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Bodhinatha Saranam Deva

  Sung by: Sornumbal Mardemootoo

Siva Siva Mahadeva

  Sung by: Sornumbal Mardemootoo

Gajanana Hey Gajanana

  Sung by: Sornumbal Mardemootoo

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Gurudeva Creates the Mauritius Spiritual Park

a. While looking for property for a center in Mauritius, Gurudeva had a vision of Lord Ganesha and...

Gananaatha Gananaatha

  Sung by: Bhavani Param

Ganesha Saranam

  Sung by: Soondiren Arnasalon and SSC Sishya


Bodhinatha in Mauritius, November 18, 2001, Property Development

Siddhanathaswami and Saravananathaswami took time on the November 2011 trip to Mauritius to tour our Saiva Siddhanta Church...