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Origin, Form, Unfoldment

The language of animals and their importance are brought forth. Merging with Siva, the lotus flower of the soul, a talk given about 40 years is remembered by Gurudeva. The religious path of Sanatana Dharma, spiritual unfoldment, states of consciousness are topics of today.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, October 9. It is Friday, our time on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai. Our pilgrim from Australia departed today, back to Australia. He will take our love and blessings to all the temples there. These are beautiful Tamil temples created by Sri Lankans who fled to Australia because of the war in their country. Really beautiful temples and he is taking our love back to all my devotees in Australia.

We had visitors from Hollywood. Other visitors from Japan, representing Japanese groups that are coming here in February, wondering if they would be welcome at Kauai's Hindu Monastery. Yes, of course! They are bringing 3 groups of about 60 people each, to take a beautiful nature walk and see the 700-pound, wish-fulfilling crystal Siva Lingam. Each one will make a wish and be given a beautiful strand of golden beads that have been on the crystal, absorbing its energy and power for quite some time.

Our little cat was hurt, must have gotten hit by a car or something. We have about 20 cats, here at Kauai Aadheenam, because in the sugarcane fields that surround us, there are about a million rats. Also, our cats, cows and birds tell us many things. We have to listen to their language. We do listen to their language. They tell us where negativity happens. Our Temple Gods are living on the astral plane. They also protect our Temple and our Monastery. The local people that have lived all their life on the island have seen them and approach the Kadavul Hindu Temple with great respect. We found the cat by writing a letter and burning it in the sacred fire to our most active and willing genie, who took us right to where the cat was, lost in our neighbor's field.

Those are the happenings at Kauai Aadheenam. Now, how about you? I have been reading 'Merging with Siva', to make a CD of the entire book. It will be about 26 CDs, total. 'Gurudeva's Talking Books' and we hope you will all have a copy. It is really beautiful, it is really inspiring. It tells how the soul is a lotus flower.

Where did a lotus flower come from? I gave this talk to a group of devotees about 45 years ago. The lotus flower comes from the mud. It is a seed. It is in the mud. But, that seed, like your soul is in tune with the ever-present life-force of the entire Universe, the light emanating immanently out from Lord Siva. It bursts open, becomes roots, becomes a stem and is conscious of the water. Rising above the water it becomes leaves, conscious of the air and the sunlight. The sunlight nourishes from above and the mud nourishes from below. Does that not sound like your life? Certainly that is life on this planet.

We are nourished from above, sometimes all too rarely. Nourished from below, sometimes most of the time. Below is the instinctive mind. Water represents intellectual mind. Sunlight, of course, is God-consciousness, superconsciousness, the Divine Self. Then, the bud appears, rising above the water, opens into a beautiful flower. You are on the spiritual path and as consciousness expands, the kundalini flows up imperceptibly through the stem. Consciousness expands.

I am really amazed at how many institutions of kundalini experiences there are in today's world. I mean, we should have hundreds and hundreds of jnanis, of people getting their message from the inside. We should have a better world. We should be listening to them. They should be making differences and changes in every community where they live, because when the kundalini is awake and active, it expands consciousness. Expanded consciousness makes a difference within lower consciousness. Makes sense. The lotus flower comes out of the mud, therefore understands the mud. The stem understands the water and the currents of the water. The leaves absorbing the rays of the sun understand life, and all this supports the bud. As the flower opens, great intelligence comes. Intelligence that does not come from other people's opinions or from books. A knowing, and a dynamic, shall we say, soul qualities.

So, we are looking at these kundalini institutes and their professors and seeing if they are getting results. Are they getting results? Is the kundalini being nurtured in the right way, planted in the right kind of mud. the right kind of water, the right kind of sunshine, with no trees shading it out?

Are we on the spiritual path? Are we on the religious path of the Sanatana Dharma? Of course, we are. This is spiritual unfoldment. This is the life that you keep coming back and back and back into flesh. Reincarnation, re-entering flesh. Don't ask me why this happens?!! It just happens, until there is such a time when it does not happen anymore, until such a time when we are free and can exist in states of consciousness without drawing energy from the mud, without drawing energy from the water, without drawing energy from the sun. A time when we exist by being the sun itself.