Valli Ananda becomes Arul Sishya

Long time Master Course student Valli Ananda became an Arul Sishya of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami at this phase's Sun One homa. Recently, Valli moved from her home in Califnornia to Kaua`i and has been an uplifting, joyous, heplful, and knowledgeable addition to our community of devotees. We welcome her with open hearts into the fold of Siva's seekers.

New Taskforcers Arrive

This week, Kodiswara Jothiswarar and Dean Drulias arrived at the monastery for six months of our taskforce program. Kodiswara's father Selvanathan is also here for a week long visit. While here the two will rotate through the different monastic kulams, learning about our many areas of service. Kodishwara is here from Malaysia to spend time living like a monk before choosing whether to live a family life or to follow the fiery path of renunciation. Dean is here from California and is interested in monastic life.

Sutra 316 of the Nandinatha Sutras
Monastic Life's Fourfold Purpose
Siva's monastics lead a joyous, contented, steadfast, humble life. Their purpose is contemplation upon and love of Siva, to maintain Siva consciousness, realize the Self and uplift others while serving their satguru. Aum.

Teta: The Happy Calf

Our newest and arguably cutest aadheenam resident, Teta the Jersey calf, enjoys spending bonding time with her human family just as much than her bovine one. The simple, spontaneous joy which comes from playing with kids, be they human or animal, is infectious and uplifting. They have much to teach us.

Beginning a New Phase

This morning the monks began their new phase. This is a short four day phase leading to the new moon over the coming retreat. Over this last retreat, the monastics worked together to finish the monthly newsletter mailing, and during this morning's homa the newsletters received a blessing before being sent off. Following today's worship, Satguru gave a talk about balancing our time engaged in technology with time spent maintaining an observant awareness of the people and places around us. Aum Namah Sivaya

April 2016 News Video

Our April 2016 video covers March news from Kauai Aadheenam including the celebration of Gurudeva's Siva Vision Day; the hosting of several taskforcers who spent time with us helping out in the woodshop; and the worship of Siva all through the night during Mahasivaratri.

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