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Observances of Birth, part 2 (with Tamil)

Today Gurudeva responds to a question about the Hindu Observances of Birth, such as not going to the temple or worshiping in the home shrine. Isn't birth supposed to be a joyous occasion? An e-devotee asked. Tamil Translation

Unedited Transcript:

During the time of adjustment, the inner astral body of the child is getting adjusted to this tiny little body and is experiencing leaving that body and re-entering that body. Often when a baby is crying uncontrollably, we can assume that the astral body is out of the physical body, trying to re-enter. So, with this explanation, I think we have new meaning to the 31 days of seclusion that a family observes after the birth of a child.

The observation of 31 days after the death of an individual is also the same traditional practice, closing up the shrine room, putting white cloth over all the deity pictures and not visiting temples, swamis, or holy persons.

Also, (in)both cases of a birth and a death [are] very similar because the door of the inner world is open. (And)We want to help that door to close, not to keep it open by worshipping in the shrine or going to the temple. This does not restrict the relatives and friends from bringing food to the family because the natural routine of the home has been disrupted. In the case of the death of an individual or dear family member, after - there are many, many things to do, of disposing with clothing and belonging, wills, the family must be free from all extraneous religious duties. Visiting the shrine room would open the door for uncontrollable crying of members of the family. Crying upsets the astral body of the departed one because they are still connected to their loved ones and they are experiencing happy experiences. So, during this particular time of 31 days after birth or death, slowly the inner doors of the higher worlds, as well as the lower worlds, close. (and)[Normalcy may commence in] the family after the period of retreat, which does not exclude of course, personal meditation and japa, worshipping within.(, normalcy may commence.)

Thank you for that very good question. We welcome questions from our cyberspace congregation.

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