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Sadhana, Fearlessness

Today Gurudeva talks about fears, how they hold us down in consciousness. Gurudeva talks about real fear and unrealistic fears and how we can bring what we fear upon us. Gurudeva then describes how we can close off the fear chakra and gives us a sadhana to do concerning fear that we may become the fearless ones.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, on October 3.

Today, we talked with our Mauritius Monastery. They are doing really well. The beautiful Panchamukha Ganapathy Mandapam, which means 'Meditation Hall', has been completed. A gigantic fund-raising program of 3 million rupees is still going on. People are coming by, dropping off money that they have collected for the Spiritual Park, open from 6 in the morning until 6 in the evening, 7 days a week, for the people of the beautiful island of Mauritius.

Today has been a very interesting day. We helped our county, with a 40-million dollar application to the Federal Government, by doing some color work for them. We inaugurated the Coconut Money Tree program of which every member of our fellowship will have a personal endowment. Today, we are designing as our gift to the county of Kauai, banners and bumper stickers, which will appear at the 'Future Fair' on October 10. This is our service to the beautiful island upon which we live and thrive and have lived for over 30 years. Our island people are one family. We make no differences. We are all Kauaians.

Have you ever made a list of your fears? Everybody has fears and they are alone with their fears in their private moments. Write down your fears. What you fear might happen. Or, what you fear that did happen might happen again. Write them down. Most people have 2, 3 or 4 cherished fears, which hold them down in consciousness. These forebodings of the future, these forebodings of the present are a result of not analyzing the fears. Write them down. Look at them and ask yourself, "Are these private fears? Are these self-created fears? Are they real fears?"

Like, standing on the edge of a very tall building and looking down at the traffic - that is a very real fear. Swimming out in the ocean that is known for strong currents that will pull you out - that is a very realistic fear. But, fearing that you might come home and your house has been burnt down or you might go out and have an automobile accident or that your child might get run over by a car or get beat up by an emotional teacher in school - these fears can be handled and dealt with. You are the only one who can do that.

Often we bring what we fear upon us, because we create in our mind whatever we think. Our mind creates, it is a great creative computer. We are using that prana within the mind and we are creating. We are constantly creating, with every thought, with every fear that we have, with every action that we make, we are creating. So, what you fear, you may bring upon yourself.

Reverse the process. You have written down your fears. Underline those which are realistic. Cross out those which are not realistic. This and only this you can do, in your private moments. What do you want to create? Write a positive statement on top of every fear that you have crossed out. A positive statement. You will be creating the positive, instead of the negative. Only you can do this. Nobody can.

Therefore, when you have successfully done this, you will close off the fear chakra. For those of you who understand the chakras, that is the chakra way below the muladhara. It contains fear and all the apprehensions. That is why competitive sports is not good to participate in, because it keeps the fear chakra churning. For those who understand these things, mystically inclined people, the fear chakra spins in the opposite direction than the memory chakra just above it, the muladhara. You can tear yourself apart with your fears.

So now, we have a sadhana to do. I would suggest that if we do have fears, click the button and click it again and listen to me all over again, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times and you will have a much better life.

Those of you, who have no fear, the fearless ones out there in cyberspace, pass this knowledge on to others. Fear is for the using.

Well, I am seeing you

in our familiar place

our cyberspace

through the internet highways

in this beautiful, beautiful day

October 3, Sun 4 here at Kauai Aadheenam and it is a Saturday. I will always think of you. Your beautiful faces, Indivar, Deva, Gayatri, Jiva and all the silpis are here today. Danabalan, Appasami and all the many others. I am having your darshan. Oh, there is Sadhunathan and the Dandapanis. Everyone is coming in and tuning in. This is so wonderful. I see Siva in you, because God's energy in you is the energy that moves your body, propels your thoughts. It comes right from God. I am seeing God. Many faces, through cyberspace.

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