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Vel Muruga Vadivel Alaga

  • Genre: bhajan Deity: Muruga
  • Artists: Maragatham Mani
  • Music Details: Ragam-Shanmukha Priya | Talam-Ekam | Sruti-F# | Graha-Pa
  • Original Script

    Vel Muruga Vel Muruga
    Vel Muruga Vadivel Al.aga
    Kandha Kadambha Vel Muruga
    Kadirgama Adhirgama Vel Muruga
    Soora Samhara Vel Muruga
    Subramanyane Vel Muruga
    Saravana Bhava Guha Vel Muruga
    Shanmukhanatha Vel Muruga |

    Photo of  Gurudeva
    Be mature about it when you give something up. The immature spiritual person will want everyone else to give it up, too. The spiritually mature person quietly surrenders it because it is simply his personal choice and then goes on with his life.