Recent Guests

Photos of some of our recent guests who all had an opportunity to have darshan with Satguru. Satguru is often asked many wonderful questions by visiting pilgrims. For those closely associated pilgrims and students who have darshan with Satguru it is always a good idea to prepare and write down any questions you have in advance.

As the Kularnava Tantra states: "Many are the gurus who like lamps offer light in a house. But rare is the Satguru who illumines the village like the sun. Many are the gurus who are proficient to the utmost in the Vedas and shastras. But rare is the Satguru who has attained Parasivam. Many are the gurus on earth who give what is other than the Self. But rare is the Satguru who brings the atma to light. Many are the gurus who rob sishyas of their wealth. But rare is the Satguru who removes the afflictions of the sishya."

Guests From The Center for Spiritual living

A deeply spiritual group visited recently, spending a few morning hours at the monastery. They belong to the Center for Spiritual living whose founder Earnest Holmes created the Science of Life back in 1926, a philosophical and scientific path drawn from many sources. Their beliefs include the perfection of the universe the infinite presence of consciousness and the love and goodness of all and more.

They walked through the sacred gardens stopping here and there to marvel then chanted "Aum Namah Sivaya" together for four minutes at Iraivan Temple. They asked Sadasivanatahaswami a lot of great questions about ahimsa how does one become a swami what does "Namah Sivaya" mean and such.

This is their third year to hold a seven day retreat on the island and each time they have visited the monastery.

Sun One Homa and Family Visit

Aum Sivaya and Namaste everyone the monks started the phase with our regular Rudra homa and talk from Satguru. The talk audio and transcription will be available soon.

Stay tuned in the slideshow for a surpise visit from a family of devotees that are near and dear to the monastery.

Beneath the Banyan

Recently one of the monastery's many Muruga bhaktars cleaned and oiled Lord Shanmukha.

This great Mahadeva is worshiped in all parts of India and the world. Also known as Murugan, Kumara, Skanda, Shanmukhanatha, Subramanya and more. He is the God who guides that part of evolution which is religion, the transformation of the instinctive into a divine wisdom through the practice of yoga. He holds the holy Vel of jnana shakti which is His Power to vanquish darkness or ignorance.

Second Sun One Homa of January

The monks gather this morning for our weekly Sun One homa and enjoy the leftover darshan radiating from the Maha Ardra festival celebrated a few days ago.

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