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The Garden Island newspaper, on the garden island of Kauai, is known for dropping by every now and again to catch up with the latest monks project. Today, Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Acharya Arumuganathaswami sit down with journalist Alden Alayvilla to give a short report on the noni operation going on across the river from the monastery. There we have several hundred acres of agricultural land, and we have several thousand noni trees. Hundreds of gallons of noni juice are processed right here in the aadheenam and sent over to California for bottling.

Our noni juice is in every health store on kauai and we are growing at a steady pace. We give the Garden Island newspaper a look into what we are currently doing with the land across the river and an update of the goings on of the monastery.

February 2017 News Video

Kauai's Hindu Monastery brings you news from January 2017, including: the monastery's Ardra Darshana celebrations. This grand yearly festival goes beyond our monthly Nataraja abhishekam to include several hundred more gallons of milk, yogurt, honey, panchamrita and rose water; a visit from hula guru Kehaulani Kekua and her group of students who offered their devotion to the aina, or the "land or "country" in the Hawaiian language; and lastly we focus on Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's monthly upadeshas from Kadavul Hindu Temple.

Our Phase Begins with Worship

Another phase is upon us and that means another homa has been summoned from Kadavul Temple. The God of fire, Agni, with its ebullition of heat from the temple's homa pit, has warmed us again-both on the inside and outside.

Even though our homas are short in nature, being in the presence of the Satguru and Nataraja feelings of a great epoch arise as we burn notes to the devas, chant life-changing mantras, invoke beings upon beings and wreak havoc on our instinctive mind.

That is the point isn't it? We strive daily to beleaguer or corner our instinctive nature of ups and downs and flush-out that which goes against the yamas and niyamas.

Our soul nature is a euphony of light and is made to contrive an offensive towards the senses and their ludicrousness, intolerance of our fellow man, devoid of compassion and truth. It is our soul that shines forth out of the homa fire and out of every Hindu devotional act.

To be in the presence of the Satguru on this weekly event is like putting a stick of butter on an open flame. What is left when we surrender? What hinders our success and evolution when we put our arms down and stop resisting life? Do not let things outside yourself control you.

In the words of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami "What does someone have to do in order for you to be happy?" Grandiloquence avoided, Satguru's concise words propel us into the phase, into the month and into the "future of futures" with a goal: progress not perfection.

Keep going, keep trying, don't let up. Have a great phase everyone.

Live A Radiant Life

Aum Namah Sivaya

The Aadheenam is heading into two days of retreat, so we'll see you all on Monday. For, please enjoy these photos of a recent sunset over Kadavul Temple along with this passage from Merging With Siva, lesson 98:

It is one thing to talk; it is another thing to demonstrate what is declared. Demonstration is a result of your awareness flowing through the super­con­scious area of the mind. The super­con­scious mind is actinic or radiant force, whereas the conscious and subconscious states of mind are manifestations of odic force, or magnetism. Excessive talk arises out of confused conscious and subconscious states of mind. Find your actinic spiritual destiny in this life. Learn to live fully each instant, completely in the eternity of the moment. Become refined by constructive, rather than abusive, practices. Become positive through the generation of good deeds, rather than those uncomplimentary experiences we react to and reenact. Yours is a new and positive destiny, one that is true, constant and free from want or dangers. Life ahead for you can only become one of fulfillment and radiance as you adjust to dharmic principles. On and on through the mind we travel daily, once awareness has become detached from the limited area of mind it has been trapped in. The journey seems endless! It is. Seek on, seek on. Look in, look in. And on that solid foundation of good character, move into that place in the mind and live there, seeing no difference between the inner and the outer states of fluctuating awareness. Be that now for which you have been striving. The search is within. Go within the mind. Go in and in and in and in and make fathomable the unfathomable depth of Being. You can do it. It has been done countless times over the past several thousand years. Give yourself the great benefit of believing in yourself and flow inward, inward—to the totality of it all.

Ashram Sadhana Day

Several days ago the monastery observed Ashram Sadhana Day. While the monks do at least half an hour of cleaning each day already, on this monthly day the monastics work all morning to clean the monastery buildings and temples. This time the monks began with a focus on cleaning Kadavul Temple, before heading to clean their offices and the many other areas around the monastery that they are assigned to clean. One wonderful feature of this day (which the monks always look forward to) is that lunch is prepared by local mission members, who are excellent cooks. This way all the monks can focus on cleaning, which includes our kitchen. A clean and uncluttered environment keeps the energies moving in our lives, so if you ever feel like things aren't flowing for you, get out a bucket and some fresh rags and start scrubbing! Aum Namah Sivaya.

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