Maha Ganapate Namostute

  • Genre: bhajan Deity: Ganesha
  • Artists: Bhavani Param
  • Music Details: | Talam-eka | Sruti-C | Graha-Da
  • Transliteration

    Mahaganapate namostute
    Matanga-mukha namostute
    Himadrija suta namostute
    Omkaresvara namostute


    Salutations to You, O Mahaganapati
    Salutations to You, O Elephant-faced One
    Salutations to You, Son of Parvati
    O Lord of the sacred syllable Om

    Photo of  Gurudeva
    Having hurt another through wrongdoing, one has to pay back in proportion to the injury, not a rupee less and not a rupee more. The moment the healing is complete, the scar will mysteriously vanish. This is the law. It is a mystical law.