Jagadisha Shambho (with swaras)

After discussion with the swamis about the challenge of teaching melodies, Priya recorded this to offer a possible method for helping us learn songs. The artist could first sing one line using the words of the song and then sing the same line as swaras. As you will hear, this is an excellent method. Thank you, Priya! She says: The raagam for jagadhIsha shambhoh is: maandu in thamil or maand as its known south of the vindhyas in general. A janyam of shankaraabharanam, this ragam is used for thukkadas and other pieces towards the end of concerts - or occasionally to tune devotional pieces as is the case here.

  • Genre: bhakti-gitam Deity: Siva
  • Source: Kadavul Temple, Kauai
  • Artists: Priya Parameswaran
  • Music Details: Ragam-Maandu
  • Transliteration

    eyhi tri jagadheesha shambhoh gangaadharaney haraney
    deyva deyvaney mahaadeyvaa girijaa ramaNaa shankaraa
    gauri lohlaa naagaabharaNaa saptarishi ca deyvaa
    saamaveydaney sudhaakaraney dahana nayananey
    deena naatha panca nadheesha deyhi deena bandhoh
    raaghava devaa umaapatey paada bhaktim deyhi
    (eyhi tri jagadheesha shambhoh...)

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