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A Karma Poem; Saiva Siddhanta Church Activities

Today Gurudeva first reads a statement about karma from the Winner's Camp program. The word "karma" is not used, but you know it is karma they are talking about. Then Gurudeva asks and answers his own question. He tells about some of the recent activities of his Saiva Siddhanta Churchspecifically the plans for engaging in interfaith efforts and the release of Hindu Press International (HPI).

Unedited Transcript:

This is a beautiful statement on karma. "And they were taught the laws of life, that their treatment of others would return at last upon themselves. Those who cheat will be cheated. Those who slander will be slandered. For every lie you tell, you'll be lied to. Brutality will be met with brutality. We get what we give and to the same degree and not always from the same people with whom we have dealt. But somewhere, sometime, someone will treat you in a like manner. The good that we do to others will return also. For your kindness to strangers you will receive hospitality in far off places yourself. Understand the troubles of others who come to you with their souls bared and when you cry yourself, you'll be sympathetically understood. We get what we give. Like always attracts like. This is the law and it is inevitable. We cannot escape the results of our actions. We get what we give." Isn't that beautiful? Very beautiful.

So today we''re doing a few cyberspace questions and the first one will come from me.

The first cyberspace question we have today is, "Please tell us about Saiva Siddhanta activities, we don't hear much of that.

As a result of attending as a Delegate of the United Nations Millennium Summit for Religious and Spiritual Leaders, we have decided to enter the Interfaith arenas of the world and participate aggressively,proactively and fully. Especially among the Asian religions. We are interested in getting a coalition of the Asian religions to represent themselves at the on going United Nations Summit activities of political leaders who have asked religious leaders for their advise, counsel and encouragement. I had a long talk yesterday with Bawa Jain the General Secretary of the United Nations Summit for Religious and Spiritual Leaders and we concluded that, yes, we need to have the Asian religions represented very well at the Congress of political leaders, so that their wisdom of karma and reincarnation and all the vital laws of Asian religions life could equally balance out what the Western religions have to say. Also through our publication, the bi-monthly Hinduism Today, we are launching a new service, which is a public service called Hindu Press International and this will come from the desk of Sannyasin Arumugaswami the Managing Editor of Hinduism Today and it will appear on the e-mail of religious editors, editors and managing editors of newspapers large and small worldwide. There will be three to four news items, which will be short and their sources will be also included and it will go out five times a week. Professors and Educators, Lecturers and members of Saiva Siddhanta Church will also receive Hindu Press International daily news releases. So these are two new activities of Saiva Siddhanta Church.

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