Maragatha Mayilmeyl

  • Genre: natchintanai Deity: Muruga
  • Artists: Pon Ganeshalingam
  • Original Script

    மரகத மயில்மேல்

    மரகத மயில்மேல் வருமுருகா
    அரகர சிவசிவ அறுமுகவா
    சரவண பவனே சண்முகனே
    வரந்தர வாவா என்முன்னே
    அரவணி சிவனா ரருள்பாலா
    பரவ வரமருள் பரமதயாளா


    maragatha mayilmeyl varumurugaa
    arahara sivasiva arumugavaa
    saravana pavaney sanmuganey
    varanthara vaavaa enmunney
    aravani sivanaar arulpaala
    parava varam arul paramathayaalaa


    On Emerald Peacock

    emerald - on peacock - come Muruga
    ara hara - Siva Siva - Six-faced One, Come!
    O Saravanabava - O Six-faced One
    to give a boon - come come - before me
    snake-adorned - Siva's - Child of Grace
    to spread - boon - grace - Great Compassionate One

    Photo of  Gurudeva
    Become a spiritual being. That is your goal, your liberation, for as the years go by you can live in heaven, or you can live in your own self-created hell, and you don't want to do that. Think about it and create a heaven right now by living with Siva.