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Noninjury: the Foremost Virtue - Publisher's Desk

Belief in the law of karma and accepting the divinity of all beings are the twin pillars of ahimsacompassionate nonhurtfulness

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami reads his editorial from the Jul/Aug/Sep 2014 edition of Hinduism Today magazine. Nonviolence or ahimsa is the first and foremost ethical principle of Hinduism and the highest dharma. Bodhinatha outlines how virtuous living by avoidance of injury through words, thoughts and deed leads to spiritual progress. Conversely, retaliation, backbiting and other forms of injury curb spiritual unfoldment, causing an individual to face the law of karma. There are a few exceptional circumstances as to when force may be used and the guidelines to that effect conform with the Hindu principle that such force may only be used in the face of danger, it is reasonable, absolutely necessary and proportionate with the circumstances.
Bodhinatha quotes Gurudeva's advice as to how individuals should practice virtuous living by cultivating compassion, shower blessings on those who harm us and seek to forgive those who show genuine remorse, practice vegetarianism, be kind and offer assistance to those who are in need.