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Positive Affirmation

A cyberspace devotee from India was told that if she were to use positive affirmations she will only be reminding herself of her negative qualities. Gurudeva says that this is not a Hindu concept and that she should choose only one person to listen to. Gurudeva advises her to use positive affirmations to create a positive life for herself.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace devotee, Geetha in Chennai, in the beautiful state of Tamil Nadu in South India, is reading 'Merging with Siva'. It is all about affirmations, positive affirmations that are said to strengthen the subconscious mind and improve our self-image. But, somebody told her ,"If you say a positive affirmation, you are reminding yourself of the negative." So, she wonders what to do.

Well Geetha, that is certainly a western psychological approach - if you say something positive, it reminds you of something negative. But, you are a Hindu girl. Listen to me. Do positive affirmations and you will be a very positive person.

Choose one person that you trust to listen to, and then follow the instructions in good faith. They will manifest a positive life for you, as they have manifested for thousands of people in the past.

Photo of  Gurudeva
Mati, cognition, on a higher level is the awakening of the third eye, looking out through the heart chakra, seeing through the maya, the interacting creation, preservation and dissolution of the molecules of matter.