March 2015 News Video

Our March 2015 News Video covers events in February 2015, including: Thai Pusam, Mahasivararti, Siva Vision Day, Iraivan Temple progress in Bengaluru and our Himalayan Academy website’s upgraded search function.

The Guru

Last phase Deva Rajan worked with Paramacharya to establish the placement of the concrete foundations that will hold the granite carvings of our lineage. The eight Gurus, from Nandinatha to Bodhinatha, will take up their abode in Narmada Valley. Soon our Tongan team will come to pour the concrete pads.

Happy Birthday Sivarathna!

Today is Sivarathna's 21st Birthday. As many of you know, he has been at the Aadheenam on taskforce for many months. He felt that now, just a few weeks from his departure and on his birthday, would be the perfect time to perform the Atmartha Puja for the monks during their morning Siva worship. After having trained for some time, he performed a beautiful puja in Kadavul Temple, invoking Lord Siva's blessings. For lunch today, Sivarathna and the monks enjoyed a special meal with an accompaniment of cake and ice cream. Sivarathna thanked Satguru and all the mathavasi for a 21st birthday that he will never forget. Happy Birthday Sivarathna! Aum Namah Sivaya!

Mini Mela Pricing

Sivarathna has rotated back to the Pillayar Kulam. Yesterday he spent time pricing items for the Mini Mela. These many mini murtis recently arrived to be made available for sale and the money made will go towards Iraivan and Himalayan Academy Publications.

February 27 Homa

This morning the monks observed their weekly homa, beginning their new phase. Through this sacred fire the monastics keep a strong channel of communication open with the many inner plane beings that silently support our order in a variety of subtle ways. The monastics chanted Sri Rudram and Satguru burned the written prayers, scribed by monastics and devotees. Today also happens to be Ardra nakshatra, adding extra potency to the blissful vibrations which permitted the temple. Today's 9am puja will include our monthly Ardra abhishakam to Lord Nataraja. Following the homa, Satguru gave a talk about the four-fold path of yoga, from karma yoga (the path of service) through bhakti yoga (worship and devotion) to the depths of raja yoga, which eventually produces the jnani. Aum Namah Sivaya.

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