Sivacharya Thangam Bhattar Receives Hindu of the Year Award

In special ceremony at the Sri Meenakshi Temple in Texas, Sivasri Thangam Bhattar received the Hindu to the Year Award for 2018. That award says:

2018 Hindu Renaissance Award

Presented by the editors of Hinduism Today to the Hindu of the Year, Sivasri Thangam Bhattar, for his life-long dedication to the Adi Saiva tradition and pioneering emigration, first to Singapore and Malaysia, then permanently to America to inaugurate and serve in one of the country's first Hindu temples, the Sri Meenakshi Temple of Pearland, Texas, and later the Hindu Temple of New Orleans.

A Mystical View of Sanatana Dharma

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's Publisher's Desk editorial from Hinduism Today magazine's July/August/September, 2019 issue. "As an emanation of God, each soul has the eternal truths of Hinduism encoded within itself, available through meditation"

Hinduism In a Nutshell

Cover The July issue will be online the 1st of July. But we wanted to issue a preview of the Educational Insight section. It's a new rendering of Hindu Basics. The most popular part of our website for years. Now available in ebook formats. Perfect to give away or share with friends. Hinduism In a Nutshell
A Simple Overview of a Complex Faith
Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Recent Google search on What is Hinduism yielded some 223,000 answers. Many are from outsiders offering their best take; many are from antagonists taking their best shot. Too few are knowledgeable; fewer still are authentic. Rare is the answer that goes beyond parochial sectar-ian understandings; scarcely any encompasses the huge gamut implied in the question. For these reasons alone, the book from which this article is taken was inevitable. Written by devout Hindus and drawn from the deepest wells of spiritual experience and cultural insight, it is a definition coming from deep inside the inner sanctum and depicting in words and amazing images the living, breathing entity that is Hinduism. Get the ebooks here!

Russian Edition

The next issue of Hinduism Today in the Russian language is coming together in Moscow. The team just sent these cover images of their work. It's amazing they have made this major publishing initiative work so well in a far off land. Congratulations to all of you!

Hinduism Today Jan/Feb/Mar, 2019 Issue Released!

Jai Ganesha!

Hinduism Today's latest issue has gone to press and is now available online:

You can also download our free Hinduism Today app and get the entire magazine in a mobile-friendly format.

In this issue's Publisher's Desk editorial, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami addresses how to separate your awareness from what you are aware of and enjoy a part of your mind that is always peaceful and all-pervasive

New Song Released on History of Hindu India

Hinduism Today is pleased to announce the release of their first history movie music video, "Let's Go Back 6,000 Years." The Indus Valley Civilization is the song's subject. It a song for children intended to supplement the popular History of Hindu India documentary "From Ancient Times." In the course of our extended involvement with the California textbooks and the teaching of the history of India and Hinduism in California middle schools, we found out that music videos like this are very much appreciated by teachers for their classes. They serve as an appealing summary of the lesson material.

The song is the first of three being worked on for this time period.

Produced by: Hinduism Today
Music: Aks and Lakshmi
Lyrics: Dragan Stojkovski
Video and subtitles: Artyom Kuchma
Funding: Uberoi Foundatio

Hinduism Today Oct/Nov/Dec, 2018 Issue Released!

Jai Ganesha!

Hinduism Today's latest issue has gone to press and is now available online free of charge at:

You can also download our free Hinduism Today app and get the entire magazine in a mobile-friendly format for your device here.

In this issue's Publisher's Desk editorial, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami addresses how we can enhance the peace and contentment in our life. He gives a number of effective techniques for the individual and for members of the household. Especially useful are his guidelines for a reduced-stressed existence achieved by living in the eternal now, and not bringing stress and contention into the home.

Peace and Contentment – Publisher’s Desk

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami reads his editorial from the October/November/December 2018 edition of Hinduism Today magazine. "A look at some specific suggestions on what we can do to experience the peaceful state of mind called contentment"

Another Russian Issue Roles Off the Press

Today our magazine editors received a box of the latest issue of Hinduism Today to be printed in the Russian language. Our sincere thanks to Dinanatha and his team in Russia for their sincere and successful efforts to bring Hinduism Today to the Russian people. Aum Namah Sivaya

Reading One’s Own Inner Book

This phase, our monastery was delighted to meet long-time acquaintances for the first time, Mukund and Vaijayanti Hanumante of New Orleans, USA. Here they are with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Kaivalyanathaswami, visiting the Media Studio. They are Hinduism Today lifetime subscribers since the mid 1980s and generous donors to Iraivan temple. Mukund has also been a faithful advertiser for past 30 years, advertising his books. The first was A Glimpse of Divinity, which Gurudeva was so impressed with that he contacted Mukund and wrote a glowing review of it which is now part of the book. We know of no other instance when Gurudeva did such a thing. Mukund has since written a second book, Eternal Friend, which posits that we all carry within us a being longing to be our best, loyal and perfect friend forever, waiting patiently, and waiting for us to give the ok. When asked whether he plans a third book, he said, "For now, I am concentrating on reading my own inner book."

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