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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Here is Bodhinatha at the San Marga Iraivan Temple Donor Appreciation event held at the Scott Road Kandasamy temple Kalamandapam… more news follows.

He is sending us brief accounts of the daily events.

Jan 15th:
Om Sivaya everyone,
Today was our first full day, Tue Jan 15th, of Innersearch activities. After the initial orientation gathering we had an excursion to the floating village on Tonle Sap Lake.

Then off to the temple group near the modern city of Roulous, which in ancient times was the city of Hariharalaya.
The king was interested in reconciling Saivism and Vaishnavism it seems in 800 AD Visited three temple sites there, small and medium size.

Jan 16th:
Today was our second day, Wed Jan 16th, of Innersearch activities. First we visited the stream with one thousand lingams. The hill climb leading to the stream was a bit difficult and took about half an hour. The stream area was quite sublime, a real special feeling there. Everyone did ganga sadhana.

Next we went to a Shiva temple with well preserved and intricate carving which was quite beautiful. Above the doorway was a carved Nataraja and in the sanctum the lingam. Very inspiring.

January 12th, Monastics Arrive in Kuala Lumpur

We begin our series of innersearch photos with the arrival of Bodhinatha and the Innersearch monastic staff at the Kuala Lumpur airport.

Monks are greeted by devotees and then taken to their hotel

Bodhinatha and Palaniswami meets with the Iraivan Temple fundraising team upon arrival at the Kalamandapam for our “Donor Appreciation Event”

Mr. Perampalam, president of the Murugan temple in Scott Road, receives a gift from Bodhinatha.

After the event the monks spent nearly 2 hours meeting with those that came.

KLCC at night.

Go Pongal At the Aadheeam

The day after Thai Pongal is known as Go Pongal.. the day to worship your cows. Brahmachari Nandi decorates our dairy cows with vibhuti.

We feed them special treats, bananas and fruits.

The silpis stop by to give their pranams to Nandini.

Oh boy.. a sweet orange fresh off the tree!

The Six Parrots

An exquisitely hand-carved ceiling stone awaits its turn to be lifted into place.

The six parrots surround a piece of fruit. Their heads are turned away from the fruit which represents the Self God.

Each parrot represents one of six character of the lower nature that must be overcome before one can experience the ‘fruit within’ or the Self Within.

These are known as the arishadvargas – Shad means six and Vargas means “classes” in this case, classes of negative character traits.

(1) Desire/Kama, (2) Anger/Krodha, (3) Attachment to Wordliness/Moha, (4) Miserliness/Lobha, (5) Ego/Mada, (6) Jealousy/Maatsarya.

When these traits are overcome and the lower chakras are sealed off through constant sadhana, and through the Grace of Lord Ganesha, then one can progress along the Inner Path in the spiritual quest of Realizing the fruit within – God Realization.

A beautiful day found our silpis hard at work on the newly placed roof stones. Here is Vellaisamy and Chelliaya perched high aloft.

Namaskaram Rajendran!

A cheerful wave from Pandi . . .

. . . and a big smile from Karuppiah.

Guest today: Hansa Patel arrived for a visit from Oahu with her brother, Pritful Patel, who is visiting from Salem, MA. They are originally from Gujarat and both later lived in Kenya for many years before moving to the United States.

They thoroughly enjoyed their visit here today. Pritful Patel really loved the morning puja in the Kadavul Siva Temple and felt that it was one of the most spiritually uplifting temples he has ever visited.

What is Hinduism? Textbook Is Introduced in Miami.

Tamils living in South Florida recently celebrated the Thai Pongal Festival at the Miami Siva Vishnu Temple. Rishi Thondunathan was invited as a guest speaker for the event. During his talk, Thondunathan introduced a new book recently released by the publishers of Hinduism Today, entitled What is Hinduism?

Also at the event, a free literature table was set up and Himalayan Academy brochures and pamphlets were made available to all the devotees.

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