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Controlling Sexual Fantasy

Gurudeva answers a question about sexual fantasy, how to replace this by lifting the energy up, warming the heart, and making others happy. Gurudeva tells what he would say to Dr. Kevorkian and explains prayopavesa. Gurudeva also gives answers about birth control, the use of an I.U.D., and abortion.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, December 16th. It is a Wednesday here on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai.

Acharya Ceyonswami gave a fantastic talk to members of Saiva Siddhanta Church and pilgrims that arrived on the island today.

Thirty youth are at a camp in Mauritius, Satguru Siva Yogaswami youth camp, conducted by Sannyasin Murugaswami and Sannyasin Sivadevanathaswami. The Sivan Katir kutumba sponsored the camp and a few days ago I talked to all of these wonderful youth on the telephone. This is a country that is coming up in the World community. There is harmony between all the religions of the world. There is one thing wrong there, though. They still beat their kids in school even though it is against the law. They are afraid that if they stop, the community will rise up against the teachers. The parents, husband and wife, work and they feel that beating those little kids down into fear and to resentment, will get them better grades. Can you imagine? I can't. But we are going to do something about that.

Several have responded to invitations of the Innersearch Alaska cruise. They are all welcome. Two from San Diego, Damara, Hiteshvara. Also, Someone I don't know from Luxembourg.

Well, we have several questions today. Again, one from Luxembourg. "How can one save oneself against sexual fantasies?"

Well, sexual fantasy is a lot of prana, a lot of energy created by the mind. That energy goes out and creates a form within your mind, which responds back on your physical body. You can change the form of that prana at your will.

What we advise is to pick your favorite flower. Maybe, it is a rose. Maybe, it is another kind of flower. Take that ball of energy which is, or was a sexual fantasy and turn it into a flower. Lift your energies up and warm your heart, rather than other parts of your body. Give your love out to the world by making others happy. That is your real happiness.

Of course, if you are referring to sexual fantasy as pornography on the internet, well, that is easy. Just turn off your computer.

We have another one. "What would you say to Dr. Kevorkian if you were to talk to him?"

Dr. Kevorkian helps people to leave this planet voluntarily, or to commit suicide, which they don't have the courage to do themselves and which other doctors do too, by making mistakes and accidents. But, he is a national figure because he is defying the laws. Well, I would say to Dr. Kevorkian, in Hinduism, we do have a method; and that is fasting to death, providing no one objects in the community of friends, family and associates. That is the proper way to die, if you are in such great pain.

There is a word for it, prayopavesa. According to Hindu scripture, this is the only acceptable form of voluntarily leaving your body. A wonderful Swami, associate of ours, performed prayopavesa last year. He was in Bangalore. He wrote to us, and the reasons why; we did not object. He wrote to Swamis all around the world and his local community of devotees, as well as the government. All acknowledged his right. That is what we would tell Dr. Kevorkian.

Don't interfere with the natural patterns of life. Suffering is good. It is not bad, it is good. But again, if you have something else to do, you don't want to miss your timing, and great souls sometimes leave their body because they do have something else to do. They want a birth in a good family, to do a certain job, in a certain country. It is their choice.

Here we have something else. This is really life and death below the belt. "Is I.U.D. an acceptable form of birth control?" This is from Singapore.

Well, I would say, yes it is. Though we are vegetarians, we don't have our nose up to labels in supermarkets all the time to see if there is a little egg in the cookies. We believe in the middle path. So, don't worry about I.U.D, but do worry about abortion. Because scooping those little arms and legs out; that is a sin. That is a sin. Get my meaning?

Now, we are still open for questions, and we hope that you will send the questions.

We have a few requests for 'Living with Siva'. We are going to send that to you. We are also going to send to you the details about Innersearch Alaska. Come on board! Well, here we go! It is not exactly 'up, up and away', but it is 'get on board', and we'll sail away. See the icebergs. But better than that, see the inside of you. Whatever is there, you are going to see it. Good, bad, or indifferent. Be prepared.

Aum Namah Sivaya!

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