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A Radio Interview by Loni Petranek and Gurudeva

This is a radio interview conducted by Loni Petranek with Gurudeva. The interview gives an overview of Gurudeva's worldwide mission. In the thirteenth part today Loni asks Gurudeva about the completion date of the San Marga Iraivan Temple and if the temple will be open to the public.

Unedited Transcript:

Loni : As we were mentioning, with Gandhi saying, "The future belongs to the women." So, I believe we can work together. It is not a matter of one or the other. I think, we all need to come together and work in harmony.

Gurudeva: It is togetherness situation.

Loni: Yes, it is unified. The unified field, as Einstein said. Now, we are winding down this show, Gurudeva.

Gurudeva: This has been a very nice show. I have enjoyed talking with you.

Loni: So have I! I would like to, maybe just end with, when do you think the temple will be available for people to visit? What is your projection for the completion? What do you see as the future with the temple?

Gurudeva: We look at it as completed, at any point of time. Especially now, with this fantastic 4-foot foundation, over 100 feet long, and 50 feet wide. But, next year, when the stones arrive, you will be able to help chip stones and fit the stones yourself. The entire community will be able to help in building the temple and, it will be a wonderful experience for everyone. We have magnificent pillars, upto 17 feet tall. Some of them are polished black granite, others are white granite. It is going to be one of the wonderments of the United States of America.

Loni: I think so, my goodness! So, it will be open to the public? Or, will you have to be making appointments when this particular structure is finished? How are you going to do it? Because, it is going to be so fabulous, that people are going to, probably, come from all over the world!

Gurudeva: We will have the same programme that we do now. We have Visitor's Day, and will be open from 9 a.m to noon, nearly every day, some days not. So, as I say, it is a place of pilgrimage, where pilgrims will come. Even if they live on the island, they will come like, one week out of the year, for certain spiritual practises. Sitting by the river, practising pranayama, practising hatha-yoga, practising personal meditations, chanting and sadhana. So, it is for that purpose.

Loni: Beautiful! You are travelling an awful lot now. I guess because of the books, and coming out of retreat.

Gurudeva: Just coming out of retreat and I am on way to the country of Mauritius, where we have another center. It is a fantastic 'Spiritual Park'. I will be a guest of the Government there, for 6 days. We are opening this center to the public. I will be going to Singapore. Also, Malaysia. We will be talking to thousands and thousands of people. We are going to talk about a lot of these subjects, of wife abuse and child abuse. Work out methods and ways that we can re-educate the public. That is what we are trying to do, on a very grand scale. Re-educate the public to a better way of managing home-life, with the mother spirit coming up and everyone respecting that.

Loni: That is a wonderful service.