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Words of Our Master

Short pithy insights of a great Saivaite Hindu mystic and saint.

Yogar Swamigal was perhaps the greatest of the mystics that lived iin recent times. He was immaculate in appearance as he was pure in thought. The silver-white hair and beard along with the spotlessly white raiment he wore were symbolic of his saintliness and sanctity. He traversed the length and breadth of his country and transformed the lives of many who otherwise would have gone astray.

The epoch in which he lived saw many an upheaval of regeneration and much degeneration of cherished values as well. But amidst all the transient phenomena he was as firm as Mount Kailas - a refuge to souls in distress and despair. He infused faith in his devotees and led them out into the light of hope and happiness. Even those whose contacts with him were casual or cursory had a glimpse of the spiritual significance of life.

The contents of this book are sayings of Yogaswami, a realised soul who lived in Sri Lanka from 1872-1964. They are extracts from the notebooks of a few of his followers, who made it a practice to write down all that they could remember after each meeting with him. Some of these were spoken directly in English, and the remainder have been translated from the original Tamil. Yogaswami had many devotees who were drawn to him from all walks of life and from every background. He would know immediately what was best for each one and would give to each what he most needed. By four of his disciples: Markanduswami, Chellathuraiswami, Sandaswami, M. Srikhanta