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Progress for the Iraivan Temple Carving Site in Bengaluru

We recently receive a report from Jiva Rajasankara and our team in Bengaluru.

Progress has been made on the Pedestal for the Kauai Map, and they are also working hard on the perimeter wall. The entire chisel technology, which is thousands of years old, has been transformed in the last decade, a change lead by our own Iraivan team.

Iraivan's Nandi Mandapam has four handrails, two large with elephants and two smaller ones with yallis carved. The larger ones were designs taken from a Chola temple railing which is over a thousand years old.

Jiva writes: "This is the last smaller yesti for the Nandi Mandapam. by viewing the video you can see the detailed intricate work that is going into making San Marga Iraivan temple so special. I can boldly say that this will be the last temple that will display hand work to such high standards. Everyone connected to Iraivan and helping to support it can be proud that they are contributing towards a completion of a special temple. The last of a long Indian era." Aum. Jiva.