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Ethical vs. Unethical Conversion

Bodhinatha reviews some of the important points of the Hindu Renaissance talk, including ethical vs. unethical conversion, which Gurudeva documented very thoroughly in How to Become a Hindu, and reenergizing communities by making Hinduism inspiring and uplifting to Hindu youth.

Unedited Transcript:

You can see we are focusing on a number of points. One of them is ethical versus unethical conversion. We have a lot of experience in this. Gurudeva has documented that quite nicely in, 'How to Become a Hindu'.

The other is in terms of working with youth and actually doing so in a way which is inspiring and uplifting, not just making Hinduism a boring subject. For example, our Saivite Hindu Religion Course has some wonderful games in it. On many occasions, we have been told that is the part the kids really like the most. They come to the temple in Malaysia and come to the class and say, "What is the game for today?" That is the big interest.

Areas like that where we have experience, are what we are offering and trying to do our part in helping the Malaysia Hindu Sangam re-energize Hinduism in Malaysia. They are taking up a large scale task and they seem to be going about it in a very methodical, organized way. So we want to do what we can to help.

Any idea how long the talk took to read?

24 minutes. Good, I have a 30-minute time slot! It is just about the right length, counting all the introductions.

Have a wonderful day. Thank you very much.

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