invisible; and yet this Deity, to me so dear, is vaster than the whole wide universe.

26. Dwelling immortal in the house of mortals is a fair maiden, never growing old. The one for whom she was created lies prone and he who made her has himself grown old.

27. You are woman, you are man, you are boy and young girl, too. You are the old man leaning on his staff. When born, you everywhere reveal your face.

28. He is their father and no less their son, at once the eldest brother and the youngest. The One God penetrates within the mind, the Firstborn–yet even now within the womb.

29. From fullness he pours forth the full; the full spreads, merging with the full. We eagerly would know from whence he thus replenishes himself?

30. She is of ancient days, born in long ages past; she the primeval has traversed creation. The great Goddess Dawn, the shining One, looks out from each being that blinks the eye.

31. The Deity whose name is “Helpful” dwells encompassed by Cosmic Order. It is by reason of her color that these trees are green, and green their garlands of flowers.

32. Behold the marvelous mystery of God. Near though he is, one cannot leave him! Near though he is, one cannot see him! He does not die, nor does he grow old.

33. Words uttered by the One who existed before all else convey things as they are; the place to which they go, reverberating, is called by men great Brahman, the Ultimate.

34. That base on which both Gods and Men are founded, like spokes set firmly in a hub, in which the waters’ flower by supernatural means made its appearance–who or what is he?

35. The Gods who set the wind a-blowing, who hold in relation the five compass points, who deem themselves to be superior to offerings–these guides of the Waters, who are they?

36. One among them is clothed with the earth; another encompasses the airy spaces; one, the Disposer, holds firm the heaven, while others protect all the four quarters.

37. Who knows the fine-drawn thread on which the creatures that we see are spun, who knows the thread of that same thread he also knows Brahman, the Ultimate.

38. I know the fine-drawn thread on which the creatures that we see are spun; I, even I, the thread know of the thread and, consequently, Brahman, the Ultimate.

39. When, betwixt heaven and earth, the Fire sped onward, consuming all things, there where the wives of a single husband stood afar–then where was Matarisvan to be found?

40. Matarisvan then had entered the Waters; the Gods also had passed beneath the waves. On high was the Sun, the measurer of space. Soma purified, had entered the golden flames.

41. Loftier even than the lofty Gayatri, strode he forth toward the Immortal. Where, I ask, is the Unborn visible? The knowers of song after song alone know it.

42. He who sends creatures to their rest, who amasses great wealth, whose laws are as true as the God Savitri–that One stands firm, as firm as Indra, in the struggle for riches.

43. Behold now the lotus with nine gates, encircled by the three strands; within is a great marvel consisting in the Self. This it is of which the knowers of Brahman have knowledge.

44. Who knows the Self, wise, youthful, never aging, will have no fear of death, being free from desire–immortal, wise, in his own Self resourceful full of fresh sap, in nothing falling short.

Prana AV 11.4

1. Praise to the Breath of Life! He rules this world, master of all things, on which all things are based.

2. Praise, Breath of Life, to your uproar! Praise to your thunder! Praise to your lightning! Praise, Breath of Life, for your rain!

3. When Breath of Life with his thunder roars o’er the plants, then, pregnant with pollen, the flowers burst forth in abundance.

4. When Breath of Life in due season roars o’er the plants, all things on earth rejoice with great rejoicing.

5. When Breath of Life the broad earth with rain bedews, the cattle exult: “We shall have plenty,” they say.

6. The plants converse with this Breath, drenched by his moisture: “Our life is prolonged, for you have made us all fragrant.”

7. Praise to you, Breath, when you come and praise when you go! When you stand up and when you sit still, to you praise!

8. Praise to you, Breath of Life, breathing both in and out! To your turning this side and that, to the whole of you, praise!

9. Grant us, O Breath, your dear form and the one dearer still that we may live! Give us your healing power!

10. Breath of Life clothes all beings with care as a father his son; master of all things, whether they breathe or breathe not.

11. Breath of Life is death, is fever, revered by the Gods. In the highest world he sets the man who speaks truth.

12. Breath of Life is Queen, is Guide, revered by all things; he is sun, he is moon; he is also the Father of all.

13. The two breaths are rice and barley, Breath the ox that pulls. In barley resides in-breath; out-breath is called rice.

14. A man breathes in, he breathes out, within the womb. Quickened by you, to birth he comes once more.

15. The mighty Wind they call him, or Breeze. The future and the past exist in him. On Breath of Life all things are based.

16. When you, Breath of Life, quicken them, then the plants of the Atharvans and Angirases, of Gods and of Men, come to birth.

17. When Breath has poured down with the rain upon the vast earth, then plants come forth and herbs of every sort.

18. The one who knows you thus, O Breath, and that which forms your support, to him will all offer tribute in yonder highest heaven.

19. Just as all creatures owe tribute to you, Breath of Life, so may they bring it to the one who hears you, O renowned!

20. He moves among the Gods, an inner seed; becomes, is, is reborn. He has entered the son he, the father, who was, is, and shall be!

21. If the sunbird, rising, extracted his foot from the sea, neither today nor tomorrow would exist, neither night, day, nor dawn.

22. The eight-wheeled moves on one rim, to and fro, thousand-syllabled. With one half it engendered all creation. Of its other half what sign?

23. Of all that is born is he Lord, of all that moves. Of swift bow like the rest, to you, O Breath of Life, homage!

24. Of all that is born is he Lord, of all that moves. Untiring he, steadfast; may my prayer bring Breath to my aid!

25. Erect he keeps watch among the sleeping. he falls not prone. None ever heard that he among the sleepers should slumber.

26. Breath of Life, do not forsake me. You are, indeed, I. Like the Embryo of the Waters I bind you to me that I may live!

Bhumi Sukta AV 12.1

1. High Truth, unyielding Order, Consecration, Ardor and Prayer and Holy Ritual uphold the Earth; may she, the ruling Mistress of what has been and what will come to be, for us spread wide a limitless domain.

2. Untrammeled in the midst of men, the Earth, adorned with heights and gentle slopes and plains, bears plants and herbs of various healing powers. May she spread wide for us, afford us joy!

3. On whom are ocean, river, and all waters, on whom have sprung up food and ploughman’s crops, on whom moves all that breathes and stirs abroad–Earth, may she grant to us the long first draught!

4. To Earth belong the four directions of space. On her grows food; on her the ploughman toils. She carries likewise all that breathes and stirs. Earth, may she grant us cattle and food in plenty!

5. On whom the men of olden days roamed far, on whom the conquering Gods smote the demons, the home of cattle, horses, and of birds, may Earth vouchsafe to us good fortune and glory!

6. Bearer of all things, hoard of treasures rare, sustaining mother, Earth the golden-breasted who bears the Sacred Universal Fire, whose spouse is Indra–may she grant us wealth!

7. Limitless Earth, whom the Gods, never sleeping, protect forever with unflagging care, may she exude for us the well-loved honey, shed upon us her splendor copiously!

8. Earth, who of yore was Water in the oceans, discerned by the Sages’ secret powers, whose immortal heart, enwrapped in Truth, abides aloft in the highest firmament, may she procure for us splendor and power, according to her highest royal state!

9. On whom the flowing Waters, ever the same, course without cease or failure night and day, may she yield milk, this Earth of many streams, and shed on us her splendor copiously!

10. May Earth, whose measurements the Asvins marked, over whose breadth the foot of Visnu strode, whom Indra, Lord of power, freed from foes, stream milk for me, as a mother for her son!

11. Your hills, O Earth, your snow-clad mountain peaks, your forests, may they show us kindliness! Brown, black, red, multifarious in hue and solid is this vast Earth, guarded by Indra. Invincible, unconquered, and unharmed, I have on her established my abode.

12. Impart to us those vitalizing forces that come, O Earth, from deep within your body, your central point, your navel; purify us wholly. The Earth is mother; I am son of Earth. The Rain-giver is my father; may he shower on us blessings!

13. The Earth on which they circumscribe the altar, on which a band of workmen prepare the oblation, on which the tall bright sacrificial posts are fixed before the start of the oblation–may Earth, herself increasing, grant us increase!

14. That man, O Earth, who wills us harm, who fights us, who by his thoughts or deadly arms opposes, deliver him to us, forestalling action.

15. All creatures, born from you, move round upon you. You carry all that has two legs, three, or four. To you, O Earth, belong the five human races, those mortals upon whom the rising sun sheds the immortal splendor of his rays.

16. May the creatures of earth, united together, let flow for me the honey of speech! Grant to me this boon, O Earth.

17. Mother of plants and begetter of all things, firm far-flung Earth, sunshined by Heavenly Law, kindly and pleasant is she. May we ever dwell on her bosom, passing to and fro!

18. As a vast abode, Earth, you have become great. Great is your movement, great your trembling, your quaking. The Lord all-powerful ceaselessly protects you. O Earth, grant us to shine like burnished gold, and let no enemy ever wish us ill!

19. Agni resides on earth, within the plants. The Waters contain Agni; in the stones is he. Agni abides deep in the hearts of Men. In cattle and in horses there are Agnis.

20. Agni blazes and flashes from the height of heaven. To the God Agni belong all airy spaces, Agni it is whom mortal men enkindle, conveyer of offerings, lover of the clarified butter.

21. May she who is clothed with Fire, whose knees are blackened, grant me sharpness of wit and furnish me with splendor!

22. May Earth on which men offer to the Gods the sacrifice and decorous oblations, where dwells the human race on nourishment proper to the requirements of its nature–may this great Earth assure us life and breath, permitting us to come to ripe old age.

23. Instill in me abundantly that fragrance, O Mother Earth, which emanates from you and from your plants and waters, that sweet perfume that all celestial beings are wont to emit, and let no enemy ever wish us ill!

24. Your fragrance which has entered into the lotus, wherewith the immortal Gods at the Sun-daughter’s wedding were redolent, O Earth, in times primeval–instill in me abundantly that fragrance, and let no enemy ever wish us ill!

25. Your fragrance which adheres to human beings, the good cheer and the charm of women and men, that which is found in horses and in warriors, that which is in wild beasts and in the elephant, the radiance that shines about a maiden–O Earth, steep us, too, deeply in that fragrance, and let no enemy ever wish us ill!

26. Earth is composed of rock, of stone, of dust; Earth is compactly held, consolidated. I venerate this mighty Earth, the golden-breasted!

27. Her upon whom the trees, lords of the forest, stand firm, unshakable, in every place, this long-enduring Earth we now invoke, the giver of all manner of delights.

28. Whether we stand upright or sit, whether we stay quite still or walk, whether we walk with right foot or left, never may we stumble upon Earth!

29. O purifying Earth, I you invoke! O patient Earth, by Sacred Word enhanced, bearer of nourishment and strength, of food and ghee–O Earth, we would approach you with due praise!

30. Pure may the Waters flow over our bodies! That which defiles–I fling it upon our foes! I cleanse myself, O Earth, as with a filter.

31. Your regions, Earth, to eastward and to northward, southward and westward, may they receive me kindly, whenever on their paths I travel. Never, when standing on your surface, may I totter!

32. Do not thrust us aside from in front or behind, from above or below! Be gracious, O Earth. Let us not encounter robbers on our path. Restrain the deadly weapon!

33. As wide a vista of you as my eye may scan, O Earth, with the kindly help of Sun, so widely may my sight be never dimmed in all the long parade of years to come!

34. Whether, when I repose on you, O Earth, I turn upon my right side or my left, or whether, extended flat upon my back, I meet your pressure from head to foot, be gentle, Earth! You are the couch of all!

35. Whatever I dig up of you, O Earth, may you of that have quick replenishment! O purifying One, may my thrust never reach right unto your vital points, your heart!

36. Your circling seasons, nights succeeding days, your summer, O Earth, your splashing rains, our autumn, your winter and frosty season yielding to spring–may each and all produce for us their milk!

37. This cleansing Earth, who trembles before the Serpent, who guards the fires that dwell within the waters, who castigates the god-insulting demons, has chosen for her mate Indra, not Vrtra, surrendering herself to the powerful one, the potent.

38. On her are erected the platform and the sheds of oblation; on her is reared the sacrificial post. On her the brahmins, knowers of the rites, recite their hymns, intone their melodies. On her the priests set forth the sacrifice, that Indra may drink Soma.

39. On her those sages of old, the Seven Seers who fashioned these worlds, performing the sacrifice by dint of holy rite and creative Fervor, sang hymns and lo! the cows came to birth!

40. May Earth afford us all that copious wealth for which we long! May Bhaga play his part and Indra go before to show the way!

41. May Earth, the stage where mortals sing and play with varied shouts and noises, which resounds with cries of war or beatings of the drum, drive far my foemen and rid me of all rivals!

42. Earth is the source of food, of rice and barley; from her derive the five tribes of men. To rain-steeped Earth, the Rain-giver’s wife, be homage!

43. Her castles are built by the Gods, her plains the arena in which men wage war. The matrix of all things is Earth. May the Lord of life dispose for our enjoyment all her regions!

44. May the Goddess Earth, bearer of many a treasure and of wealth stored up in diverse hidden places, the generous sharer of riches, impart to us, in addition to gold and gems, a special portion of her favor!

45. May Earth who bears mankind, each different grouping maintaining its own customs and its speech, yield up for me a thousand streams of treasure, like a placid cow that never resists the hand.

46. The snake and the scorpion which viciously bite, which, chilled by winter, lie slothfully hidden, the wriggling worm, all that stirs in the rains–may it, creeping, not creep on us! Instead, may you grant us the blessing of all that is wholesome!

47. From your numberless tracks by which mankind may travel, your roads on which move both chariots and wagons your paths which are used by the good and the bad, may we choose a way free from foes and robbers! May you grant us the blessing of all that is wholesome!

48. She carries in her lap the foolish and also the wise. She bears the death of the wicked as well as the good. She lives in friendly collaboration with the boar, offering herself as sanctuary to the wild pig.

49. The creatures of your forests, dwellers in woods, lions, tigers, man-eaters that prowl about, hyena and wolf, misfortune stalking around, demons both male and female, chase them far!

50. All evil spirits, male and female alike, drive far from us, O Earth, the ones that grab and the ones that devour, all vampires and all demons! Drive each and every one to distant realms!

51. Over the earth the winged bipeds fly, swans and falcons,eagles, birds of all kinds. On her the wind comes rushing, Matarisvan, raising the dust, causing the trees to tremble and dragging in his victory train the Fire.

52. May she in whom the bright and also the dark, the day and the night, associate, though separate, the far-flung Earth, ofttimes by rain made fertile, graciously settle each one in his well-loved abode!

53. Heaven and Earth and the space in between have set me in a wide expanse! Fire, the Sun, the Waters, the Gods, have joined to give me inspiration.

54. Behold me now, victorious! My name is the highest in all the earth. Ruling in all regions, I subdue all! I conquer!

55. When at the Gods’ command, O Goddess, you unfurled yourself, revealing your grandeur, then you were imbued with beauty and charm. You shaped and fashioned the world’s four regions.

56. In village or forest, in all the places where man meets man, in market or forum, may we always say that which is pleasing to you!

57. Just as a horse scatters dust, so Earth, when she came into being, scattered the peoples–Earth, gracious leader and protectress of the world, who holds in firm grasp both trees and plants.

58. The words that I speak are sweet as honey! My glances meet with fair glances in return. Vehement am I, swift and impetuous! Those who gnash their teeth I utterly vanquish!

59. Peaceful and fragrant, gracious to the touch, may Earth, swollen with milk, her breasts overflowing, grant me her blessing together with her milk!

60. The Maker of the world sought her with oblations when she was shrouded in the depth of the ocean. A vessel of gladness, long cherished in secret, the earth was revealed to mankind for their joy.

61. Primeval Mother, disperser of Men, you, far-flung Earth, fulfill all our desires. Whatever you lack, may the Lord of creatures, the First-born of Right, supply to you fully!

62. May your dwellings, O Earth, free from sickness and wasting, flourish for us! Through a long life, watchful, may we always offer to you our tribute!

63. O Earth, O Mother, dispose my lot in gracious fashion that I be at ease. In harmony with all the powers of Heaven set me, O Poet, in grace and good fortune!

A Prayer for General Protection and Prosperity AV 19.9

1. Peaceful be heaven, peaceful the earth, peaceful the broad space between. Peaceful for us be the running waters, peaceful the plants and herbs!

2. Peaceful to us be the signs of the future, peaceful what is done and undone, peaceful to us be what is and what will be. May all to us be gracious!

3. This supreme Goddess, Word, inspired by Brahman, by which the awe-inspiring is created, through her to us be peace!

4. This supreme Spirit, inspired by Brahman, by which the awe-inspiring is created, through it to us be peace!

5. These five sense organs, with the mind as the sixth, within my heart, inspired by Brahman, by which the awe-inspiring is created, through them to us be peace!

6. Gracious be Mitra. gracious Varuna, gracious Visnu and Prajapati, gracious to us be Indra and Brhaspati, gracious to us Aryaman.

7. Gracious be Mitra, gracious Varuna, gracious be Vivasvant and Death, gracious the calamities of earth and atmosphere, gracious the wandering planets.

8. Gracious to us be the trembling earth, when struck by the fiery meteor. Gracious be the cows yielding red milk, gracious be the earth receding.

9. Gracious be the constellations struck by the meteor, gracious incantations and all magic! Gracious to us be buried charms, the meteors and plagues that afflict us.

10. Gracious to us be the stars and the moon, gracious the sun and Rahu, gracious be Death with his banner of smoke, gracious the powerful Rudras.

11. Gracious be the Rudras, gracious the Vasus, gracious the Adityas and Agnis, gracious to us be the god-like sages, gracious all the Gods and Brhaspati.

12. Brahman, Prajapati, Dhatr, the worlds, the Vedas, the Seven Sages, and the fires, prepare for me a blessed path! May Indra be my refuge, may Brahman be my refuge, may all the Gods be my refuge! May the Gods united be my refuge!

13. May whatever appeasements there are in the world, known by the Seven Sages, may they all be gracious to me! May peace be with me! May fearlessness be with me

14. Peace be to earth and to airy spaces! Peace be to heaven, peace to the waters, peace to the plants and peace to the trees! May all the Gods grant to me peace! By this invocation of peace may peace be diffused! By this invocation of peace may peace bring peace! With this peace the dreadful I now appease, with this peace the cruel I now appease. with this peace all evil I now appease, so that peace may prevail, happiness prevail! May everything for us be peaceful!

A Prayer for Peace and Security AV 19.15

1. From that which we fear, O Lord, make us fearless. O bounteous One, assist us with your aid. Drive far the malevolent, the foeman.

2. Indra, the generous giver, we invoke. May we please all creatures, both two-legged and four-legged! Let not the armies of our foes overwhelm us! Destroy all evil spirits!

3. Indra is the Savior who kills the Demon, our longed-for protector, coming from afar. May he defend us from the farthest point, from the middle, from behind, and from before!

4. Lead us to a wide world, O wise one, to heavenly light, fearlessness, and blessing. Strong are your arms, O powerful Lord. We resort to your infinite refuge.

5. May the atmosphere we breathe breathe fearlessness into us: fearlessness on earth and fearlessness in heaven! May fearlessness guard us behind and before! May fearlessness surround us above and below!

6. May we be without fear of friend and foe! May we be without fear of the known and the unknown! May we be without fear by night and by day! Let all the world be my friend!

Night AV 19.47

1. O Night, you have filled this entire earth with your presence in accordance with the Father’s command. Outstretching your arms you reach to the highest heavens; the twinkling darkness draws near.

2. One cannot descry the opposite bank of her stream nor yet what lies in between. In her bosom reposes all that lives and stirs. Grant, O wide darksome Night, that we may safely attain your farther shore, attain, pray, your farther shore!

3. Ninety and nine are your Scrutinizers, O Night, who gaze on mortal Men. Eighty and eight or seventy and seven are they.

4. Sixty and six, O opulent One, are they, fifty and five, O Happy One. Forty and four and thirty and three are they, O Night, you who are powerful.

5. Twenty and two are your Scrutinizers, O Night, eleven and fewer still. With these protectors guard us well today, O Night, Daughter of the Sky.

6. May no demon, no speaker of evil, hold power against us, no baleful person malign us! This night may no thief hold power against our cattle and no wolf against our sheep!

7. O beauteous Night, may no robber approach our horses and no witch cast spells on our men! Let the thief and the marauder take flight by the farthest paths!

8. May he perish afar, that cord with the teeth that bite, that miscreant serpent, O Night! Blind him, stifle him, chop off his head, crush the jaws of the wolf! Trap the thief in a gin [a snare for catching game]!

9. We make our dwelling in you. Our hearts crave sleep. Keep watch, then, O Night, we pray. Grant your protection to our cows, our horses, our households.

Night AV 19.48

1. All our stores, O Night, we entrust to you all that our treasure chest holds.

2. Take charge of us till Dawn, O Night our Mother! May Dawn escort us safely to the brink of day and from day to you once more, O shining One!

3. From all that flies, from all that crawls, from all that prowls on the mountain, may you, O Night, protect us!

4. Behind, in front, above, below, do you, O Night, defend us! Behold us singing your praises!

5. The Escorts of Night who keep watch and ward on the living and guard our cattle–they protect our lives and our herds.

6. Most certainly, O Night, I know your name. You are the “cream of bounty,” O kindly One! Guard, as we sleep, ourselves and all our goods.

Night AV 19.49

1. That lively maiden, young friend of our homes, all-encompassing Night, dear to Savitri and Bhava, easy of entreaty and adorned with glory, has filled with her greatness both earth and heaven.

2. Night profound has risen above all things. She has scaled–most splendid!–the loftiest heights. She lovingly extends her auspicious presence like that of a friend who moves at will.

3. You have come, blessed Night, gentle-born, the object of our hymns and longings. Be favorable! Abide! Guard us, ourselves and all our possessions, all the prosperity that resides in cattle!

4. Benevolent Night has assumed to herself the splendor of a lion, a leopard, a tiger, the neighing of a horse and the call of a man. The shining maiden takes many a form.

5. May Night, succeeding the Sun, be auspicious! May this mother of frost be attentive to our cry! Turn your ear, O blessed, to this song of praise with which I worship you on every side!

6. As a king in his stately splendor, you enjoy, O radiant Night, our hymn of praise. May we, as one Dawn succeeds another, possess many heroes, be filled with all wealth!

7. Lovely is the name that you have assumed. Those who have evil designs against my wealth, destroy them, O Night! Let no thief be found! I say it again, let no thief be found!

8. You are fair, O Night, like a well-shaped chalice! You possess the grace of a youthful maiden! Full of eyes, you lovingly reveal your forms, adorning yourself with the stars of heaven.

9. Whatever thief may come this night or mortal foe who plots our harm–let Night, advancing, encounter him! Let her sever his head and his neck from his body!

10. Let her sever his feet that he walk no more, his hands that he harm not! Whoever he be, let him go to his place vanquished and maimed, depart far away, depart to the desert!

Night AV 19.50

1. O Night, [for our safety] make the snake blind, scorch him, behead him! Gouge out the eyes of the wolf and entrap the thief in a snare!

2. With your sturdy oxen, sharp-horned and swift, transport us safely over every danger!

3. May our passage each night be performed without hindrance, while the mean, lacking boats, fail to cross the stream!

4. As a millet seed, blown, is scattered beyond trace, so blow him, O Night, who wishes us ill!

5. Keep far from us the thief and the stealer of cattle and him who would stealthily lead off our horses!

6. When you come with your favors, O Night, well proportioned, give us our due share. Do not pass us by!

7. O resplendent Night, may you lead us sinless to Dawn, from Dawn to day, and from day back to you!

Desire AV 19.52

1. In the beginning was Desire, the first seed of mind. O desire, twin of Desire, grant wealth to me!

2. Powerful, unshakable, shining, companionable, formidable victor, grant power to me!

3. He who longed from afar to furnish a pledge in response to the eternal was heeded by the regions. By means of Desire they generated light.

4. From Desire springs desire, leaps from Heart to heart. The mind of my people, let that mind be mine!

5. Now prosper, Desire, the desires of our hearts, that we may succeed. Accept this oblation!

Time AV 19.53

1. Time drives like a horse with seven reins, a thousand-eyed un-aging Stallion. Him the inspired poets mount. All beings are his chariot wheels.

2. Time draws this chariot with seven wheels. Seven are the hubs; its axle is non-death. At the head of all beings Time proceeds unceasingly, the first among the Gods.

3. Above Time is set a brimful vessel. Simultaneously we see Time here, there, everywhere. Set face to face with all existences, Time is throned, men say, in the loftiest realm.

4. Time has gathered together all beings that are; he has passed through all the gathered beings. He who was father has become their son. There is no glory higher than his.

5. Time generated the Sky above and this vast Earth. The passing moments present and future, by him set swinging, are reckoned out in due proportions.

6. Time brought forth fate-filled chance. In Time the Sun shines and burns. In Time the eye spies from afar. In Time all existences are.

7. In Time is consciousness and life, In Time is concentrated name By Time, when he draws close at hand, all creatures are with gladness filled.

8. In Time is energy, in Time the highest good. In Time is the Holy Utterance. Time is the Lord of all that is, the Father, he, of the Creator.

9. Sent forth by him, from him all this was born. On him is it established. So soon as he has become Brahman, Time supports the highest Deity.

10. Time created the creatures. Time created in the beginning the Lord of creatures. From Time comes the Self-Existent. Energy likewise from Time derives.

Time AV 19.54

1. From Time came into being the Waters, from Time the Holy Word, Energy, and the regions. By Time [each day] the Sun arises, in Time he goes to rest again.

2. By Time blows the cleansing Wind, through Time the vast Earth has her being. The great Heaven has his post in Time.

3. Their son Time long ago engendered the things that were and that shall be. From Time came Scripture into being and formulas for Sacrifice.

4. By Time was Sacrifice inaugurated, inexhaustible oblation to the Gods. In Time live the spirits and the nymphs. Upon Time all the worlds repose.

5. In Time are set this Angiras and Atharvan who came from Heaven, both this world and the world above, all holy worlds and holy interspaces.

6. Having conquered the worlds by Holy Word, Time, the God supreme, goes on.