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Iraivan Temple is Created on Kauai

a. Convinced he could find the Sivalingam that had appeared in his vision, Master hired a bulldozer, instructing the driver to follow him into the dense undergrowth, carving a trail through the trees that would become the San Marga path. b. Throughout the 90s Gurudeva visited India often, working on the ever evolving Iraivan Temple details. On December 21, 1990, he chipped the first stone in an elaborate ceremony at Kailash Ashram in Bangalore. c. On February 15, 1975, Master had a three-part vision of God Siva which would culminate in the founding of his Iraivan Siva Temple. In it he saw Siva walking in a valley with devotees, then he saw Siva's face close up, then seated on a svayambhu Sivalingam.