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Where do We Let Off Steam? Part 2, Tamil Translation

Gurudeva concludes his response to the question, "Where do we let off steam?" Today he talks about the karma created when said "steam" is indiscriminately released in the home and office. Tamil Translation

Unedited Transcript:

It is really making a lot of really bad karma that will come back in its stronger reaction later on in life for some one, the husband or wife or teenager, to upset the vibration of the home, just because of certain stress at school or in the workplace. It is counter-productive to work all day, in a nice office, produce and control the emotions, be productive and then, go home and upset the vibration within the home. Why is someone working? It's to create the home. Why is someone going to school? It's to eventually create a home. It is counter-productive to destroy that which one works all day to create.

That's why I advice the professional mother, the professional father, the professional son and the professional daughter to use the manners that are learnt in the workplace, in the home and build the vibration of the home, stronger than the vibration of the workplace. So that there is something to come home to.

We have seen so many, many times, professional persons, man or woman, behave exquisitely in the workplace, but not so exquisitely at home, upset the home vibration, eventually destroying the home, breaking up the home. We have seen through the years, a very unhappy person in retirement. A very bitter person in retirement, no one wants him around, no one wants to have him in their home. Therefore, in some nursing home, they die, forgotten.

The Sanatana Dharma and Saiva Samayam must be alive in the home, must be alive in the office, must be alive in the temple for us to have a full life.

I hope that by painting this picture, that we have answered this question. The question was "Oh, where do we vent our emotions, where do we let off steam, if not in our own home?" The answer is - within the temple itself.

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