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The American Brahmin

a. To prepare for meeting Yogaswami, Robert was taken to Nallur Temple to seek the blessings of Lord Murugan, enshrined as a vel. Standing before the darkened sanctum, he had his first vision of the man who would be his satguru. b. When the 22-year-old American seeker finally met Yogaswami, they were, as the Jaffna saying goes, “Like milk poured into milk.” They had deep philosophical discussions, and Yogaswami asked for fresh grape juice to be squeezed for his visitor. c. In May of 1949 the American seeker was taken to see Yoga swami for the first time. A bullock cart was hired for the journey to the great guru’s hermitage. d. At the end of their third visit, Yoga swami followed his American visitor out to the gate. Coming up behind, he gave Subramuniya a powerful slap on the back that nearly toppled the taller youth. It was a spiritual initiation, one so potent that elders looking on stood perplexed.

Image of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
Hope for a future life makes this life worthwhile, joyous, contented and happy, because the Hindu can live and deal with current problems, knowing that they are transitory problems, that they will not last forever; nor will they affect us forever.