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August 2017 Monthly News Video

Kauai's Hindu Monastery brings you news from July, 2017, including: Our annual celebration of Satguru Purnima. In addition to Kauai island residents, devotees flew in from Turkey, Malaysia, California, Canada and elsewhere to attend and rededicate their spiritual striving for another year.

A new calf was born on July 20th, the same day Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami returned from his East Coast travel mission. Kali is of the Jersey breed and is happy and healthy.

The Temple Builders' Pavilion was inaugurated, concluding years of sculpting, molding, casting and welding by 29 artisans.

And finally we are thrilled to announce the completion of our hydroponic greenhouse. For now we are experimenting with different varieties that will work best for our system and have already seen, and tasted, some amazing lettuce produce.