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Practice Makes Perfect

The Master Course - Bodhinatha's Insights

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami gives a presentation on a topic entitled "Practice Makes Perfect" which featured in the Jan/Feb/Mar 2011 Hinduism Today. In this Presentation Bodhinatha explains that deep inside we are perfect this very moment and only have to live up to this perfection. The ultimate goal is to realise oneness with God and not create unwanted experiences along the way. Daily practice through worship preferably before dawn, pilgrimage, holy days observances, atoning for misconduct, upholding dharma and the 10 yamas (noninjury, truthfulness, non-stealing, divine conduct, patience, moderate appetite, steadfastness, compassion, honesty, purity), observing rites of passage are indeed powerful tools for inner growth and spiritual unfoldment.