Sadasivanatha Innersearch Class - Love on the Path

A class given by Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami during the 2014 Mauritius Innersearch. He discusses the power and importance of love on the path.

Unedited Transcript:

Guru Bramha guru Vishnu guru devo maheshwara guru sakshat para bramha tasmaye sri guruve namaha

0:34 - 0:50
Good morning to you all. We had such a wonderful adventure yesterday . Wasn't that fun?[chuckle] and It was really nice to share all that time together

0:52 - 1:05
We were working this morning during Bodinatha's class we had the main, main Kulapati here who looks after the grounds and the buildings and the construction and main all of that and

1:07 - 1:14
So we were planning out these pavilions will be like the Narmada lingam pavillion with that Satch and nice natural wood and stone that gonna replace the tents on the property which looks so funky with this really nice style and so its is coming along really good

1:28 - 1:39
and had a little uh Bodhinatha miracle just a tiny one this morning .

1:43 - 1:47
So, uh SK Murgan is pretty much the muscle behind this improvement, this architectural improvement and also the fund raising part and he is been trying again and again and again to get hold of the architect so we that could have the plans while were are here we really wanted to show Bodhinatha the plans

2:05 - 2:31
and architect had some big job in Dubai or somewhere and this was just a little to do thing and he didn’t wanna do it and uh so then yesterday uh Bodithnatha uh he had been trying to reach like for 6 to 8 weeks almost everyday, just to give an idea of the intensity of his effort to get hold of this guy, wouldn’t answer any emails , wouldn’t answer any text anything

2:36 - 2:44
So yesterday, Bodhinatha just kind of casually asked S K Murgan uh when is the architect going to give us the plans?

2:46 - 3:01
So, SK said to himself- well if the guru asks a little question like that then I need to do something in response, right? and uh so he said email is not working , instant messaging is not working

3:04 - 3:11
so I grabbed the phone last night and talked to the architect and the architect said I will have it first thing in the morning. [laughter]

3:12 - 3:47
So Bodhinatha's little innocent comment uh manifested with something nice, which is great. So, next time you come to the spiritual park, we gonna have a nice open facilities , we are gonna hold our classes un over there overlooking the river thank you classes overlooking the river and this thached Pavillion , which will be very sweet experience and we made it big enough that we can do that and its gonna be nice

3:49 - 3:51
So what I wanted to talk , as you saw probably on my little poster that I made uh about love and it is easy topic for me and uh when I looked at my list of stories and I told already told about half of the stories to you that I was supposed to tell today , could because I was inspired I guess

3:52 - 3:53
So,I am hoping that someone here will help me uh so think to your self do I have a story of love with Gurudeva that you can tell everyone.So I'll, in a few minutes I will ask if there is any stories that you can share. So, first , let us listen to Gurudeva's words [pause][Ho ho, its really hot ]really hot thank you so much.[Pause]

3:53 - 3:53
All Saivites throughout the world, the united saivites of the world are linked together in a bond of love, Siva sambandam. Everyone knows sambandhan?That idea of tying together connection , bond the shared sambandham ,Siva Sambandham. God Siva is imminent love and transcendent reality.Our religion tells us that the mature soul must lift up and take care of the young soul. Our religion tells us that we must go through the natural experiences of life and be responsible for our actions.

3:53 - 3:54
Our religion tells us that there is no mortal sin only experience. Our religion tells us that if we have bad experiences they are the result of previous actions that we have caused. Our religion tells us that if we have caused an action towards another that hurts another, we can atone by doing penance and cure the agonizing mind.

3:54 - 4:00
Our religion tells us that we come back into physical bodies again and again until we are master of our soul body and emotions and realize that were a bright soul filled with light. Our religions tells us that because we love god Siva we love one another , for god Siva loves all of us. Our religion tells us that god Siva is like our father and our mother, not a vengful god but a god of love who helps us.Always come closer to him.

4:06 - 4:11
Right now among the young Hindus in Malaysia, India, Mauritius and Sri Lanka, there is a big spiritual revival of the great love of god Siva. In those countries, they know that they need their religion to help them through life, and so I urge all saivites devotees of god Siva to worship him as god of love, and in doing so become beings of love yourself.

4:15 - 4:21
The great saints of our religion were Siva bhaktas. They changed the world through their love of god. They did not need vast institutions to spread their message. They did not need riches or carts filled with books to spread their message. They did not need radio, television or the internet. Their message spread because their minds and hearts were filled with direct knowledge, direct experience of god Siva.

4:25 - 4:32
Their message spread far and wide. Though, some perhaps never left their native village. They just evolved within it. You too are the emissaries of god Siva,and your love for him is your greatest message to mankind. Simply love god Siva and let that love radiate out to the world.[Pause]

4:37 - 4:45
Siva is love and nothing but love. If Siva is love and if Siva is everything then everything is love. We are surrounded by that divine love,guided by that divine love. Our life is made possible because of that divine love, and because we are Saiva Siddantins , everything relates to the four margas charya, Kriya, yoga and Jnana,and our experience and expression of love is different in each of these stages.

4:51 - 4:58
To go back to about 1959, Gurudeva gave a beautiful little talk in his San Francisco temple and the name of the talk was love is the sum of the law . So, people were looking for a spiritual experience and looking for spiritual direction and looking for yogic insights, and he told the well,after all the looking is done , love is what should be the result, love should be what you unfold into and become,and become a being of love and that he took us to a whole series of ways that happens and [uh]taught us how to come to that love because we don't naturally and always love everything and everyone around us, it doesn't work out that way always[chuckle].[aah] We love those that we love and then there is rest of the world.[Chuckle]

5:02 - 5:09
but what he wanted us to do was to diminish those barriers so that our love didn't have that [uh] those walls , those sort of self constructed fences that ok , I love you so I let you in, I don't love you so you are out there and we with ourselves and with their help, probably because they are giving us bad time but we create these little [corals?] and we put those that we love in side our [corals ]and those we don't love outside of our [corals].

5:12 - 5:20
But Gurudeva wanted us to strive [uh] for something more universal , something more bigger that, that human prefrencialness that is so natural to us. He wanted us to strive for a love that broke through all of that and tried to see the divine in everyone and even those that don't like us very much, even those that we have a hard time understanding, and by doing that we expand ourselves, we expand our consciousness, we expand our mind , we expand our experience , we expand our radiance, that's what we want to do. He often said that many schools of thoughts and religions [uh]make a square to keep people out . This is but because we are saivites we make a circle and we take them all in.

5:25 - 5:32
So we wanna be that inclusive,not in that kind of inclusivity you all love intellectually but it's another thing to live it every day. It is totally another challenge in that becomes your sadhana, that becomes you reflect on and respond in your life and feedback to yourself , gee how well did I do with that one. You know, I didn't show whole lot of love in that situation [uh] why was that and how could I have done better`, how could I responded from a higher chakra that I did, because if we are living this chakra of love up here then we will always respond with love, until someone drives us down to here and then we wanna do battle with them and wanna drives us to down to here and we wanna intellectually subdue them and drive us down to here and we are scared of them and so on and so forth. But if we are living up here in the higher chakras , no matter experience comes our way, we only have one response, which is affection for the world and gratitude and love for the universe.

5:35 - 5:42
So Gurudeva expressed this all the way through his life through from that first talk love is the sum of the law all the way to what you just heard which is anbe sivamayam satyame parama siva. God is love and love is everything, and Yogaswami has said the exact same thing. Love. love is all there is , if you wanna get down to it love is all that there is and every thing in life and nature is expression of that love, but he also expressed it in [uh]practical ways.

5:45 - 5:52
We went to [uh], this is a short story, we went to Sri Lanka in 1972, [pause]just wondering if I put this in Guru Chronicles or not. I might have. Tell me if I if this isn't in Guru Chronicles. So , we went to Sri Lanka in 1972 and he wanted to visit his catalyst . You, remember Dayananda? Noel Peres(?) and he wanted to visit him , he was getting rather elderly and this man had been an important part of his early training with all of that business of going out to the villages and magic,magically putting words into the mouth of the speakers and making Gurudeva introduce the electric saw to the whole construction community and all of those things that meant really important to him and so he wanted to honor him on this visit back to Sri lanka

5:58 - 6:05
So we went to the family (Pares?) family house where we thought he was living and knocked on the door and we said we are here and we would like to say a few words to Dayanada, and they said , well,he doesn't live here anymore. So, Gurudeva said, well ,where does he live? They said,Oh , we took him to an old people's home . He is getting a little bit frail and hard for us to take care of him and so we put him in an old people's home outside of Colombo. So , Gurudeva said , where is this old people's home? Now while you go here and here and go there and gave us instructions.

6:10 - 6:17
So, off we went in our hired car to this kind of rural , almost out in the boonies old people's home . [Uh] nice place, very decent place, [uh] , we went in and he was all alone in this room, nobody around him and he had little bit of scragly(?) beard as he wasn't shaving [uh]often obviously and may looked a bit out of it frankly and he must have been maybe 80 years old or something like that or 85 years old that time.

6:20 - 6:27
So, Gurudeva had this marvelous sweet encounter with him which is a great privilege to see you know its like after all those years they connected and Gurudeva shared with him where his life had gone and you know and basically in part saying indirectly to Dayananda [uh] you did good [laughs] and your were important in my life, and my life, [uh uh]hopefully he is expressive of you would have wanted too and he was so sweet and he gave us this big smile but he didn't have many teeth in the smile, and Gurudeva said what happened to your teeth?Oh well they got rotten and the dentist took them out.

6:31 - 6:38
So, at that point Gurudeva was starting to feel very uncomfortable with Dayananda's situation. He started asking questions. How are you living here? What are they feeding you?, and,What's the medical support that you have and question after question after question and basically he ,the sum of that was I am an old man living in a room by myself waiting to die and no and my family never visits. Wow, Gurudeva was so not happy with that. So, he told me,said [uh] go get the car and drive it up to here and [uh]get a wheel chair and [uh]bring him out to the car and we are taking him away. [laughter in background]. I said, but do you think we should talk to the doctor first? [Laughter in background] He said I don't care what the doctor says[Laughter in background] uh this isn't where this man belongs and [uh]we are gonna we are taking him away. So, he had him taken out and we put him in a car and drove up to the same house, and you we were like four five hours later drove up to the same house and knocked on the door and said we are here [Laughter]

6:41 - 6:48
and there was their father and grandfather at the door in a wheel chair with Gurudeva and Gurudeva just rolled him just right into the house and said he needs you. He needs you and it is not fair of you to just [uh] park him in this room and wait for him to die and I am not gonna allow that. He needs you and we are gonna to take care of him and the way over in the car, Gurudeva had me take all the money that I had in a little satchel and give it to him .

6:51 - 6:57
It wasn't much, like 200 or 300 dollars something like that. So, Gurudeva handed the money to the daughter and said first thing we do is you to take him to the dentist and get his teeth fixed. I want to see a big smile on his face with his teeth fixed. The next thing you do you buy him a TV [Chuckle] Yeah, I want him to have a TV[Chuckle]. In those days, about every house in that community had a television. you buy him TV and I want you to feed him and I want you to write to me every month and tell me how he is doing and told the whole family and made them promise he was gonna care for him and then we went back to our hotel. I was so moved [uh]by Gurudeva's [uh] not only did he love this man and respect him and remember [inaudible] he acted on that love , you know, it's not,that's the hard part right?

6:59 - 7:03
You can go and commensurate and say I am sorry this has happened but to be so bold as to open the door put him in a car and drive away without telling the staff, I don't know what they thought[background laughter, laughs], where did he go ? They probably tracked it down the family and found out.But, Gurudeva [waa]didn't care you know. This was an human being , it was important that we are going to take care of him and we are going to do it right now.

7:06 - 7:11
and to me that is love in action-love in action. We can have love and not act and we can have love and act on the love and so that is my first story.

7:15 - 7:18
Yes, [ speaker in background inaudible ]the trident, Trishula ,[speaker in background inaudible] yes, that's right. Yeah, those are love he saying about Trishula and also the shakti vel has the same [uh]three principles behind it. You know love,wisdom and action.Those are considered the three powers of Siva you know love.[Pause]

7:21 - 7:28
Anybody have a Gurudeva story?Standup Bimani. [Pause]He comes the microphone

7:32 - 7:39
[Pause]Bimani: In 2001, I had the good fortune of being on the European inner search with Gurudeva, and my husband and I am not sure how many pilgrims, but [uh] one afternoon, in the Hudson room,we were all gathered and Gurudeva shared the mantra that he had been telling us , he was going to, that he was going to share for several days and we were all in great anticipation [Chuckle], [the secret mantra] the secret mantra and[uh] he said this was the long awaited day and I will share this with you.So, he told us that the mantra was I love you, you love me and he not only told us the mantra but he described it. So he went, ( in audible), big heart,I love you.[inaudible]oh my gosh,[Chuckle] feeling we had from Gurudeva .Then he did it without saying the words. [Sadasivanatha swami:We are all going to do it with you][ laughter)Bimani: ok good

7:42 - 7:49
[Pause]He said, You get the idea? [Chuckle, background laughter]. He said, now, I want you to turn to the person next to you and do this. Look into their eyes and say it and describe it .So we did, and then we turned back to Gurudeva and he had a big big smile on his face. he was very pleased with how we all looked and he said, wasn't that wonderful and there was so much love in that room. Not only for Gurudeva but for everybody in the room and I will never ever forget as long as I live.

7:52 - 8:01
And just a sequel to that story I have practiced that in many situations including some that were very challenging. There was a woman that[uh] I worked with when we helped my in laws with their Inn( inaudible) in Mendencino and we just had some karma in this life and it seemed like just no matter what I said or did, just didn't come out right or just didn't work with her.

8:05 - 8:12
So, one day I was thinking about the mantra and I was across our backyard and saw her walking and thought , ok this the moment, [Sadasivanathaswami chuckles]and so I started, I looked at her and she didn't see me and I said that mantra in my mind as she walked very strongly and I really really felt it as Gurudeva wanted me to feel it for her, and after she had walked from say there to there and she suddenly turned and looked at me and she walked right over to me and we had the nicest conversation after all those weeks and things got better and better between us and now when I see occasionally when we go to visit she just puts her arms out and just gives me a big hug and so thank up Gurudeva.[Sadasivanathswami chuckles][Audience claps]

8:17 - 8:23
He expanded that a number of times in later life till the point where on point we were meeting on the island with some people and there was one fellow who [uh]didn't really appreciate us very much at least to much as we thought he should appreciate us[Chuckle in background] and [Laughter],and he was always kind of offish and distanced and you know who are these guys kind of consciousness

8:26 - 8:33
So, Gurudeva said watch this. So we went to the next meeting , I was watching an[uh] ( inaudible) I was supposed to see something. Watch this, and [uh] didn't see anything and suddenly the guy got up like half hour into the meeting and he said I really wanted to thank the Monastery for coming at these meetings and being at these meetings. You know I don't say so, but I really think you guys are cool. [Laughter]

8:36 - 8:46
So we left the meeting driving Gurudeva back home and he said did you see that? I said, well I was really happy to see him say those words you know. He said, what you didn't see was I was there at the beginning of the meeting saying I love you silently. I love you you love me,I love you you love me [Chuckle , laughter in background]and this,that's what turned him around and It's a good lesson [uh]because it shows us how you know people love those who love them. You can't help it.[Sadasivanathaswami chuckle] If somebody loves you it's like chee you understand the universe you know[laughter], you love me[Laughs] and so uh it's a wonderful way[uh] to get love back. [uh]It's to love somebody even if it is [uh]hard person to get along with as it was in this case and Gurudeva did his little magic mantram and that somehow physcicly open the man to the with freedom to say even those words that he said. Any other story? love story?

8:49 - 8:55
[Pause]So, love in action. We had a woman, a wonderful woman on our island. This is similar to my first story. Her name is Rosemary Smith and she is with a very prominent family and[uh] got real estate and all kinds of things and [uh ]she has helped us with some land deals in the past.

8:58 - 9:04
And one day, her , one of her sons, she has four sons, and one of her sons [uh] was swimming with group on our island in a [uh]pool with a[uh] heavy like it was a waterfall [uh]and a stream[uh] as I recall and little boy or girl,[background speaker: boy] a little boy was swept into current and was drowning , and[uh] so, Rosemary's son was very atheletic fellow [uh]in his twenties I believe, [uh]dove into this swirling pond and [uh]saved, brought the boy to the shore but in the course of it he was swept to his death [uh] astonishingly

9:07 - 9:12
and Rosemary Smith was totally traumatized by this and she , she , if you can imagine the worst kind of sorrow debilitating,handicapping sorrow that's humanly possible - that's where she was, she and nobody could console her, none of her other sons or husband or anything and [uh]it seemed as the months went on she would never come out of this she just kept going and going and one day, Gurudeva said [uh]go to the kitchen , and [uh] make a little we call it Jack in the box meal because it is a take out our own thing [inaudible] it is our own Jack in the box , so go to the kitchen and make a little Jack in the Box meal and take it over and feed Rosemary.

9:16 - 9:22
ok, she lived about 2 miles from our Monastery, so we drove over, we knocked on the door and we[uh] said we brought some food for you and [uh] actually, we gave that one to her husband and she didn't come to the door, and we went home.

9:25 - 9:31
Then a few day later, Gurudeva said, let's, let's take lunch to Rosemary again.So, we took lunch to Rosemary, and then we started taking lunch to Rosemary everyday for I don't know for maybe 3 weeks or so. We would just go to the door, knock on the door, nothing else, we just would say here is some food from the Monesterian, [uh] and [uh]according to her husband that tiny little gesture of the door being opened, and monks there with their home made food[uh], did something to her thinking, I don't know what and slowly , slowly, slowly she came out of that depression. Today, she is totally fine and 1000% perfect and got [inaudible]healed up completely.

9:35 - 9:40
But it shows what a [uh]simple gesture can mean to people especially in those times of their lives you know when the want to be along they just shove every body out and people try to get in and they can't and , and [uh] a word less gesture is often acceptable then you can take it safely to your experience you know, but you don't want to have a conversation , you don't want to be consoled, you don't want anything else and just leave me alone, but the wordless gesture is like the deepest kind of loving gesture that could be made and I was so impressed with that form of love , again love in action that whole idea.

9:44 - 9:47
Then Gurudeva did, [excuse me] a similar thing. This isn't widely known, but back in the 1980's [umm], you Satchidananda of integral yoga fellow ship Swami Satchidananda has a yogaville place and [uh]that kind of [uh] he was the woodstock of super hero. [laughs.] He was a woodstock on a stage.

9:50 - 9:58
So, he had come to America and established the institution and at that time they were based in northern California where we used to have an Ashram called Himalayan acre years and years ago.

10:02 - 10:09
and Gurudeva got wind of [uh]a something that was happening at Satchidananda's ashram and, [execuse me] and, that was he didn't like it at all. What it was happening was he had given , he created a board of directors to manage all the business and finance activities of his institution and he had invested in the board of directors certain powers and they had a, their by laws so forth [uh] and he didn't provide in the by laws enough protection and one day they mutinied on him, and they basically said we will take it from here.

10:15 - 10:24
Thank you very much[background chuckles]. They kicked him of the board of directors of his own spiritual enterprise and sent him on his way. So he went, took shelter in a little cottage nearby and Gurudeva found out about this and he brought Bodhinatha and me into his office and he said [uh]I wanna tell you something that is happening with a fellow swami in America and [uh]he told us the whole story and he told us a couple of other things which under the circumstances were impossible to ever forget and he said I don't want you to ever ever ever [laughs, background laughter] to put power of our order to anyone else's hands. You can't do that.

10:28 - 10:32
They should not have had the fiduciary ability to kick their own spiritual leader out of their own institution. Not for the bad Karma they will have to face but he should have also protected himself and not gotten and would have been wiser if he hadn't made it so that could do that. Don't you ever go there and really important. Then he said go done to the airport and get on a plane and I want you to fly to Northern California [uh] for however many days it takes and you just sit with him and hear his story and help him, I have his pictures, you would love this picture of Bodhinatha in his sweet youth [ laughs, background laughter]and neither one of us has a beard at this point. It is really cool picture with Satchidananda there and we, he told us the whole tale and we went and talked with his, the people who had done this and [uh]we told them [uh]that Gurudeva had sent us from Hawaii and[uh] frankly you made a giant blunder here, and you don't want the karma follow you through life and[uh] you haven't gained anything by taking over [uh]this institution. It's not going to be anything without swami no one is going to come to listen to you, you know, you are the director , you are the administrator and they come become of swami ,because Swami is teaching, Swami is life, Swami is life and legacy. So you have to[uh] turn this around and you know we are not going to do that.So, we talked over why did you do this in the first place. Well, we have a certain vision of where this institution can go . It is a bigger vision than Swami has and we basically this is a money machine and we are going to do good here.

10:35 - 10:39
and we said that is such as trivial [uh]purpose.That is not the purpose of this institution. make money and have more yoga classes and build more buildings have more publications. That was their whole plan. They wanted to really leverage these teachings.

10:42 - 10:46
and we said, that's first of all it is not going to work without his power behind it, and so we kept talking , talking, so , finally they relented and we got back and charged and kicked them out.[laughs, background laughter].

10:49 - 10:52
But that was Gurudeva's way to come to the aid of all of those people. Chammundi?[Inaudible speaker in background]

10:56 - 11:00
Oh , if Bodhinatha will permit it[background laughter], which he would probably won't.[laughter]. But if you secretly email me other things could happen. [Laughter].

11:06 - 11:12
It is really cool photo.Speaker in background[ voice inaudible in many parts].So strong and present and the same time loving and caring. and he was so moved by the times he was in Gurudeva's presence that helped to bring me to this point. So , kind of the back door sort of a way to receive the love.

11:16 - 11:23
Sadasivanathaswami:Yes, [uh]to amplify that idea, we had a big surprise party for Gurudeva when he was 72 and[uh] it was really a surprise,[uh] so to get to the, we invited all the people who knew him on the island should come to his birthday party and [uh]it must have been 450-500 people there.It was wonderful and we had dinner all kinds of fun things happened[uh]. We told Gurudeva, would you please get dressed up little bit so we would take you to dinner. So he got dressed up a little bit and we put him in a little wagon and drove him off to a field to Helicopter and we put him in the Helicopter and flew the Helicopter to[uh] Kilihanna [uh] big mansion and had a wonderful wonderful birthday party.

11:26 - 11:33
But the reason why it is relevant is because the mayor was there . Mayor Ankusaka and she as part of that we brought the mayor on the stage and she taught him a Hula dance[chuckles in the background]. They did a hula together and then he taught her a manipuri dance and they did a Manipuri dance together. It was really a sweet sweet theater. But then the mayor afterwards came to me and she said you know I pretty much been at every event ,activity, party , celebration , meeting on my island[uh] for the last 8 years but I have never been to any gathering that had such a range of different people. [uh]From the highest most prominent in the community to you know a gardener or gas station person or a waiter or something.

11:38 - 11:44
She said every other meeting I go you know to it is all this or all that but somehow Gurudeva reached every strata of humanity because he didn't see the strata , didn't see the differences. Right, so , he saw your father is divine something and your father probably felt that and the same with wealthy people and [uh] so it was interesting.I wonder if swami could tell us a story

11:49 - 11:55
Swami:While here in next to Swamiji and I feel like I am in my own ashram, Sadasivanathswami: oh[Chuckles], Swami:and I look at Gurudev Subramaniamji and I see Swami Paranandaji [inaudible) they kind of merge.

12:02 - 12:08
and over last couple of years we seem to be getting closer and closer and [um] we once met in Texas for that HMVC conference and by chance swamiji asked me to speak to Jayanath, Jayanath was there (Sadasivanathswami: Mayurnatha), Swami:Mayurnatha, Mayurnatha.So, I , something came out of my mouth and then[hmm] he said, Swamiji says it was the right thing to you of said to him, and since then he never left the[Sadasivanathswami : Chuckles], he became a member of the order. And then Swamji said that[uh] Swamiji we will do an article on bharatsevashram[inaudible].,just like[inaudible] and I was I think it was very unique that he would have done that right?

12:11 - 12:18
and that article in Hinduism today went very far and wide, and, It was such a beautiful thing that [uh]and you know its prominence and importance and attention to Bharat seva ashram[inaudible]. It was a wonderful thing and then the relationship start building and here am I and[um] I feel more at home with him, amongst him ( in audible) here and with this inner search, because with some many things said that really like coming from from deep down in us. We giving[ inaudible] expression with Bodinatha Swami is really giving it a out there[ inaudible]and Sadasivananda and all the monks out there and you also contributed, but the power of the Guru I want to give you an instance because I don't see the any difference between the Satgurus.

12:22 - 12:28
Last year was [um] was went to Trinidad and arrived there on the 12th of April and I did satsang there and then scheduled to leave on 25th 26th of April. So one senior swamiji came and said no you are going to go to Guyana but I want you to come back because on 4th of May we have a big Satsang and I think Ashwini was part of that [uh] big Durga Pooja celebrations.So, I went to Guyana but could not change[uh] my flight to come back. There were no seats from Trinidad to New York JFK and then[uh] it was too much money so I gave up on it.

12:31 - 12:37
So ,on the third night, I am doing satsang, scheduled for a satsang and this [inaudible], well I have started financially and we put a picture of our Guru there Swami Parmanandaji . So when I went there now [umm]I said we will do Guru Pooja and there gentleman there who was in charge, [inaudible] no you can't do it here,as we changed things up. So, I said no no no this is not going to happen. So I did the guru Pooja and he could not stop me[Sadasivanathswami Chuckles] because my willpower was operating , but there was a little uneasiness with me[ inaudible] on coming to the plane by myself and all travelled and you know look what happened. So, the path on the plane to come back to New York was over from Guyana to JFK is over Trinidad. So the Pilot is saying look down you will see the bright lights of[uh] Trinidad. I looked down and then 1 hour after he says oops we have to [Sadasivanathswami chuckles]turn our this plane around[Sadasivanathswami chuckles] that our radar is not working and JFK won't allow us to go there.

12:42 - 12:49
So we land back at the airport in Trinidad at 3:00 in the morning [Sadasivanathswami chuckles]and took us to Hotel Sheraton[Sadasivanathswami chuckles] next to the water[Sadisivanathswami: for free, chuckles] 250 dollar[Sadasivanathswami chuckles] for each person. There were 214 of us on the plane, and then by 6:00 O'clock I was showered and called the Ashram and they to picked me up.[Sadasivanathswami chuckles] Pooja start at 7:00 [Sadasivanathswami chuckles]and at 1:00 got back to the plane 4:55 and came to New York. [Sadisivathswami Laughs, claps in background]

12:52 - 12:55
Now, I don't know what you call that[Sadasivanathswami chuckles] ,that is the power of the Guru. [Sadasivanathswami:Power of the Guru]So [umm]you are not here just on skimming on the top. You just have to have faith in the Guru. That absolute faith, and if you don't and if you are hedging around, let me wait and check it out a little more and see, well I didn't get this right and I didn't get that right. Don't do that. Have the absolute faith . If you are looking for a anything more, I don't know what else you can hear, see what's going on in this search, but this place, spiritual ground, and all that we experience we will be experiencing,that you know [umm], this is a fine opportunity for the moksha and put this all together. So Swamiji thank you so much for me accompanying all of you and my message is don't hesitate you know, other don't look for anything other , you got it all here , take it , and let it be part of you. Thank you and Om Nama Sivaya. [Sadasivanathswami: Chuckles,Om Nama Sivaya. Thank you. That is great.]

12:59 - 13:06
So we just have couple of minutes, I want to end by having Yogaswami's voice added to this and also Trumantram, because this idea of Anbe Sivam is an important[uh] central notion of Saiva Siddhanta.

13:10 - 13:15
and it is something that Gurudeva struggled with when we went to Jaffna and Gurudeva would say why don't you put Siva in your home Shrine when you go to to your home shrine Siva wouldn't be there. They would say ohh we can't do that. Why not? Well, Siva is a god of destruction. He will destroy our home , our life will go down hill. Gurudeva said what? why would you say what? you can't bring god into you home. No, no they, wouldn't allow it, and he really worked to try to as much as he could correct that idea to get people to put Siva in the home[ inaudible] you have to have god in your home that's crazy that he would destroy it. Why would god destroy it? He is a god of love and but you can see how people can get brain washed, and get superstitions going , so we will end with Yogaswami and Tirumantram.

13:19 - 13:24
This sweet. As we kiss our children every day before we go to work, so must we daily adore the lord. When you worship god you must not ask for anything. You must worship for the sake of love for god, afterward you can request things.[Laughter]

13:27 - 13:39
Such a wise guru[laughs]. Love others as you love me. This is really important thing that Gurudeva also was strong about. He would sit with Shisyas and [uh]if they weren't getting along, he would say you love me right? Of course I love you Gurudeva, and you love me, right,oh you love me and you love me they you should love each other. So, he used that little technique. [chuckle]Oh we have a shared love so we shouldn't have anything else between us. So, love others as you love me. Pass my plates(?) hang on.

13:43 - 13:52
He had a , while I am scrolling, had a little gesture of love while we were in Moscow at the global forum for Human survival and it was really coldest december and every day we would go to this one table and have peas and potatoes. I was oh no and cabbage but peas , cabbage and potatoes. We didn't eat any meat and most of the food was meat, and this young waitress would always serve us and on the last last day that were there I should tell you. Gurudeva and I had [uh]were awardees of really unusual almost knee height boots,like thermal with fleece in them that kind of a boot because it was so cold, so we had this beautiful thermal fleece boots on and so the waitress came up to our table and she was looking at Gurdeva's boots and Gurudeva said why are you looking at my boots [background laughter] and she said well [uh ]those are beautiful boots, and she said something like I wish, I wish I could give those boots to my husband. [Laughs].something like that. I wish I could give those boots to my husband.I wish my husband had boots like that,, and Gurudeva took off his boots, asked me to take off my boots[background laughter] handed her two sets of boots and we went barefooted back to our room.[background Laughter] What a.. in Russia yeah.

13:56 - 14:03
But it was our last day , so what a gesture[background laughter] of affection that was.[Pause] Yogaswami: Love all as your self . Bad man obey out of fear but a good man obey out of love, and through love you will be able to see god. This is Tirumantram now.

49:03 - 49:04
I am going to shift to Tirumantram. The lord of the four head eye that showed the path of divine love. Seek him and love intense, the Ganga in the cranium will flow with his grace and in exceedingly fine love he will become your savior. Chant om Sivaya in love and you shall be a mortal. It is yoga rare and Jnana as well and with this, with this love the illumine jiva receives the grace as he becomes Siva that indeed is the true liberation. Hotter is he than fire, cooler is he than water and yet none knows of his grace abounding . Purer than a child , kinder by far than a mother, nearest to love is Siva , he of the flowing matted locks.

49:04 - 58:52
This is the famous one, we will end with this. The [ignorant trait(?)] of love and siva are two but none do know that love alone is Siva. When men but know that love and Siva are the same love as siva they will remain . Om Nama Sivaya. If anyone has a three year plan you haven't turned in, now is the time. OM sahano bahvatu , sahanou gunathu, saha veriankarvahai, Tejesvi nah be deh tamastu , Ma vedvhi savahai on shanti shanti shantihi.

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