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Merit Demerit and Liberation

Aum Namah Sivaya

We hope you enjoy this early look at Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami’s Publisher’s Desk Editorial from the July/August/September, 2023 edition of Hinduism Today Magazine.

Publisher’s Desk – Virtual Reality

Satguru’s latest Publisher’s Desk editorial, from the April/May/June, 2023 issue of Hinduism Today Magazine

“It’s no secret that today’s youth have a deeper interest in all things digital than previous generations. As digital experience proliferates and grows more realistic and compelling, it is entirely possible that its proper use could serve to deepen the younger generations’ understanding of and interest in Hinduism’s perspective of the Deities and inner worlds. I have asked, “Can the experience of non-physical digital worlds help youth understand and appreciate the non-physical spiritual worlds?” To explore this, we need to look at the major digital trends…”

New Artwork Collection on Hamsa – Guru & Shishya

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today we bring you a new collection of artwork accessible on HAMSA – Himalayan Academy’s Museum of Spiritual Art. The work was done by Maniam Selvan, an Artist from Chennai who has done work for Hinduism Today magazine in the past.

The the recent April/May/June, 2023 edition of Hinduism Today, Mase (as Maniam is known) created 8 canvases to help explore the genius of India’s Guru-Shishya system of spiritual training and transmission, through the magazine’s Educational Insight Section which will be available online March 1st. To see the full collection, click the image below.

“Passing on the Power” In Ardhanarishvara’s presence, we see the important transmission of spiritual knowledge and realization down through history, a power shown as a white light that radiates the same purity from one satguru to another. The gurus differ in many ways, but the light they have is the same in all ages

Guru Day

In an interesting conjunction of seemingly unrelated events, today was the 292nd Pada Puja held each Chittra nakshatra for Gurudeva's Grand Departure, 7,997 days ago. And the Insight for this next issue of Hinduism Today magazine is being printed in the Midwest, the April/May/June 2023 issue, which explores in depth India's genius system of spiritual training, the Guru-Shishya relationship. The art for this feature was done by Maniam Selven of Chennai, in his inimitable South Indian style, inherited from his renowned father.

In shrine rooms all over the world Gurudeva's shishyas are celebrating him, his life and mission and giving offerings in thanks for the light and insight he brought into their lives. Thank you, Gurudeva!

Introducing an Amazing Person

Introducing Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's Publisher's Desk editorial for the January/February/March, 2023 issue of Hinduism Today Magazine:

"I know a spiritually awesome individual. He is able to quickly calm himself when upset, to transform unhappiness into happiness, to inspire those who are discouraged, and always finds time to listen to the stories and concerns of family and friends. Would you like to be introduced to this amazing person? It’s easy. Just look into a mirror. Yes, that awesome person is you. But it is not the outer you—the body, the intellect or the emotions. It is the spiritual part of you, the soul, the atman, the immortal presence you can sense by looking into your eyes...

Satguru’s Latest Publisher’s Desk Article

From the October/November/December issue of Hinduism Today Magazine:
"The entire world entered a challenging new era in December, 2019, when the first human cases of Covid-19 were identified in Wuhan, China. In the two and a half years since then, the lives of virtually every human being were touched by lockdowns, economic hardships, health issues and loss of loved ones. With the pandemic still with us, global citizens now face another avalanche of difficulties provoked by Russia’s war on Ukraine. The greatest military conflict in Europe since WWII, it has further disrupted the world’s supply chains and contributed to soaring prices, as well as severe shortages of food and fuel in many countries. These hardships have become so dire that people in poor nations are demonstrating in the streets, hoping a new government will be voted in and improve conditions for the populace. Financial markets are in turmoil, recovery of the global economy is in doubt and Europe is experiencing the most severe humanitarian crisis it has seen in decades."

Life’s Challenges Are Not to Be Avoided

Satguru's recent Publisher's Desk Editorial from Hinduism Today's July 2022 issue

"A common perspective regarding ­major challenges is that we would prefer life without them. Why would anyone want to face all these difficult times, to regularly wake up in the morning and be seriously challenged by life? My guru, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, held a different perspective. He stated, “This is why we are born on this planet, to evolve through challenges. We are here for no other reason.“ What Gurudeva was telling us is that it is actually by living through karmas and thereby gaining better control over our instinctive and intellectual natures that we progress spiritually..."

Hinduism Today’s Latest Issue in the Russian Language

Aum Namah Sivaya, Today we received this latest issue of Hinduism Today Magazine in the Russian Language. It has been lovingly crafted to accommodate a transformation into the more lengthy Cyrillic text by Dinanatha and his team. You can download it here: Along with this issue, Dinanatha includes this short message: Dear Sadasivanathaswami, Satguru and Kauai Aadheenam,
I am pleased to announce that in these difficult times in the world and in Russia, in particular, by the grace of Lord Shiva and our beloved Gurudeva, we continue to work for the benefit of Shaiva Siddhanta and Sanatana Dharma. The new Russian version of the magazine "Hinduism Today" has been published... Jai Jai
With kind regards, Dinanatha B. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA!

the issue's Gatefold
Satguru's Publisher's Desk Article
Pages from the Educational Insight section

Hinduism Today’s April/May/June, 2022

Jai Ganesha!
Hinduism Today Magazine's April/May/June, 2022 issue is now available online free of charge at

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Tolerance: A Hindu Viewpoint

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami presents his Publisher's Desk Editorial from the latest issue of Hinduism Today Magazine.
"In a world mired in stubborn opinion, bigotry and callousness, it is important to reflect on ideals that can be an antidote.  World populations are experiencing ever-increasing diversity in their interpersonal and international interactions. This is due to freer immigration and refugee movements, global travel and, perhaps most significantly, increased Internet exposure to other religions, cultures, belief structures and ethnicities..."

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