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Usha (The Goddess)

S. Rajam writes: When the children of sages call this child as Mother in the Paavana Mantras, they became the glimmering light of the Vedas. The beauty beyond description of early morning became Usha. She dresses herself with all the colours of the horizon before dawn. The predominant colour of the horizon red colour is the colour of her skin. Her mother, the Goddess of Sky Thiu, decorates her and shows her to the world. She comes in a golden chariot attached to red coloured bullocks with a shy smile, to meet her prince the Sun. As soon as she comes, the flower blossoms (madal avizhum). The eyes that sleep opens. It is only because of her grace that birds, animals, insects and even human beings are able to wake up each morning. A mantra says 'the Sages are able to recite mantras, light the fire of Agni and worship the Devas and benefit only because of your grace'.

The beauty of the horizon cannot be experienced on rainy days. A reason for this is described in Vedas as that Lord Indra uses his weapon, the Vajrayutha, to destroy the chariot of Usha Devi who is a form of Goddess Durga, thus preventing her from making an appearance. However, more are the days, when the Sun God affectionately takes her on his side. The Vedas call her Dhasakaraththal (Goddess with ten hands) as her beauty is pervasive. She is also believed to be the main form of Goddess Durga with ten hands (Dhasabuja Durgai).

Image of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
There is no place where Siva is not. He is in you. He is in this temple. He is in the trees. He is in the sky, in the clouds, in the planets. He is the galaxies swirling in space and the space between galaxies, too. He is the universe.