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Love (Part 6)

Gurudeva tells us many physical ways we can express love in the home. Gurudeva tells us to be patient. Respect elders. Respect ourselves. The hope of the world is love but we have to understand what love is. Gurudeva describes the soul and the One Energy and tells us Love is who you are.

Unedited Transcript:

The hope of the world is love. The hope of the world's improvement is love. But we have to understand what love is. It comes in many forms and is expressed in many ways. We have just described all those forms and just described most of those ways. (and)You will discover ways yourself to express love.

Love is decorating the home, bringing flowers into the home, arranging flowers in the home. [Love is] cooking a wonderful meal and serving it properly. [Love is] cleaning the home, bringing air into the home, so that those that come into the home are uplifted by being in the home itself. Love is taking care of the shrine room, fresh water, fresh flowers, incense, polishing the deities, keeping them bright and shiny, and dressing them in new clothing so that those who see and receive the darshan are uplifted.

So, there are many physical ways we can express love, other than hugging and kissing. Many physical ways that we can express love. Love is bringing the whole family to the temple at auspicious times. Love is meeting with the family on Monday evening and sharing, (and) talking and understanding each other's minds, (and)how their mind works and where they are in their consciousness, solving little problems.

Love is being patient with people who have problems, until the problems go away by talking them through. Love is respecting the elders. Love is also respecting yourself because unless you have self respect, unless you respect yourself, [you cannot respect others.] Many people put themselves down on the inside. They do not have a good self image. Their self image is very bad. How they look at themselves inside themselves [is] not good, not good at all for some people.

(If)We [must] get the right perspective of who we are on the inside. We are a soul. (and)The soul body is made of quantums of shining light. The soul has various tools. It has an astral body, it has a physical body, it has an intellect [and] it has emotions. But, it is that one energy that comes from the soul that enlivens the astral body, enlivens the intellect, enlivens the emotions and enlivens the physical body. Once that self image is impressed in the subconscious mind and all the other images in the subconscious mind have been erased by it, then you have a self respect that will never go away.

So loving yourself, being nice to yourself, is also one of the first expressions of love. But, don't get stuck there. Don't get stuck there. That can lead you astray. That has to be carried right out to all the others - aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, cousins and brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors and the community itself. Until finally, love is who you are, just a really nice normal person as normal people should be, nice people.

Aum Namah Sivaya!

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We begin to consciously dance with Siva, to move with the sacred flow that surrounds us, to accept praise and blame, joy and sorrow, prosperity and adversity in equanimity, the fruit of understanding.