Monk Made Cheese

Well what's more artisan and craft than a cheese made by monks? Our very own Natyam Jayanatha has made two large rounds of cheddar cheese. He spent the better part of a day looking after his creations, turning and drying to waxing and storing. He would want me to inform you that he used vegetable rennet. Thank you Natyam!

A Good Place to Search Within

Crowned by a blossoming Rainbow Shower Tree, our recently installed meditation hut is becoming a favorite spot for pilgrims and monastics alike. This has been good timing with our 2016 Mahasamadhi celebrations just beginning. This hut is a pleasant place to search within, feeling the gentle Hawaiian breezes and listening to nearby waterfalls. When the eyes once again open after a deep meditation, you are greeted with the soft green lushness of our island landscape. All of this, and with protection from mosquitos and without the need to run from the rains!

October 2016 News Video

Our 2016 October News Video covers events in September 2016 including travels by two of our monks to the Mainland US and Canada, the return of Satguru from his recent travels, recent member vratas, and the celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi at the monastery.

An Artist at the Media Studio

The monks have been honored to be visited by Pieter Veltevrede, an extraordinary artist from the Netherlands. He is here at the monastery for about 3 days and had two morning meetings with the Ganapati Kulam.

Happy Ardra!

"My God is the melter of my heart of love. Let all adore my God, the Lord of primal love, first of beings, my Siva, who again and again melts my heart. May He render me His love in foremost measure! Praise Him but once, the Pure and Holy One, and He will be your escort to heaven. He, Lord Siva, decked in honeyed konrai blooms, sits enthroned in my love, steadfast and free." Tirumantiram 274-275

Aum Namah Sivaya!

Today we celebrate this month's Ardra Nakshatra. This morning the monks performed an abhishekam to Lord Nataraja in Kadavul Temple, pouring milk, yogurt, honey, citrus, ghee and more over the murti. The prana from these essences is absorbed by the Mahadeva and reflected back into the auras of devotees during the final arati.

Nataraja, the King of Dance, has four arms. The upper right hand holds the drum from which creation is sues forth. The lower right hand is raised in blessing, betokening preservation. The upper left hand holds a flame, which is destruction, the dissolution of form. The right leg, representing obscuring grace, stands upon Apasmarapurusha, a soul temporarily Earth-bound by its own sloth, confusion and forgetfulness. The uplifted left leg is revealing grace, which releases the mature soul from bondage. The lower left hand gestures toward that holy foot in assurance that Siva's grace is the refuge for everyone, the way to liberation. The circle of fire represents the cosmos and especially consciousness. The all-devouring form looming above is Mahakala, "Great Time." The cobra around Nataraja's waist is kundalini shakti, the soul-impelling cosmic power resident within all. Nataraja's dance is not just a symbol. It is taking place within each of us, at the atomic level, this very moment. The Agamas proclaim, "The birth of the world, its maintenance, its destruction, the soul's obscuration and liberation are the five acts of His dance." - DWS

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