Quad Copter Footage Preview

Om Namah Sivaya

With our Aadheenam Virtual Tour Project in development, we have been at work creating photos and videos for it to enhance the experience of our virtual visitors. We thought it would be nice to share just a few clips from our Quad Copter which is being used to document almost every area of the monastery. Here you’ll see the the Main Buildings, the River, The Garden and Iraivan Temple. Try to watch it in high quality!

Last Homa of January

Namaste everyone, we bring you some photos of our morning homa along with a brief explanation of Satguru's talk.

January 2017 News Video

This month's news video covers events from December, 2016, including: the monastery's Pancha Ganapati celebrations, along our many holidy vistors; Iraivan Temple's silver naga is getting closer to arrive on Kauai and our Moksha Ritau change that begins a season of deep meditation, intense study and philosophical discussion. High above flies the coral flag, signaling Parashiva, Absolute Reality, beyond time, form and space. Moksha Ritau is a time of appreciation, of gratitude for all that life has given, and a time of honoring elders, those in the sannyasa stage of life.

Another Month Of Lord Ganesha

Here at Kauai Aadheenam the Deities never sleep. This is one of the few places where all eight daily pujas are conducted as prescribed in the Agamas. They happen every three hours at midnight 3am 6am 9am noon 3pm 6pm and 9pm. Each day at 3am Kadavul Temple's Lord Ganesha receives an abhishekam and is dressed for the new day. His decorative colors are calculated by the panchangam and this month He was mostly blues yellows whites and reds. Here he is at about 4:40am each of the past 25 days just following the puja's final arati.

If you worship the elephant-faced Vinayaka your life will expand bountifully. If you worship the white-tusked Vinayaka your desires and doubts will flee. Therefore worship Him with love-offerings of jack hoppers plantain and mango fruits and thus mitigate the burden of deeds. Saint Auvaiyar. 127

Tune in next month for a series of Lord Murugan.

A New Painting of Kadavul Nataraja

Last November, Amsterdam-based artist Pieter Weltevrede began work on painting a Lord Nataraja in his fantastically creative style. Recently Pieter sent us the finished work which is the result of countless hours of creative genius.

"O God of mercy who performs the dance of illimitable happiness in the hall of inconceivable intelligence! The Rig and other Vedas are thundering forth in words announcing to us that all are thy slaves all things belong to thee all actions are thine that thou pervades everywhere that this is thy nature. Such is the teaching of those who though they never speak yet broke silence for our sake."
Karunakara Kadavul 6.3

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