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Recent Progress on the Magnificent Silpi Bronze Sculptures

For those new to the project, Gurudeva wanted to produce a bronze memorial to the temple builders of Iraivan. He loved to watch the silpis at work, sharpening their chisels, chipping away at the granite, fitting and moving the heavy stones. He observed that once this process is finished, visitors of the future would have no visual idea of the amazingly simple and effective traditional processes that created it and that we who are here were able to admire and learn from. Thus was born the Temple Builder's Memorial. For several years the work has continued, at the studio of the amazingly gifted and spiritually endowed Holly Young on the Big Island and in workshops of skilled metal artisans in Colorado.

We've recently received some images from both these teams. Currently the sculpture of the two silpis moving a large stone is being cast in Colorado. After an unfortunate set back involving a cast breaking (and yes, 2000-degree molten bronze spilling onto the floor) the team is now moving forward to recast and assemble the bronze pieces. Meanwhile in Hawaii, Holly is sculpting the image of the architect and another silpi working on a pillar.

Enjoy the progress.

Whatever You See…

"Whatever you see, see as Siva and do not be distressed, O mind! Those who are free from agitation and who the senses five control will surely win the bliss of Siva. The path prescribed by your religion you should always tread, and live in changeless, silent contemplation. Whatever you see, see as Siva."

Recent Guests

Photos from recent visit of Charlie Baker and his friends from the island. Charlie has taken the monks on great hikes around the island, and into Kalalau Valley. In fact, he has visited the famed valley for some 40 years, including spending his 75th birthday there recently. 

Snehan, a Kauai yoga instructor, took the photos during their visit to the Media Studio and the grounds. Snehan brought a marvelous glass-encased orchid for the monastery. 

The cotton plant

When the Greeks came to India, they marveled at the wool that grew on a tree. That was Indian cotton, a marvel of nature, favorite of Gandhi and his spinning wheel and for which India remains famous. We have one plant at the monastery

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