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Mother's Duty to Stay Home

Today Gurudeva explains why he wear a string of beads on his head, and about how one can tell for oneself where consciousness is flowing in the various chakras. He talks about the problems we are hearing about children and schools, and notes that no one is offering solutions. Gurudeva offers one, that mothers return to their homes to care for their families, create and maintain the proper environment for a child to grow up in.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, 11th of May. Greetings everyone. Cyberspace doors are open and a question comes from Alex, Templeton, I guess. "I am 7 years old. I would like to know why you wear your beads around your head."

Well, it is kind-of a crown, a mark of distinction, because I am the HGIC - the Head Guru-in-Charge here.

Another question { durai}, who recently purchased a copy of 'Merging with Siva' and noticed that consciousness is flowing through various chakras from above the muladhara and others below. The question is, "Can one determine for him/herself, the spiritual state, to find out which chakras are predominantly active within the individual? Or only a spiritual master can help one with this right understanding?"

Well, a lot within Sanatana Dharma is a do-it-yourself kit. You can do-it-yourself, for each chakra represents a state of consciousness. You can read this very carefully through, in 'Merging with Siva'. The ones below the muladhara are fear, contention, jealousy and anger. You know the angry persons are persons angry all the time. That is where he is residing.

The muladhara itself is memory and the one above that is reason. Then, we come into will-power and then the various forms of the divine side. Yes, you can not only determine where you are on the spiritual path, but, also where are your mother, your father, your brothers, your sisters, your school teachers, your friends, everyone. So, go to work and be your own spiritual master.

We hear a lot today, about happenings of what is wrong with the youth - why are they killing people, why are they carrying guns, what is wrong with CDs that teach kids how to kill and on and on and on. We are hearing a lot about what is wrong but very few solutions. We only want solutions. What is voiced is that both parents work. Are we hearing that one parent should take responsibility for the family and stay home, take care of the children? No, we are not hearing that. Two paychecks coming in and two taxes being paid. Perhaps the mother's taxes to the county and to the state, to the Federal Government is paying for her delinquent kid, because of her neglect. So, is it all worth it to raise a generation of the b-word children? Or, are we going to find some solutions, stick to the solutions until we solve the problem?

Fifty years ago, it was very different. Mothers ran the home. They were called that awful, awful word - a housewife. They had lost their independence. That's another awful word - losing independence. Well now, they've lost their children, and they'll lose their husband.

Is it possible for the news media perhaps to talk more about solutions? We already know the problems. To actually encourage humanity to implement - a mother's place is in the home. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Let's look for solutions and implementation of solutions does take will-power. But, can be done. Else, we just won't have a New Age. That's all there is to it.

And, now try to capture this in the beautiful Tamil language, French language and in Malay.

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