San Marga Sanctuary

The straight path to God

Hanuman Mandapam

To the West of the temple will be situated a hall called the Hanuman Mandapam, envisioned as an Indian-style gathering place for festival celebrations, large events, classes, educational presentations and pilgrims' activities. It is a pillared, open-air structure, measuring 46 by 70 feet. It is customary for such a teaching hall, or kala mandapam, to be adjacent to a temple, for "Out of the holy temple comes the culture."

Honoring Gurudeva's visions of Lord Hanuman walking around the San Marga Sanctuary will be a larger-than-life statue of Him holding up a small replica of Iraivan Temple, its carving already in progress in India. Just as Gurudeva had direct, clairaudient communications with Lords Ganesha and Murugan and Supreme God Siva, so he did with Lord Hanuman, in which he mystically commissioned this son of Vayu, the God of Wind, to help transport Iraivan Temple from India to Kauai.

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