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Conquering Fear

Today Gurudeva again addresses the subject of fear, how to conquer fear with a positive plan. He suggests you write out your mission in life, first by stating that, "I am an important person," and going on to describe what you are going to do with your life.

Unedited Transcript:

3Today at Kauai Aadheenam; February 19th. Greetings to each and everyone. Welcome to Cyberspace Ashram.

I am sitting here with a group of four brahmacharis, a yogi, two Saiva swamis, and we are right in the middle of a 'Prasnottara Satsanga'. That means simply, 'Questions and Answers'. We would like each one to say just a word in their own language.

Tamil: Vanakkam. Naam ippoyudhu Kauai Aadheenathil irundhu pesarom. Indru oru shakti ulla naal irukka poguthu. Bhaktarmargal kovillukku vandhu indraikku darisanam kedaikkattum


Australian English: Good day everybody from 'down under'. Greetings, Aloha from Kauai Aadheenam. We are here in the home of Gurudeva. So blessed that we get to spend time with Gurudeva every day and learn with Gurudeva and study with Gurudeva. So, hope you all tune in everyday faithfully to listen to Gurudeva's talks. Aloha!

American English: Good morning. We are at Gurudeva's feet and we ask questions everyday and he gives great answers. Always right to the point, as with all his talks. So, we hope you continue listening to the TAKA everyday and reading everything that is happening here at Kauai Aadheenam. Aum Sivaya.

American English: Hello, this is another English speaking person, enjoying the darshan of Gurudeva along with the other brahmacharis. Keep tuning in everyday. The talks get more and more incredible. Thank you. Mahalo.

Gurudeva: Well, this is very wonderful. We have heard from a Tamil-speaking yogi from Malaysia, a Malay-speaking brahmachari from Malaysia, our Australian-English accent from 'down-under' and two American young men. We are very happy to be with you today and today we want to talk a little bit about fear.

They say, "It is wise to fear what is to be feared." Like, being on top of a tall building. You don't want to get too close to the edge, a natural trepidation comes up. But there are a lot of people that fear tomorrow, and the day-after-tomorrow. They also fear yesterday, and the day-before that. They are living in fear.

How do we conquer fear? A positive plan for one's life, for the future. Don't worry about the past. You'll meet the past in the future and if you have a positive plan, you'll go right through the negative parts of that past with flying colors. A positive plan is very, very potent for a person's life. It should be written down as a mission statement. You are a important person. You have a mission in life. Write down right now, "I am an important person, I have a mission in life". Then continue writing what that mission is. It is as simple as that. You will clear your mind of what everybody wants you to do, what your mother wants you to do, what your father wants you to do, what your aunties want you to do, what your uncles want you to do, what the public wants you to do, what your employer wants you to do. You are a person too. You are an important person living on this planet and you have a mission in life.

Now, I am talking to several of you out there in cyberspace. I can feel your vibrations. I didn't intend to say these things when I picked up the microphone and started talking on the 19th of February. But this is just what came out. Write down, "I am an important person living on this planet and I have a mission to perform." Then let your superconscious mind, your divine intelligence, your intuition do the rest of the writing. Then let your external mind read back what you have written. Do this everyday for one week. Slowly, your future destiny will unfold itself and you'll be surprised. The will-power to fulfill that positive mission will come up from within you.

Also, we would like for you to share your mission once it is developed, with us at our Cyberspace Ashram, through e-mail. We will read it to the whole world that is visiting, over 59 countries now that are tuning in to Cyberspace Ashram. Let us make a difference in our life, and once you do, you make a difference in the lives of others, a positive difference.

Aum Namah Sivaya.

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