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Fallen Tree

This morning as they began their pre-dawn meditation, the monks heard a loud cracking noise that seemed to be quite nearby. Had a banyan branch fallen on Kadavul Temple? Did the wiliwili tree come down? That's what it sounded like. Well, it would have to wait until after the morning meditation to be investigated. What had sounded so close was actually the giant albizia tree that was growing next to the waterfall, some 600 feet away from the Guru Peedam. The 75-foot-tall tree had fallen with an amazing crash. The boon is that it has revealed a much better view of the Wailua River which it had obscured all of these years.

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Welcoming the New Year

Today we celebrate the beginning of the Hindu Year of Durmukha, 5118. Following this morning's homa, monks and devotees paraded out to the flagpole. The coral pink flag of the Moksha Ritau was replaced with the bright orange flag of the Nartana Ritau. The parade then continued out to Iriavan Temple and inside for arati.

Nartana Ritau, the season of Dancing with Siva, begins on Tamil New Year. This is the period of creation, the warm season, from mid-April through mid-August. The key word of this season is planning. The colors are orange, yellow-gold and all shades of green–-orange for renunciation, yellow-gold for action and green for regeneration.

High above, the main flag flies the color orange, heralding the Nartana Ritau throughout this season, symbolizing sadhana and self-control. The other colors adorn smaller flags. This is the season of giving special attention to those in the grihastha ashrama. It is a time of awakening, renewal, review. The emphasis is on seeing ahead, planning for future years. It is a time of planning retreats and other activities for youths and adults for the entire year.

The Saiva Dharma Shastras are studied; and any needed additions in supplementary manuals, representing new growth, are made. The practical focus is completion of unfinished projects. Secular holidays to observe among the families include Mother's Day in May, Father's Day in June and Grandparent's Day in August.

This season of harvest and new growth is also the time to review and reestablish picking and planting routines for the gardens. It is a time for ordering seeds and plants for the year, of planting trees, fragrant vines and the annual crop. Review is made for scheduling the care of all realms of the Aadheenam's acreage. Kadavul temple and the Guru Temple are cleaned and renewed during this season and the adjacent grounds receive special, abundant attention. Karma yogis are invited to help in this and other areas with planting and weeding, digging, fertilizing, fence repair and more.
The daily sadhana is the Sivachaitanya Panchatantra: experiencing nada, jyoti, prana, bhakti and darshana. In Sanskrit, it is a time of learning new slokas and mantras. In the family community, prasnottara satsanga is held for one and all to attend. Families plan for their annual pilgrimage. Shrine rooms are renewed and redecorated for the year, and the clothing of all is renewed in the Hindu style of the current fashion. It is a time of doing things for others, religious outreach. It is a time of hatha yoga and philosophical teaching.

Repairing the Walkway

Over the last several days Nirvani Nilakanthanatha has been working to repair the walkway that leads from Kadavul Temple towards the Media Studio. Over the last several years this part of the walkway has been broken and lifted by one of the palms around the temple tank. The palm here is one that was removed recently because of the damage and also because it was a public safety hazard for those visiting the temple.

After Sawing into the rootball to reclaim the sidewalk, Nirvani removed the old, broken quartzite pieces and cleaned up the carpet of roots that had grown under them. He is now nearly complete with the final placement and laying of the new quartzite. Om Namah Sivaya.

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