Skanda Shashthi – Muruga’s Divine Radiance
Invoked Into the Bhuloka

After the Mahasamadhi observances each year, the week of Skanda Shashthi follows and we are blessed with the power of Lord Murugan's presence. This year's Skanda Shashthi abhishekam was as magical as always. It is an amazing experience, one that always seems new -- to feel the from-another-world life-altering actinic power of Lord Murugan's rays of grace.

Celebrating Ardra Nakshatra

Today is this month's Ardra Nakshatra, a day when Siva's grace flows forth with great strength. Each month a beautiful abhishekam is held is Kadavul Temple. Monks pour, milk, yogurt, citrus juice, chandana, honey, vibuthi and rose water over Nataraja as Sri Rudram is chanted. The absorbed pranas are then released during the final arati, blessing those who are both physically and mentally present.

He is the God of forms infinite in whose glory all things are--smaller than the smallest atom, and yet the Creator of all, ever living in the mystery of His creation. In the vision of this God of love there is everlasting peace. He is the Lord of all who, hidden in the heart of things, watches over the world of time. The Gods and seers of Brahman are one with Him, and when a man knows Him, he cuts the bonds of death. Krishna Yajur Veda

Golden Gate Mission Ganesha Visarjana

On Septemeber 7th Golden Gate Mission members in California celebrated the Ganesha Visarjana with devotees of the Concord Shiva Murugan Temple. There was a grand puja at the Riverview Park in Pittsburgh California by the Delta and the immersion took place after that. Pictured are the puja, Ganeshas ready for the immersion and the devotees who attended.

Ganesha Chaturthi

Yesterday the aadheenam celebrated Ganesha Chaturthi with a puja and abhishekam in Kadavul temple. After the puja, monks and devotees paraded to the river to submerge the handcrafted clay Ganeshas in its sacred waters, symbolizing Ganesha's release into universal consciousness.

Ganesha Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, is the festival day celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha. One of the great national festivals of India, and the foremost annual festival to Ganesha, it is celebrated on the chaturthi or "fourth day" after the new moon in the Tamil month of Avani (August-September). The temple and home shrine are decorated with banana leaves, sugarcane and strings of mango leaves. We bring baskets of fruits and sweets, especially modaka balls, and place them before the sanctum of Lord Ganesha. He receives special pujas throughout the day and often a festival parade. Each year we obtain or make a small or large soft clay image of Ganapati and use it for worship at home for two to ten days.

Aum śuklāmbaradharaṁ vishṇum
Śaśivarṇaṁ chaturbhujam
Prasanna vadanaṁ dhyāyet
Sarva vighnopaśāntaye

Aum, attired in white and all-pervading,
O moon-hued, four-shouldered One
with smiling face so pleasing,
upon You we meditate
for removing all obstacles.

Ganesha Visarjana Hyperlapse

Ganesha Visarjana at Kauai's Hindu Monastery, August 28, 2014. Shot in Hyperlapse at 10x speed on an iPhone 5S. (Stay tuned for a full slideshow of the festival.)

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