September Public Tours on the 19th and 26th

This month brought some beautiful souls to the Aadheenam. One of our Hawaiian looking locals remarked to Amala. " I have lived on this island all my life and and can't believe I have been unknowingly living so close to this astounding place!"

A beautiful insight into the garden

Title: A beautiful insight into the garden

Today over breakfast Martin gave us some wisdom regarding a garden's function. He says that a garden occupies all your senses. You'll see elegant flower you had not seen the previous day, while also experiencing the fragrance of the sorrounding plants and earth along with the gentle breeze and the sounds of birds. All this destracts the talkative mind from thinking and telling its endless story, allowing one to be themselves, peaceful and whole.

A special guest visits the Ganapati Kulam

Title: A special guest visited the Ganapati Kulam this morning

Martin Mosko is visiting to lend his creativity to the Aadheenam's gardens, he is founder of Marpa & Associates, and is a landscape architect trained in both Eastern and Western traditions. He was initially educated at Yale College and University and was then trained as a Zen Buddhist monk, with Tenzan Keibun Roshi, whose lineage he continues.

Word of the Day

Saiva Siddhanta Church Mission Activities

Our Singapore and Malaysia members teamed up for presentations of Himalayan Academy Publications at a Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple temple in Singapore. Click here for a full report and images.
Click here for a full report and images.
And our Mauritius Missions helps a powerful Ganesha Chaturthi celebration (click for full report and photos)
(click for full report and photos)

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