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Saiva Dharma Shastras

The Book of Discipline of Saiva Siddhanta Church

Saiva Dharma Sastras is a potent edict, an irrevocable commission to my Acharya successors, detailing their future duties and responsibilities. Further, it is a Dossier describing for Church members and the public our international headquarters, monasteries, missions and extended families, our Himalayan Academy, ministry and initiations, our family and monastic paths, articles of faith and conduct. It explains our World Outreach Mission: to protect, preserve and promote the Saivite Hindu religion, to foster the growth of all sects of Hinduism through Hindu solidarity and to teach monistic Saiva Siddhanta for the spiritual unfoldment of the individual and the family through temple worship and daily sadhana. How members live, conduct themselves, raise their families and perform their dharma is all elucidated here.

This shastra portrays a fellowship that is a one body of belief, worship and allegiance. Each member has studied and upholds the same scriptures and creed. Each worships God Siva through the traditional ceremonies and sacred observances. Each is well versed in the teachings of our sampradaya, a tradition that values practice above learning. Each finds authority in our religious hierarchical lineage, or parampara. Each performs the potent sadhanas of the Saiva Neri, regular disciplines which yield spiritual transformation through self-effort. Each looks to the spiritual preceptor, or satguru, as the supreme guiding force.