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Organizing Art Collections

For the last two weeks, Brahmachari Raguram has been helping in the Ganapati Kulam. He has been going through the entire lifetime collection of S. Rajam's artwork and making sure everything is organized correctly in our digital database. We are just now having the artwork inscriptions translated. These inscriptions were made on the backs of many of the paintings by Rajam, and are written in a old form of Tamil which is very hard to read. While Raguram is reorganizing the information in our database, he is also helping to make proper titles for each piece, based off of the inscriptions on them. Just today, Raguram is bringing his work on the project to a close. Tomorrow is his final day of Taskforce at the Aadheenam. In the evening he will be boarding a plane and making his way home to India for a time. He says he has really enjoyed his stay here and feels very in tune with the monastery. He plans on returning as an aspirant. Om Namah Sivaya.

"I am the waves. I am the ocean. We are all waves-there is no higher wave or lower wave. The waves and the ocean are one. You have to plunge yourself in the ocean." Siva Yogaswami

Ganesha Chaturthi

Today was Ganesha Chaturthi and in Kadavul Temple the monastics celebrated in their own special way. At 3am an abhishekam was performed and a splendid alankaram was done. Aromatic fruits were lovingly displayed for Ganesha so he could use the prana to bless us all. Ganesha-chaturthi

The River, a Symbol of Life

Today we enjoy the beauty of the sacred Wailua Ganga at sunset. Here is an audio recording of Gurudeva as he reads from Living With Siva, lesson 22.

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