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Love Siva Within Everyone

Gurudeva explains that encompassing beautiful love radiates throughout the perfect Universe. Be in the state of consciousness where harmony, bliss, peace is. Live Saiva Siddhanta religion every minute of the day. Decide what part of the person you love. If you love the soul you love the whole person.

Unedited Transcript:

The English language is limited in its words. There should be a different word for the four kinds of love but there is not. Therefore, we have to adjust our thinking when we say, "I Love You," to this all encompassing beautiful love that radiates out throughout the universe. The perfect universe where everything is in harmony and order and if it is seemingly out of harmony you know it is in harmony because you are in the state of consciousness where harmony is, where peace is, where bliss is. Therefore, your Saiva Siddhanta religion can work in your daily life. Your Saiva Siddhanta religion can be lived every minute of the day and all through the night. All you have to do is decide whether you are going to expect anything back from anyone. All you have to decide is what part of the person you love. If you love the soul you love the whole person, no matter who the person is, what they do, what they say, whether you know them or or whether you don't know them because they are the light of Siva, the energy is Siva, the love of Siva walking around in human form.

Well everyone! We want to invite you to come to the Iraivan Temple. We know you are going to have a wonderful, wonderful spiritual time performing sadhana.

Let's sing 'Aum Namah Sivaya'. (and)We will send our swamis on their way with our sadhakas and yogis, so they can help lead the parade out to Iraivan temple. We will take the kumbha and bring the vibration of Kadavul temple to Iraivan temple. We are opening a psychic channel in the astral and the pretaloka, so the energy can flow from Kadavul temple to Iraivan temple constantly. (In)Every ceremony, twenty-four hours a day, that is preformed here, will be a ceremony performed at the Iraivan temple.

Aum Namah Sivaya ... Aum Nama Sivaya ... Aum Nama Sivaya Aum ...

Photo of  Gurudeva
Purity, devotion, humility and charity are the four keys to good conduct. Of these, purity is the cardinal virtue. We cultivate purity by thinking, speaking and doing only that which is conceived in compassion for all.