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Stop War in the Home, Muruga Watches, Skanda Shasti

Lord Muruga and millions of devas see us, they hear our conversations, they know what goes on behind closed doors. Gurudeva tells us to invoke Lord Muruga today to make a difference.

Unedited Transcript:

People are waking up and that's the New Age. Lord Muruga is on this wake-up team with all of His many millions of devas. Multi millions of devas live in the Pretaloka, who can see you because they're trained; you can't see them. They know what's going on in the homes, behind closed doors. They hear the conversations, the screams and yells and the pleadings "Don't hit me again, I'll do anything you say.". Beaten down to total submission is being a good child or a good wife. What cruel people! What bad karma is going to come back on them! We hope it comes back in this life. We pray it comes back in this life because it's good to get over with it in this life; otherwise it will come back twice as strong in the next life, you can count on it. You can count on it.

We read about these things in the newspaper and magazines daily and hear about, see these things on TV daily. What put that into motion, that awful incident that happened to an individual? He put it into motion himself.

The law of karma is unfailing. It's also impersonal, totally impersonal, like gravity. Works, for one and all, systematically. I can drop some insignificant thing, gravity will take it down. I can drop this beautiful shell, gravity will take it down. It will break. Gravity is not making a decision between an insignificant object and a significant object. It works. So does karma work, like that. I throw a force out from within me through words, through feelings. You have physical action, emotional action. That prana goes out and comes back to you.

You can circumvent the law of karma by doing good. Many, many families, especially school teachers, have done the prayaschitta to clean up their karmas and mitigate the karmas so it doesn't come back so strongly. They count up the slaps they have given to their children, to their wives. They then look in the mirror and give themselves, five slaps for every one slap. They watch in the mirror and feel how it feels. Then, they distribute pamphlets and give talks of better ways against corporal abuse of children and wives. In Malaysia, one or two men distributed fourteen thousand pamphlets, fourteen thousand pamphlets. He did this sadhana and now feels like the karma has been mitigated, is happy about himself. School teachers are the greatest beaters in the world.

So Lord Muruga, the God of war, comes to end war for all time. The Mahadevas say the New Age will never really hook in internationally, until the last person that is supposed to be killed, has been killed and then no more killing after that. Then we have a New Age.

Where do we start? We start within the home, within the family unit. First, we had extended families. But now, extended families are breaking up, joint families are breaking up. We have the nuclear family and where is the nuclear family? It's also breaking up. I always say the nuclear families are just ready to explode. They are exploding and husband and wife are going from bed to bed to bed to bed to bed. The children are in the hands of the court. One good thing about it is the children have visiting privileges and they're shuttled back between mom and dad. Neither one of them will beat them, because that will go to the Judge. So the children benefit.

The young people who are Hindus have the advantage of two cultures and that's a great boon. We hear all the time of the negative approach of children growing up in two cultures, "Isn't that just too bad." Well, wouldn't it be just too bad, if they were just growing up in the well organized, unorganized American culture? They have a great boon. They're growing up in the well organized, traditional Hindu culture and then their other culture is the well organized, disorganized Western culture, that's yet to be organized and solidified. That is a big boon for the children and the young people. They should, you know, take great pride in their Hinduness and in their ability to live both cultures. One within the home, temple and cultural events; the other in school, where they have to mix with the non-religious people who are seeking some self identity, something to hang on to, kind of lost.

So we're invoking Lord Muruga today, to make a difference. To make a difference. Stop the war within the home, which will automatically, without doing anything more, bring peace to the community, to the country. It will all thrive and grow like a beautiful garden. It is up to each and everyone to be a self proclaimed missionary and take the responsibility on yourself. If you know crimes are committed against children, against wives, then solve the problem, report the problem.

In Canada, the teachers in school tell Asian kids, "If your parents hit you, you call this number." It happens to be 911. The police come to the house. Immigration just changed the law about giving green cards. They'll give a temporary green card for a newly married couple for a year or two years. But, if there's any abuse within the home that is reported, then, it is immediate deportation, no questions asked. Immediate deportation.

There was an incident in a supermarket, which shows you the responsibility of law abiding citizens. It was an incident in a supermarket) A little kid was pulling things off the lower shelf. The mother took and whacked that kid and it went sliding across the floor. The cashier and the stock boy grabbed that woman, locked her in a closet, called the police and had her taken to jail. A citizens arrest. They were responsible people. Just ordinary people but, responsible people.

In San Diego, an Indian lady running a Day Care Center shook a child so frantically, that the child died. The lady is now experiencing free room and board - in jail. Why? Because responsible citizens do responsible things within their community to keep the community running correctly.

Therefore, this great God Murugan has a great job to do. We call upon each of His temples to give Him the, shall we say, the congregation to work through, so that the job is performed properly, quickly and effectively to bring Saravanabhava. If you all, if anybody wants a mantram, take Saravanabhava, bring peace in the mind or Satchitananda - absolute peace, serenity. The mind is like a quiet lake, not a ripple, not a breeze, just sitting there. That, especially for family people, is to be striven for; it is to be worked for within yourself because you're here to realize the Self, that is Saravanabhava, Satchitananda. That's why you're born on this planet and you can be born and born and born again until you do.

Families shouldn't seek for the timeless, formless Shivam, otherwise the world will renounce you and you won't be able to make a living. You will become a self proclaimed sannyasin. But Saravanabhava, Satchitananda, when the mind is absolutely calm, you experience that bliss. Because all subconscious, subjective problems have been dealt with and solved through simple practices of Raja Yoga, through simple practices of Hatha Yoga, through simple practices of Pranayama, through simple practices of clearing the subconscious mind through Vasana Daha Tantra. Then what? You stand on your own two feet. You have self respect. You feel like you are the center of the universe, not in an egotistical way but in a way that realization brings to you, that subliminal knowledge.

That's worth striving for. That's worth coming to the temple for. That's worth having a home shrine within your home. That's worth solving problems before bed time. Don't go to sleep with a problem, interpersonal problems. Solve it before bedtime, otherwise the memory and the emotion tangle and remain in the subconscious for years, eventually creating physical problems, emotional problems, self identity problems, problems in inter-communication, problems with others. This can all be cleared up with simple Yoga practices and that's what we teach in our Himalayan Academy.

So, I again welcome everybody. Think about this, talk about it with families, among yourselves as you're eating prasadam, as you're getting to know each other, communicating with each other, loving each other. Mentally say to each other, "I Love You."

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