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Thondar Naangaley

  • Genre: natchintanai Deity:
  • Artists: Brahmanathaswami
  • Music Details: | Sruti-2 | Graha-SA
  • Original Script

    தொண்டர் நாங்களே

    தொண்டர் நாங்களே சிவ
    தொண்டர் நாங்களே

    அண்டத்திற் பிண்டத்தில்
    ஆண்டவனைக் காணும்

    மண்டு பிணியால் வருந்த மாட்டோம்
    மாதாக் கருப்பையின் மீண்டு வாராத்

    பண்டுசெய் வினையெல்லாம் பறந்து போச்சு
    பாரி லனைத்தும் உறவே யாச்சு

    கொண்டுங் கொடுத்துங் குடிகுடி யீசற்கு
    என்று மாளாகி எப்போதும் வாழும்

    வேதாந்த சித்தாந்தம் வேறாகக் காணோம்
    வீட்டு நெறியினில் நாட்டம் மிகவுள்ள

    சிவசிவ வென்றெந்த வேளையுஞ் சொல்லிச்
    சீவன் சிவனென்று சித்தத்திற் கொள்ளும்

    இருந்த இடத்தினில் எல்லாம் பார்ப்போம்
    பொருந்திய வண்ணம் பூமியில் வாழும்


    Thondar Naangaley

    thondar naangaley siva
    thondar naangaley

    andatthil pindatthil
    aandavanai kaannum

    mandu piniyaal varuntha maattohm
    maathaa karuppaiyil meendu vaaraa

    pandu sei vinai ellaam paranthu pohcchu
    paaril anaitthum uravey yaacchu

    kondum kodutthum kudikudi eesarku
    endrum aalaagi eppohthum vaalum

    veythaantha sitthaantham veyraaga kaanohm
    veettu neriyinil naattam miga ulla

    sivasiva endrentha veylaiyum solli
    seevan sivan endru sitthatthil kollum

    iruntha idatthinil ellaam paarppohm
    porunthiya vannam boomiyil


    Servitors of Siva Are We!

    servitors - we are indeed - Siva's
    servitors - we are indeed

    short refrain
    in the macrocosm - in the microcosm
    God - seeing

    affliction - with disease - suffer - (we) will not
    mother - in the womb of - again - not come

    past - done - actions - all - flown - (and) gone
    in the world - everything - related - became

    getting - giving - many generations - to God
    forever - became servant - always - living

    vedanta and - siddhanta - as separate - we do not see
    mukthi(1) - on the path - interest - very much - having

    siva siva - thus - all - time - saying
    soul - is Siva - thus - in the mind - holding

    where we are - in the place - everything - we will see
    befitting - manner - on Earth - living

    (1) "veettu" -- literally "of the home" -- refers to the soul's final destination, its home -- mukthi, liberation.

    * Model for Study: A major impediment to the spread of Natchintanai has been the diversity of melodies used for any given song. Hindu music is very creative and professionally trained Carnatic singers have a great deal of freedom for improvisation, much like modern western jazz musicians. But this leaves the average lay person with a big problem as well as teachers of groups or children when they come to learn the song. "How should we sing it? What is the tune?" To facilitate the dissemination of Yogaswami's songs the Swamis at Kauai Aadheenam have selected standardized tunes. Wherever possible we have tried to source these melodies from the Sri Lankan Jaffna community itself. Sometimes a complicated carnatic melody by a professional Jaffna Tamil singer has been simplified. (Gamakams are reduced for children) In cases where melodies are not known or are "boring" from a modern youth angle, we have adopted a more rhythmic, upbeat melody. We have to give credit to the Tiruvadi Niliyam (Jaffna Sai Baba devotees) who have sponsored some recordings by the All Ceylon Radio Singers for leading the way in this regard. These are good examples of Yogaswami's songs sung in a pleasing style. It is well known that Yogaswami himself did on occasion tell his devotees to sing such-and-such a Natchintanai song according to the melody of a song sung by one of the current popular devotional singers of his day. The melodies for many Natchintanai have yet to be selected for groups and children. If you would care to suggest some tunes we would very much appreciate your suggestions. Please email

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