Logs Become Art

In a recent TAKA post (February 16) we showed the Siddhidatta Kulam removing a fallen Paperbark tree. Not all of it was destined for mulch in the Garden however. Nirvani Nilakanthanatha took part of it and used it for wood turning. As you can see, this raw log became a beautiful wooden bowl.

February News Video

Our February 2015 News Video covers events in January 2015, including: Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's trip to Sri Lanka, filming of the Ellora Caves for The History of Hindu India movie series, Kauai Aadheenam's major Nataraja festival, Ardra Darshanam, and Thai Pongal.

Cleaning Up After the Storm

We recently witnessed several days of very strong wind blowing in from the south. The final night of it almost felt like hurricane speeds and brought down a few small trees and countless branches and leaves. A paper bark tree, which despite its name is actually quite heavy, fell on one of our Big Max structures. The monks use these small sheds for a variety of purposes and the one that was hit was our nail, screw and bolt supply. This made for a somewhat tedious clean up, as you can imagine. Monks from the Siddhidatta Kulam then removed the tree, cutting it up to be chipped and eventually used in the vegetable garden.

February 13 Homa

After a two day retreat the monks began their new phase with the morning's homa, performed by Sannyasin Yoginathanswami. This ancient and powerful ritual is a way for us to synchronize our efforts with the Devas and Mahadevas through the very practical means of the written word. Prayers from monastics and devotees are burned in the fire and these prayers are then readable in the second world, so that the necessary actions can then be carried out by the devas. This ability to communicate through written prayers as well as through focused thought forms, is what allows the monastery to function with such efficiency and success. Aum Namah Sivaya.

An Afternoon with the Pillayar Kulam

Work at the Pillayar Kulam has been continuing as normal, while the leader of the Kulam (Shanmuganathaswami) has been traveling in Sri Lanka. Responsible for the Monastery's and Church's financial considerations, as well as magazine subscriptions, advertising, shipping, running the mini mela, cow care and so much more, the Pillayar Kulam plays a crucial role. This is the last day of the phase (our weekdays) before a three day retreat. At the PK office, monks are hard at work doing accounting, newsletter preparations and of course, using laser machines!

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