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The Profound Wisdom, Awesome Beauty and Modern Toolbox of God Siva's Realm

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The SivaSiva App continues its evolution. It is light and fast, and available on Android and iPhone/iPad. Get it at Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play. Search "SivaSiva" all one word. "SivaSiva" is a revered mantra from South India naming the Divine within all. This app is a portal to the ancient, profound wisdom and rich culture of that tradition, retooled for the 21st century. It is designed to reach today's mobile generation who are seeking to understand Eastern metaphysics, find spiritual roots and enjoy authentic mystical experience.

SivaSiva offers inspirational quotes to uplift your day, awesome photos and art, access to an extensive audio library, YouTube videos and more. Version One has tools for practice and study. Use the app to learn the basics of Saivite Hinduism by diving into the Path to Siva book, which is resident in the app even if you are offline. The app allows you to read the daily Master Course lessons and practice a color meditation. The entire current issue of Hinduism Today magazine is available inside the app. Quotes from books give you instant access to their source. A journal tracks your history. Tap favorites to come back to them tomorrow. Have fun with the word-puzzle and learn key concepts at the same time. SivaSiva is a tool for those who value daily spiritual effort and upliftment.