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Nyaana Theysigan

  Sung by: Pon Sundaralingam

Eelanaadu Vaalavantha

  Sung by: Mrs. Meena Thavaratnam

Nallooril Aaddakkaaran

  Sung by: Pon Sundaralingam


  Sung by: Pon Sundaralingam

Ennai Enak Arivitthaan

  Sung by: Sivayogar Siruvar Padasallai

Siva Siva Thondan

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Simple bhajan invoking the Kailasa Parampara

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Chellapaswami's Self Discipline, Tendency Toward Isolation

a. Chellappaswami frequently found refuge in Nallur Temple’s chariot house, a 12-meter-tall thatched tower in which Lord Murugan’s...

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Kadaitswami Watches Over, Initiates Chellapaswami

a. Kadaitswami visited Chellappaswami often, watching over his shishya’s meditations. The two were often seen marching together through...

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"Yaarada Nee"? (Who are you?)

a. Trekking to the seashore one day, Chellappaswami and Yogaswami came upon a lady selling eggplants, Yogaswamis favored...