Lord Kārttikeya flies through the mind’s vast substance from planet to planet. He could well be called the Emancipator, ever available to the call of those in distress. Lord Kārttikeya, God of will, direct cognition and the purest, child-like divine love, propels us onward on the right­eous way through religion, His Father’s law. Majestically seated on the maṇipūra chak­ra, this scarlet-hued God blesses man­­­kind and strengthens our will when we lift to the in­ner sky through sādhana and yoga. The yoga pāda be­gins with the worship of Him. The yo­gī, locked in med­itation, venerates Kārttikeya, Skanda, as his mind be­­comes as calm as Śaravaṇa, the lake of Di­vine Essence. The kuṇ­­ḍalinī force within everyone is held and controlled by this powerful God, first among renunciates, dear to all san­nyā­sins. Revered as Murugan in the South, He is commander in chief of the great de­vonic ar­my, a fine, dy­namic soldier of the with­in, a fearless defender of right­eousness. He is Divinity emulated in form. The Vedas say, “To such a one who has his stains wiped away, the venerable Sanatkumāra shows the further shore of darkness. Him they call Skanda.” Aum Namaḥ Śivāya.