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Twelve Shum Meditations

Basic Maps of the Inner Mind

Basic Maps of the Inner Mind is published by Himalayan Academy. Gurudeva, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, discovered within superconsciousness the Shum-Tyeif language as a result of his desire to give precise descriptions for the various realms of meditation. The uniqueness of the Shum language is that it gives us specific words, technical terms, so to speak, for different meditative experiences. It is much easier to grasp a concept when there is one word to convey it than talking about the concept in a rambling way because no single word describes it.

In this little spiral bound book, Gurudeva outlines 12 meditations to guide the seeker of the within. Each meditation is a map which leads the meditator deeper and deeper into various peaceful places in the mind. Mamsani are the elementary or basic Shum maps containing a number of important meditation concepts to be mastered.

Gurudeva gives his personal narrative on how this mystical language came to be. He introduces The Advaitin, a small book he wrote for all those who seek a new look at religion. He calls it the story of awareness.

Twelve Shum Meditations is one meditation for each month of the year. It includes a preparation for meditation which systematically leads the meditator into the Mamsani of the day.

Gurudeva includes a discussion of the seven dimensions of the mind which provide a positive and helpful way of looking at life and understanding the experiences we have on the inward path. The last chapter is learning the shum alphabet and the colors of the first 18 images of the shum alphabet.