February 13 Homa

After a two day retreat the monks began their new phase with the morning's homa, performed by Sannyasin Yoginathanswami. This ancient and powerful ritual is a way for us to synchronize our efforts with the Devas and Mahadevas through the very practical means of the written word. Prayers from monastics and devotees are burned in the fire and these prayers are then readable in the second world, so that the necessary actions can then be carried out by the devas. This ability to communicate through written prayers as well as through focused thought forms, is what allows the monastery to function with such efficiency and success. Aum Namah Sivaya.

An Afternoon with the Pillayar Kulam

Work at the Pillayar Kulam has been continuing as normal, while the leader of the Kulam (Shanmuganathaswami) has been traveling in Sri Lanka. Responsible for the Monastery's and Church's financial considerations, as well as magazine subscriptions, advertising, shipping, running the mini mela, cow care and so much more, the Pillayar Kulam plays a crucial role. This is the last day of the phase (our weekdays) before a three day retreat. At the PK office, monks are hard at work doing accounting, newsletter preparations and of course, using laser machines!

A New Phase Begins

Yesterday the monks began their new five-day phase. As usual it began with the weekly homa for which the monks chanted Sri Rudram as Sadasivanathaswami burned written prayers in the sacred flames. On Sun five the monks will enjoy our monthly Ardra celebration and on the day following the phase the aadheenam will celebrate Tai Pusam, holding an elaborate abhishekam to Lord Murugan. This is a great time for meaningful worship as well as deep meditation.

"You must not worship God with the aim of obtaining some profit. You must not worship even with the desire for liberation." Yogaswami

A Mountain Top

Recently the aadheenam has been seeing some interesting weather coming in from the south-west. On some days warm, dry winds and on others, still sunlight and perfect temperatures. Sometimes clouds will actively roll over the top of Mount Waialeale, creating an incredible waterfall effect, a "cloudfall" if you will. No matter how long we live under this sacred mountain, its beauty never ceases to amaze us.

"Happiness and sorrow, honour and dishonour occur one after the other. Don't lose heart when you discover this. At the foot of the mountain you are aware of the high ground and the low ground. When you reach the summit the whole thing is just one beautiful spectacle." Siva Yogaswami

Today’s Guests

This morning, Nilima Silver and Kalyanika Forester visited the aadheenam from the Sri Chinmoy Center in Jamaica-Queens, New York. Nilima has been a disciple of Sri Chinmoy for over forty years. A pillar of their community, she has been the main coordinator of the group's activities at the United Nations. At the UN she is currently a key member of the staff of the President of the General Assembly. They came to visit our Siva temple and express their gratitude and good wishes after two of our swamis visited Aspiration-Ground, their guru's samadhi shrine, in New York last August. See that story here

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