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Create Change and Thought

Gurudeva tells how negative words can create barriers and how the subconscious mind receives information. Positive thoughts and affirmations are explained and how one can change a state of mind. Change attitude by changing belief.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, October 13. By our Vedic calendar, Sun 1. We begin a 6-day phase. This means that we serve for 6 days and then we have a 2-day retreat.

We just finished a 2-day retreat reflecting on life that we live here, reflecting on the future and reflecting on the past. What we do in the future, do we want to remember it in the past? Big question. That is why we always have to stop and reflect. We can't be too busy to include reflection upon the past and upon the future, in our agenda of living life here on planet Earth.

Today we had a beautiful homa fire, invoking God and the Gods, to help us create the foundation of the Iraivan Temple. We need to raise about $ 300,000 to have a one 24-hour day cement pour. It is going to take 24 hours for the cement to pour. Over 150 cement trucks will be coming and then we can start putting up the temple stones soon after.

We attended the 'Future Fair' here at the Garden Island of Kauai. The people of Kauai are trying to, and are being successful in all parts of the island, in having an unified vision for the next 20 years. An unified vision of all the residents here.

Remember a few days ago, I mentioned that we were creating a big banner? It said, "One Island, Many Peoples, All Kauaians." Well, when you are a Texan, you live in Texas. When you are in Boston, you are a Bostonian. When you are on Kauai, you are a Kauaian. You share in the spirit of Aloha, which means loving, giving, and supporting, acknowledging all the fine qualities of life. It was a very successful event and the big banner was on the front page of 'The Garden Island' newspaper. We are very happy about that. A beautiful article written by Sue Dixon our fine editor, about We Are All Kauaians and the reason why we live in a diverse community but we are one, under one banner. We are all working for a sustainable future.

Well, we are improving one of our rooms, the room where we receive guests. Milan and Margaret Nezbeda have designed a beautiful marble floor. John Anderson and Wayne Field are experts at putting marble, creating a beautiful place to walk and sit. We will put a picture for you to see, when it is finished. It is really beautiful.

Yogi Tapodana and Markandeya Sendan arrived from India and are telling us many, many stories about their mission through Singapore, Malaysia, and through the southern part of India. Very happy to receive them back.

Now, the thought for today is 'Affirmation.' We often make affirmations that don't work out to our benefit. We say, "Oh, darn!" and "I'll be ..." (the d-word), and all kinds of swear words. What we are doing when we do that, is programming our subconscious mind to create barriers and hindrances in our lives. Have you ever thought that something wonderful is really going to work out, and all of a sudden it falls through and does not work out at all? The subconscious mind is an obedient supercomputer that is performing its functions for you. If you say, "I'll be darned", then you are darned and things don't work out. If you say, "I'll be the d-word," then obviously, you will get the d-word working in your life.

There are other 4-letter words that you can use. L-o-v-e. K-i-n-d. Love, kind. You can put into your subconscious mind positive affirmations.

I will be what I will to be.

I will do what I will to do.

Through the grace of God, life is going to be perfect tomorrow, the next day, the next day and the day after that, and on to the future.

Think positively. Those positive thoughts take the substance, which this universe is made of, and bring it all together, and impress it in your subconscious mind. It actually can be seen in your inner aura by a psychic person. You become a new person, a brand new person. The 'love' word and the 'kind' word eliminate the "I'll be darned" and all the other naughty words. Erase them. They no longer exist because kindness, love and charity and all the wonderful qualities are powerful, moving energies. Whereas, hate and stopping and jealousies are negative energies and they don't move as fast. They just sit there, grinding away.

Thought is a very powerful thing. The computer that you are looking at right now is a product of thought. Somebody, somewhere had an impulse, a vision. Then, that impulse turned into a pulse. The vision began to be more clear in their minds and finally the various parts of it came together. They were inspired and they saw how they could help humanity. It became concentrated and finally, it manifested in what we are looking at today. Everyday, it improves. It gets faster and faster and faster. I wonder if it will ever get faster than the speed of light. Maybe, it will be like the newspaper, carried by the cat. We will see tomorrow in today's computer ... who knows? It is advancing so quickly and it is also helping us so much. The building that we are sitting in, that you are sitting in was once a thought. The impulse, the pulse, the creation and finally manifestation.

You are a creative being. Everybody living on the Earth is a creative being. We say poverty is a state of mind. Poverty is a state of mind. Change the state of mind, stop cursing yourself and cursing others, which is also yourself. You will be an uncursed person, able to go ahead and be successful in life. People who are wealthy control their desires. That is why they don't spend more than they have.

It all begins up there in the head. It is all controlled by the feelings of the heart. If we get down lower in the anatomy, we don't know what is going to happen. In those parts below the heart, things get all mixed up, and confused. Things often back up on us in ways we don't want, in ways we don't like, causing us to resent life and want to end it all. Suicide is not an option. In some countries, they have a death penalty. That is a joke! But, it is not an option.

There is a wonderful movie playing here on the Island of Kauai, about suicide, death, afterlife, reincarnation. I forget the name of it .... 'What Dreams May Come'. Go see it. The whole nation is understanding reincarnation, life after death. We are moving on very rapidly. Many people are preaching the end of the world, that it will happen next year. Let us hope so. The end of all the worst of the world, just leave the best. We will go on from there into a New Age. Remember, a New Age begins with harmony and peace in the home, raising your children without being afraid of the parents.

Well, we are kind of running out of time here. I will be seeing you in our very familiar place, looking at you. Positive affirmation, think about it. I love you, you love me. I love you, you love me. That is a good affirmation to say to people that you are a little edgy around, that haven't quite pleased you or maybe that teased you. Change the attitude by changing the belief.

We'll gather together tomorrow, cyberspace comrades. We'll be together tomorrow.