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Caring for Markenduswami and Directing Crop Cultivation

a. With Yogaswamis blessings, Markanduswami retired at age 60 to live a hermits life. Yogaswami built him a simple mud and thatch hut and placed him there to live in seclusion. Yogaswamis love for his disciple was so great, he would prepare a meal for Markanduswami, carry it seven kilometers to Kaithadi and serve it with his own hands. b. Yogaswami had a vision for a spiritual center, not an ashram and not a monastery, but an agricultural community of young men who would follow the celibate life, work in the fields, in nature, growing food for pilgrims while following strict spiritual disciplines. The land was acquired during Swamis lifetime, but the center manifested in 1965, just after his passing.