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Bodhinatha in Mauritius, November 20, 2011, Youth Day

On Sunday 20th November all our Mauritius sishyas turned up at at Domaine de Lagrave, a nature reserve down the south of the island. At 9.30 AM Bodhinatha and the swamis arrived and were welcomed by the sishyas present. Then we all gathered under the covered terrace to listen to Bodhinatha. The Guru talked about the need for the Church to nurture our youth who are children of the members. Bodhinatha introduced the new workbook entitled "Character Building."

Then the whole group broke into teams for an energetic treasure hunt in the forest of Lagrave. Sishyas went up the mountain slopes and were back after two hours. Then we all had lunch together. After lunch Bodhinatha met each youth individually and gave them a personal copy of the Character Building Workbook and a small crystal as a gift. At another corner of the place the adults were enjoying a game on singing. Later the men and boys played some football.

It was a wonderful fun day and everybody returned home happy and with good souvenirs.

Photo of  Gurudeva
Recognizing that all experience is but a fading dream, you are closer to the permanence within you that never changes. You can sense it. It is God. It is Siva. It has never changed. It will never change.