Chellapaswami's Self Discipline, Tendency Toward Isolation

 a. Chellappaswami frequently found refuge in Nallur Temple’s chariot house, a 12-meter-tall thatched tower in which Lord Murugan’s parade images and elaborate carts were stored. It was a dark chamber, well suited to the sage’s urge to be alone, to meditate for hours without distraction
b. Chellappaswami kept a tight rein on his desires and appetites. His meals were taken in solitude most of the time, prepared on a simple wood fire in the shade of the Nallur temple bilva tree.       
c. Chellappaswami would spend hours cutting and weaving the rigid fronds of the palmyra tree to make traditional fans, which people used to fend off the sweltering heat. Those who received his fans regarded themselves immensely blessed.
Image of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
You have to realize It to know It; and after you realize It, you know It; and before you realize It, you want It; and after you realize It, you don't want It. You have lost something. You have lost your goal for Self Realization, because you've got it.