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Sri Subramuniya's San Francisco Monastery and Temple

a. Every Sunday at his Sacramento Street temple, Sri Subramuniya gave discourses on yoga, the Self, states of mind and practical applications of Hindu mysticism. In a mostly Catholic city, he was among the first teachers of a Eastern path.
b. For twelve circles of the Earth around the Sun, Sri Subramuniya took devotees to the 2,500–foot summit of Mount Tamalpais. Arriving before dawn, they meditated among the redwoods and oaks, gaining what he called a "mountaintop consciousness." c. A consummate communicator, Sri Subramuniya was constantly recording, lecturing and printing. In the early days he ran a mimeograph machine himself–an early, and messy, printing technology. d. Sri Subramuniya founded the first Hindu temple in America near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Here he taught of the advaita path to the Self. e. Meditating one morning at his San Francisco monastery, Master Subramuniya suddenly found himself flying around and around the room, with Lord Murugan flying at his side.