One Religion in the Home

An e-devotee from Malaysia asks about marrying a man of another religion. If she does, what religion should she follow? Gurudeva says that tradition tells that she should follow the religion of the husband. In some cases, however, it does work to have the husband follow the wife's religion. But the important thing for the stability of the marriage and the future of the children is to have just one religion in the home.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace question from Malaysia, "If I marry a man from another religion, what religion do I follow? Mine, his, both, neither?"

Traditionally you would follow the religion of your husband to have a happy productive life and to raise your children properly. Sometimes it's the other way around however because the husband is not very religious and the wife is, so he follows the religion of the wife. To avoid conflicts in the future there should only be one religion in the home. To avoid having the children confused about religion, maybe rejecting it all together, there should be one religion in the home.

A very good question to settle before marriage.

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