Ardra Nakshatra


Today the monks worshiped Siva Nataraja during the ardra nakshatra period of the day. An elaborate abhishekam was performed with milk, honey, herbs, rose water, chandanam, yogurt and coconuts.

Sunder thy desires. Sunder thy desires.
Sunder thy desires even unto the Lord.
The more the desires, the more the sorrows.
The more thou givest up,
The more thine bliss shall be.

A million times they are born and die;
In a million follies they forget this.
In the darkness of mala they are enveloped,
When, at last, the hidden grace of Siva
Bursts forth and chases away the night.
Then comes the moment for the soul to renounce,
And it then becomes a radiant Light.


Sivalaya Deepam

At the end of the previous phase, the monks celebrated Sivalaya Deepam. In the evening, several monks decorated our temples with hundreds of small lamps, placed throughout the temple interiors and around Kadavul's Nandi mandapam. Then a short arati was conducted in each sanctum, all concluding with a final lighting of a large pot of camphor before the dhwajasthamba, celebrating Siva as an infinite pillar of light.

"The Pure Flame is He, the immortal Lord is He,
The Radiant Flame who in my heart's core resides;
The Lord whose eyes are the Three Fires,
Who the Seven Worlds transcends,
The Lord of Homa's Cool Flame, and my heart's King besides."

Tirumantiram 221

Aum Namah Sivaya.

Sadhaka Jayanatha Becomes A Natyam

On the auspicious occasion of Skanda Shasthi and with the blessings of God, Gods and Guru, our Jayanatha takes Natyam vows. This marks the acceptance into the trials of the pre-yogi path. The elders of the monastery have approved of this young monk moving forward in his mission at the aadheenam.

"When the days are dark and the days are light, the Natyam does not give up his inner fight."

Skanda Shasthi 2015 Final Day: Lord Murugan Abhishekam

On this day we worship Lord Murugan of Kadavul Temple. Here is a brief explanation of what Skanda Shasthi is:

Skanda Shasthi is a six-day South Indian festival to Skanda, the Lord of Religious Striving, also known as Murugan or Karttikeya. It begins on the day after the new moon in the month of Karttika (October/November) with chariot processions an d pujas invoking His protection and grace. The festival honors Skanda's receiving His lance, or vel, of spiritual illumination, and culminates in a victory celebration of spiritual light over darkness on the final day. Penance, austerity, fasting and devout worship are especially fruitful during this sacred time.

Skanda Shasthi 2015

As part of Skanda Shashti, devotees came to worship Lord Muruga's grand Vel atop Muruga Hill on San Marga. Offerings of fresh fruits, camphor, kumkum, incense, vibhuti, turmeric, coconuts, flowers, milk, auspicious herbs, rose water, and new cloth were all presented to Lord Muruga on His hill. Thiruppugal sounds were sung and mantras filled the air. From the viewpoint of the top of Muruga Hill, one looks out upon the duration of San Marga only to see Swayambhu Sivalingam at its final point. From Muruga's Shakti Vel, we are propelled onward and upward to Siva's Holy Feet.

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