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Oneness, Energy, Light, and Prana

Gurudeva speaks about "my junk food congregation" how we can expand in health, wealth and well being. Superconscious energy, the voice of our soul, guides us from moment to moment. Gurudeva explains that we are Divine persons. The light in our eyes is in the eyes of all living creatures.

Unedited Transcript:

Greetings, everyone! It is Tuesday here at Kauai Aadheenam, 8th of September.

We had quite a day, yesterday. You will see some of the pictures. If you didn't catch up yesterday, go into the archives. Paramacharya Bodhinatha left with 2 of our young mathavasis. One of them was born in Saiva Siddhanta Church, grew up and now, is visiting India for his very first time. He will join Yogi Tapodana in Malaysia. They will visit the houses of our missionary families there, who are working diligently to change the thinking of the people in that country, on child-abuse within homes and schools. Plus, many other things, satsangs, releasing children's books for courses of lessons for 5-year olds upto 10-year olds. We have thousands of little children studying out of private homes, the basic teachings, world teachings, spiritual teachings. It makes them better people in tomorrow's world.

Also yesterday, came Mrs. Rao from the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago. A over 100-year old organization, is holding another Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa, in December 1999. We are invited to participate and also to help organize and advice from the Hindu point of view, and also from all the world religions' point of view. I was appointed President, along with Amritanandamayi Ma, another President, and Swami Chidananda of the Divine Life Society, as a coalition group to represent Hinduism at the Parliament, at their 100th year Anniversary. Now we are in action again. We are going to collaborate, we are going to work together as brothers and sisters, to make this Parliament of World Religions in Cape Town, an outstanding success.

You will also notice that yesterday, the very famous Larry Payne of Hollywood, Los Angeles, Southern California fame brought a group of over 40, very intelligent, wonderful people to Kauai Aadheenam. You will see their picture today. They all bought one or two books of 'Lemurian Scrolls', a psychic reading of the akasa, which we have just released. You will find it in your bookstore, a wonderful book. They were enthusiastic about the psychic readings of the akasa, of how mankind came to the planet. I explained how it happened. They were enthralled.

I also gave a talk yesterday about my junk-food congregation. Am I on their case all the time? Yes, you are right. You join my organization in the inner circle. We want you to be more and more perfect and more and more healthy. Avoid those doctor bills by buying good food, organic food. Chew your food the Ayurvedic way - 30 chews to each bite, mixing it with the saliva, swallowing it, and taking the consciousness of the pranas of God, into your body. I want my congregation to expand in health, in wealth and well-being. Junk food is very tasty and we all like it. But, it is expensive, because it produces illness. Illness is expensive because we have to buy additional medicines, to counteract the effect and then, there are those side effects.

Well, we have a new cyberspace congregation, building. I have many congregations. One, Saiva Siddhanta Church congregation. Another, readership-of-the-books congregation. A 'Hinduism Today' readership congregation, who are constantly in touch with us. You might know we employ full-time, over 100 people in our organization and have part-time people, over 150, working with us. We are the digital ones here at Kauai Aadheenam and we do it all through cyberspace, just like I am talking to you today.

Our representative at 'America Online', recently told us that 'Today at Kauai Aadheenam' is a field of discussion out there. Well, here we are and here we are going to be. So, let us all work together and build a new congregation. We only have 200 right now, after 2 weeks or 3 weeks of my talking to you, you communicating to me and our loving each other, being one with each other, being a part of a New Age, world-wide movement for peace, harmony among all religions, among all political figures and ideologies, among everyone.

For, the same energy that is in me is in you. That energy comes right from one Divine Source. This cannot be disputed. This cannot be explained away. This is an absolute truth. Are we not one, this very moment? Are not you one, as you go into your family life, as you go into your work-a-day life, as you go into your entertainment life, as you go into life without knowing what you want to do? This energy is a superconscious energy. It also has an inner voice within that is the voice of your soul. It can guide you from moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day, week by week, month by month.

You are a divine person. Look in the mirror. Look at your eyes. The light in your eyes is the same light that is in the eyes of all living creatures.

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The mystic lives, and is taught to live, two-thirds within himself and only one-third in the external. In learning how to do this, the mystic is taught to become consciously conscious, or aware that he is aware.