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Indra and Workers Dispute, Sage Agasthiyar Performs a Homam

Indra and Workers Dispute, Sage Agasthiyar Performs a Homam

S Rajam writes: As per ancient history, there were 49 Maruthukkal (a group of people). According to Vedas they were either 108 or 27 in number. They can be considered as a group. It is their duty to help Lord Vayu by pushing the clouds in different directions and to shower rain there. They were the sons of Rudra. Slaves of Lord Indra who is the God of Rain. Whenever Lord Indra feels prideful, he goes and torments them. He also torments them by not providing their part of the offerings made to Lord Indra. They used to stand against Lord Indra saying “How can you win over dryness without our help?” like the Management Labour Dispute.

However Sage Agasthiyar realised that the workers were right. Though he is short in appearance, he is highly respectful, isn’t he? The strong Agasthiyar and the father of Tamil Sage Marai even removed Lord Indra from their homam and gave the offerings to only Maruthukkals, the workers of Lord Indra. When Lord Indra entered the homam with his arm ‘Vajrayutham’ like a storm, even Sage Agasthiyar got shocked for a moment. He explained the righteousness of himself in a strong yet polite way. Lord Indra obliged to the words of the sage. He made arrangements to give the part of homam offerings to the Marthukkal (workers). Sage Agasthiyar-Lord Indra-Maruthukkal began their discussion in the initial Rig Veda time. That marked a great discussion to impart justice to each and every human being.

Maruthukkal will have lightening in one hand, spear in the other hand as their weapon. Anklets on their leg, golden ornaments over their chest, glowing jhumkas in their ears, golden hat over their head. They will have the rain as their clothes and torment the dark Viruthiraasuran (demon) by splitting the clouds with spear and lighting.

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